Disney Crowd Calendar

Disney crowd Calendar
As you plan your Disney World vacation, there is one thing that you need to strongly consider.


Don’t overlook this advice! Years ago, tourists could just “wing it”. But with the introduction of Fastpass Plus, you need to schedule your time wisely. Many smart tourists now realize the importance, and so Disney crowd calendars have popped up all over the web. But what happens when those calendars have conflicting information?

Today we’re going to teach you how to do this yourself!

We are going to go over two things:

1.  We will give you the information you need to make a good decision for yourself and your party, (as we can’t always lead a big group around with a super-strict itinerary).

2.  We will review the best crowd calendars on the internet.

There are a few factors that play a significant role in determining crowd levels.  Let’s go over these factors now.

Extra Magic Hours

As you probably know, each day Disney has Extra Magic Hours at one of their 4 parks.  Only Disney resort guests can attend the park on these days.  Typically this will be one extra hour in the morning or 2 extra hours in the evenings.

1.  If you aren’t staying at a Disney resort, avoid EMH days — This one is a no-brainer.  If you can’t take advantage of the extended hours, don’t go to the park that will have the highest attendance!

2.  The Morning After a late-night EMH is a great time to go to a park — If the Magic Kingdom has Magic Hours until 1am, the following morning that park will be empty.  You will truly have the park to yourself for a few hours if you arrive early.  When scheduling your time, keep this in mind!

Disney World Crowd Calendar by Park

Now we’re going to take a look at each park and break down some important factors to consider as you make out your schedule.

Magic Kingdom

disney crowd calendar

It takes planning to avoid this fate.

The Magic Kingdom is Disney’s most popular park.  It draws the most local tourists, who are more likely to come on the weekends.  The busiest days for the Magic Kingdom are:  Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Typically it’s the first park people go to, and the final park they go to.  

If you are strictly looking at the best day to ride rides, go to the Magic Kingdom on a Tuesday or Thursday and you will have a great time.


Epcot at night

Epcot doesn’t have the fluctuations that the MK does.  However, Epcot gets very busy at night. Practically any morning is good if you get there early.  Epcot doesn’t fill up early like so many of the other parks do, because so many people go to Epcot in the evenings to eat and watch the fireworks.

If you are looking at a great day to ride all the attractions, choose a Wednesday or Thursday, early in the morning.  At this point, most people on week long vacations have already done their “Epcot Day”, and any remaining time at Epcot will be in the evenings.

Hollywood Studios

Disney Crowd Calendar

Picking the right day for Hollywood Studios is less important than any other park. I personally would fit Hollywood Studios around the rest of your schedule.  By far, the most important factor in touring Hollywood Studios is to get there 45 minutes early.  Every day will be busy in the morning because at this point Hollywood Studios has 4 landmark attractions that everyone wants to ride, so everyone goes to the same places.  The only way to avoid lines is to be there when the park opens.

Animal Kingdom

Disney Crowd Calendar

Typically, it’s best to go to AK on Friday’s.  Crowd levels are also smaller on the weekends too, as the majority of guests focus on the other parks.  The Animal Kingdom is a very large park, and so people wear out quickly.  You’ll find that a great time to ride the headlining attractions at the AK is late in the afternoon.  The park empties out.  In the final hour or two, you can ride Everest and Kali River Rapids over and over with very little wait!

disney Crowd Calendar

Ride Everest Over and Over


Best Disney Crowd Calendars on the Web

I like free.  As such, I’m only going to tell you about two Crowd calendars, both of which do a good job of giving you free information regarding the exact times you are going to Disney World.

EasyWDW — Easywdw does a great job of giving you a plethora of information, all for free.  You simply choose the month you want to go, and print out the information.  Every day of the year is analyzed, and presented to you with detailed discussion!  For the most part, people seem very satisfied with the results of aligning their trip with the EasyWDW calendar.  I think you will be highly satisfied with this calendar.

Undercover Tourist — Undercovertourist is much more visually appealing and is a little easier to navigate.  If you are just wanting a quick go/don’t go for a specific day, Undercovertourist is a great cheat sheet.  The downside, however, is that there is no discussion of why they decided that certain parks are to be attended or avoided on a specific day.

Whats Next?

The above tips and online resources can help you to plan a very workable schedule.  However, in busy seasons, the most important thing to remember is getting to the parks early is still the best way to tour parks effectively!

Next, lets look at how you can stay ahead of the crowds and tour the parks like a pro, no matter WHEN you go:

Let’s head to Part one of our “Beating the Crowds” Series.  Start here

By: Ryan Shade


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