Starting today, May 31st, Disney World has made some big changes to the Disney dining plan!  The official announcement is coming soon, and we will link you to that announcement when it is made.  We do know what the changes are going to be, however, and we are big fans!

The changes are going to affect all three types of Dining credits:  Snacks, Quick-Service and Table-Service.  They will increase flexibility and also make some changes that are long overdue!


Snack Credits

In the past, snack credits could only be used on items in a certain price range.  Smaller items in the 3-4 dollar range were typical.  Typical snack credit items were drinks, ice cream bars, and other smaller items.

Snack Credits have now been expanded to include the following:

  • A single serving-sized item.
  • ANY side item at quick-service restaurants
  • Side items at breakfast locations (bacon!)
  • Bigger ice cream portions, such as ice cream with toppings

Obviously no one knows exactly what will and won’t be allowed as a snack credit due to this new change, but that will quickly be revealed in the coming days and weeks as people investigate and when Disney makes their official announcements.

What this means for you:  In short, it gives you more options.  If you aren’t a big fan of sweets, this change can really make a difference in the affordability of the dining plan. Why?  The standard dining plan has a quick-service credit and a table-service credit for each night that you stay at a resort.  But most people eat THREE meals a day.  So, dining plan users often have to come out of pocket.  With this change, you can use your snack credits to eat breakfast, as you can get a bunch of breakfast sides.  This is great news for Disney guests who don’t like sweets.


Quick-Service Credits


Disney has made three significant changes to how the Quick-Service system works

  1. You can swap your dessert for a drink or any snack credit, which includes side items
  2. Although this has always been the case, there is now officially no difference in a child and an adult QSR credit.
  3. Do you have extra Quick-Service credits at the end of a vacation?  You can now exchange Quick-Service credits for 3 snack credits.

What this means for you:  If you’re like me, you tire quickly of the key lime pie and chocolate pudding that they serve at what seems like every Quick-Service dining establishment.  Now, you can get extra bottled drinks, to carry in your backpack.  Or, you can further stretch your meals, by getting a side item that will allow you to save a QSR credit.  For instance, if your have a family of four, four side items, instead of four average chocolate puddings may allow the whole family to eat using 3 credits, which would then allow you to bank a Quick-Service credit

We’ve told readers for years that children can use adult Quick-Service credits.  Now it’s official.  This is such a big way to save credits, especially if you have small children.  Quite often, 2 or 3 kids can share an adult portion, which can free up 1-2 credits at each meal.  Stockpiling credits and using them for breakfasts is a great way to save money.

We love stockpiling credits, but we’ve actually wasted Quick-Service credits before, as it’s often difficult to carry a full meal with you to the airport.  But now you can swap them out for drinks and snacks from the food court before you leave.  This can further save you money, as you don’t waste any credits at the end of a vacation.

Table-Service Credits

There are two major changes to the Table-Service credits at Disney World

  • You can now use your credits on as many people as you’d like, assuming you have enough credits
  • You can swap out your dessert on soup, salads or fruit

What this means for you:  For big parties, there are probably many occasions where being able to use dining credits on people outside your family can come in handy.  This is especially the case if you are on a deluxe or platinum plan, and have many credits left over.  For instance, if you get sick for a few days, it’s easy to accumulate a lot of credits.  Now you can use them all for a big party, which is much better than not using them.

Also, being able to skip the dessert for soup or salad, is another attempt by Disney to allow for healthier dining options.  There are many Disney guests who don’t eat sugar, and so this change is really going to be helpful to these guests.


For more information on our Disney Dining plan, see our article on Disney Dining.

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What do you think of the changes?  Let us know below!

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