There are a number of ways to buy tickets for Disney World.  Today, we’ll go over a few of these options, and help you make the right choice as to which route you need to take.  Don’t make a rash decision, as there are many factors to consider, and we’ll go over those factors in this article.

Different ways to buy Disney World Tickets

  1.  First of all, you can purchase them at the gate upon arrival.
  2. Second, you can buy a package directly from Disney that includes tickets, food and hotel reservations.
  3. Third, you can use a ticket broker.  A few good ones that we recommend are Best of Orlando and Undercover Tourist!  Best of Orlando happens to be our favorite, but both are good!
  4. You can buy an annual pass
  5. You can buy second-hand.
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Things to Consider before you decide


Where are you going to stay?  Are you going to stay at a Disney World resort?  If so, you can often get room discounts, free dining and package deals.  If you do stay at a WDW resort, it would make more sense to just buy the package directly from Disney.

However, if you are staying at an outside hotel, renting a house or staying off-site, now you can probably save money by using a ticket broker, such as Undercover Tourist.

Length of Stay

A large portion of Disney visitors just come to see for a day or two.  Perhaps they are in Orlando for business and want to catch Disney on the weekend.  Or perhaps they are splitting their time between Disney and Universal.  Length of stay can make a big difference in deciding how to purchase tickets.  If you are looking to just come for a day or two, just buy your tickets at the gate.  There is no need to do anything else.

But if you are planning on going to the Disney resorts for 3-4 days or more, then discount ticket brokers will be a good choice.  They won’t save you major money, but you can possibly save 5% or more on tickets by using these reputable brokers, which may be enough to buy your family a nice dinner on your vacation!

Returning to Disney?

Is this your only trip to Disney for the entire year?  If you are considering multiple trips, you may want to consider an annual pass.  These passes are expensive, but so are Disney tickets!  If your family is in a position to frequent Disney World on a regular basis, you can definitely save money by purchasing an annual pass.

Disney Dining

Many people love the Disney Dining plans, and perhaps you’ve considered trying it out.  You’ll need to stay onsite to take advantage of this plan.  In this case, you’ll need to purchase your tickets directly from Disney, purchasing a Disney World package, or buying an annual pass and staying onsite at a resort.

Of course, you can dine at Disney restaurants even if you aren’t staying onsite with Disney.  You just won’t be able to make reservations as early as Disney resort guests, and so you may find it difficult to eat at the more popular restaurants, especially in the busy season.

Which Should You Choose?

Using the above factors, choosing a direction shouldn’t be all that difficult.  If you price out a Disney World package on their website, you may find that the prices are too extravagant for your budget, even at the value resorts.  If that is the case, then buy your tickets from a discount broker and try and find some great deals at local hotels.  I would be extremely cautious about second-hand purchasing, through Ebay, Craigslist, or from individuals in the Orlando area.  Don’t risk the entire cost of the ticket to save 10-15%.

As you’ve seen from this article, buying tickets is the tip of the iceberg!  Let’s take a deeper dive into the Disney lodging, to help you decide if this is the route you’d like to take!

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