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Part One: Beating the Crowds

Epcot Fastpass Plus Tiers

Disney’s new Fastpass plus system has changed the way we tour Disney. Nowhere is that more true than at Epcot. Epcot has a tiering system, so you won’t be able to just book any three fastpasses that you want. In this article, we’ll go over the Epcot fastpass plus tiers, and help you figure out… Read More

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Disney World Extra Magic Hours

extra magic hours

Disney does a great job of promoting their Extra Magic Hours specials to all of their guests. But did you know that in many situations, we DO NOT RECOMMEND Extra Magic Hours? Why not? Why would we tell you NOT to use them? What exactly are extra magic hours? Are they ever “worth it”? This… Read More

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Hollywood Studios Fastpass Plus Tiers

When you begin booking your Hollywood Studios fastpasses, you’ll quickly notice that you are not able to choose all of your favorite rides.  The tiering system in Hollywood Studios can make things difficult.  Thankfully the 2nd tier has some good choices, so it’s not as bad as it is in Epcot, and you can still get… Read More

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The Ten Best Magic Kingdom Snacks

best magic kingdom snack credit

When I first started going to the Magic Kingdom, I used to stress a lot about the rides, and making sure my schedule for the day was setup perfectly. But now?  I stress about WHICH SNACKS TO EAT!  Seriously,  the Magic Kingdom is full of delicious snacks, and you won’t get to try them all… Read More

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Top Walt Disney World Rides for Adults

Does Disney World contain thrilling rides for adults or is it mostly fun for children?  Fortunately, each of the four parks have rides that even a thrill-seeking teenager will love.  Today we will discuss the ten best Walt Disney World rides for adults. If you are new to Disney, you probably aren’t 100% sure where… Read More

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