How to Book Disney Ticket Packages

Now that you’ve decided when you are coming and where you are staying, your next decision is the ticket packages.  Fortunately there are just a few options when you book Disney ticket packages, and they are relatively easy to figure out.

Base Tickets

Your base tickets will be based on the number of days you want to have at the park.  You will notice that the difference between a 4-day pass and a 5 day pass is almost insignificant, only running about 12 dollars.  As such, you might as well get a pass on the day you are checking out, as it won’t raise your price much, and you can possibly spend a few remaining hours in one of the theme parks.

Also note that if your child is under the age of 3, they won’t need theme park tickets.

book disney ticket packages

Park Hopper

If you don’t get the park hopper, you will be unable to switch from park to park.  The park you “clock into” in the morning will be the only one you can attend for the entire day.  This will greatly limit you if you plan on dining in Epcot.  The Park Hopper may not be a great choice if you are planning a quick getaway, or a weekend trip.  But the current price of 57/ticket is well worth it for a long stay, as it will give you all the flexibility you need when making dinner reservations and scheduling out your time.



Water Park & More Option

The water park option gives you the ability to also go to the water parks, Disney quest (an interactive video-game-like multimedia center), miniature golfing and even a 9 hole walking course.  Whether or not you get this option is up to you.  I personally don’t want to spend my time at Disney World playing miniature golf, but the water parks are phenomenal and Disney Quest is extremely fun for kids.  If you are already getting the Park Hopper package,adding the Water Park option is only an additional 22 dollars per ticket at this time, and allows you plenty of passes to any of the extras that Disney has to offer.  If you’ve tried Disney Quest before and you don’t think you’ll be doing water parks, you may want to pass.  But it’s a great deal that opens up quite a bit of flexibility, especially if you are at Disney World for a long period of time.

A word of advice on tickets.  If you’ve decided NOT to stay onsite, and you want to buy tickets, try Best of Orlando.  Not only do they have great deals on tickets, but they can help you find deals on non-Disney hotels and other local area theme parks as well.  If you want the full Disney Dining packages though, you’ll need to book directly through Disney World.

Once you’ve made your ticket choices, you’ll come to your last choice, the Disney Dining plan.

Part 5: Disney Dining Plan



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