Amazing Walt Disney World Vacations

Is a Walt Disney World vacation a dream for your family? If you haven’t had the opportunity to take your family, you are in luck!

Today, we are going to help you plan the dream vacation to Disney World that you’ve always wanted.  We aren’t planning on cutting corners in this article, so if you need to save money, head on over to our article on money-saving tips.  Today, we are discussing amazing Walt Disney World vacations, and how you can truly have a magical time.
Let’s discuss four main ways you can truly make your trip experience unique!  These are lodging, dining, touring, & shopping!

Stay at a Themed Disney Resort!

For a truly amazing time at Disney World, we highly recommend staying at a luxury resort.  While you can have fun at all resorts, these resorts provide benefits unmatched by any other resorts in the area.  There are three resorts we recommend.  The Contemporary, the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian.  All three of these resorts are on the monorail system!

This means, you just step out of your room, take the elevator to the monorail floor, step onto the monorail, and step out at the gates of the Magic Kingdom!  This shaves off an incredible amount of time and makes afternoon naps a breeze!

Grand Floridian

The attention to detail at these three resorts is phenomenal.  The Grand Floridian is a Victorian era resort that makes the time period come alive.  Many weddings take place here, as it’s simply beautiful.  The Polynesian resort sports a Hawaiian theme, complete with a beach and amazing food!  The contrast between these two resorts is significant, although you’ll have a great time at either one.

Finally, you can try an modern type resort, The Contemporary.  The Contemporary has views of the Magic Kingdom that no other Disney resort can match.  At any of the three resorts, you will find plenty to do!  Whether it’s drinking by the pool, taking part in many of the resort activities, or just watching the fireworks in the evening, you will have no problem relaxing on your stay.

For an overview of all of the resort options, see our article on Disney resorts.

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Great Food

Fine dining at Disney World is an amazing experience.  Each park has really good food, and you’ll also find unique experiences at the resorts and the Downtown Disney area. The Disney Dining plan has become an extremely popular plan for most Disney guests.  But how can this plan help you to have a truly amazing time?

amazing walt disney world vacations

Due to the fact that the Dining plan has become so popular, some of the restaurants have begun charging 2 dining credits for their menus.  As such, if you get the normal Dining plan, you will find that you  may not be able to eat at many of the more expensive restaurants.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of great options, even for those that don’t get the more expensive packages.  But there is one plan that stands above the rest, in our opinion.

The Deluxe Dining plan

This plan allows for THREE meals a day.  They can all be Table-Service or Counter Service.  The Table Service restaurants allow for an appetizer, an entree and a desert.  With three a day, you will be able to more easily fit in the luxury restaurants and still have plenty of credits left over for the rest of your trip.  Even for avid eaters, you’ll find it difficult to have three big Disney meals in one day!  So feel free to book 3 or 4 reservations at expensive restaurants such as Le Cellier, and the California Grill.

For our thoughts on the best restaurants at Disney, see our article on eating at Disney World.

Getting the Most out of the Theme Parks

The reason you vacation at Disney World is to tour the parks!  To truly get the most out of your trip, we recommend getting the Park Hopper pass!  This pass allows you to go to multiple parks in the same day.  Many people will tell you that this pass is unnecessary and to save your money!  The pass however, only costs $57/per person for the length of the trip, at the time this article was written.  It is worth it!  The Animal Kingdom closes at 6pm.  Without a park hopper pass, your day of touring is done.  With it, you could head over to any park for festivities!

Also, not having a park hopper pass greatly restricts your dining choices.  Unless you want to spend three or four days touring Epcot, you will likely miss many of the fine dining options.  Just trust us.  Get the park hopper pass and use the freedom to have an amazing time!

Touring the parks can be challenging!

Why?  The crowds can be intense, it’s often very hot, and especially for a new person, it just seems overwhelming.  However, we want to help you through this.  If there is one tip we can give, it’s to prepare yourselves to WAKE UP EARLY!  I know, it’s vacation.  But trust me, if you try to sleep in and get to the parks around 10 or 11, you will be miserable.  If you need sleep, get to bed earlier.  Or schedule an off-day in the middle of your vacation.

Even if you don’t know where you are going, if you arrive at the gates 30-45 minutes before park opening, you will fly through the parks.  It’s an amazing experience.  I strongly suggest doing this for each of the four parks at least ONCE over the course of your vacation.

For detailed touring plans, see our section on Disney Touring Plans.  In this section, we try to give you a few free walk-throughs that can save you a lot of time!  We highly recommend downloading a map and familiarizing yourselves with it!

Don’t Forget the Shopping

Orlando is home to countless Outlet malls, just a short drive away from the Disney resort.  These malls can keep you busy shopping for days at a time.  But even in the Disney resort, there are many options!  Each park of course, has many shops that carry souvenirs and Disney memorabilia.

Downtown Disney is an outdoor mall that can serve as a fun afternoon and evening getaway.  The Disney Boardwalk is also a festive atmosphere with many shops and entertainment options.

The cool thing about shopping at Disney is that you don’t have to lug bags around all day.  Just find something you like, and they can deliver it to your hotel room!  Don’t overlook this amenity as many do!

Walt Disney World Vacations!  A wonderful vacation spot!

There are many people who travel to Disney year after year due to many of the reasons listed in this article and on our website.  We hope our site can help you to have a magical time!  I highly recommend starting with our “Beating the Crowds” series, to get many of our tips on touring “smart”.

By: Ryan Shade


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