Enchanted Tales With Belle

One of the most surprising attractions in the New Fantasyland area is Enchanted Tales with Belle.  This attraction offers you the chance to get your picture taken with Belle, and to interact in a little play that tells the story of Belle and the Beast. Along the way, you see some fascinating special effects, and get a chance to relax and watch your kids have a blast! However, the line for this ride can fill up fast! We will help you determine how best to fit this attraction into your overall touring strategy!

New Fantasyland Guests Enjoy 'A Tale as Old as Time'

The Ride

The ride begins with a journey into Maurice’s workshop. The results of Maurice’s tinkering and inventing are seen all around you in a very finely done reconstruction. A cast member next takes you into a wardrobe room, where the children are assigned parts in the story. This is actually one of those rare times where you need to let your children separate from you and head to the front of the room, as they will choose kids to play the different roles.

The star of the wardrobe room is Madame Wardrobe. She looks convincingly real. We were astonished at the lifelike way she moved and spoke. Children also will completely buy-in to this portion of the attraction. Adults naturally are just trying to figure out how it works.

Tales with Belle Madame Wardrobe

Madame Wardrobe

By the time your kids are given a part (usually all children who want a part can get at least a small part), the crowd is then moved into the final room where they meet Belle. Your children will then act out the play with Belle, and they will get to have their picture taken with Belle, as well. There are benches around the room where tired parents can watch the whole thing take place.

Enchanted Tales with Belle and Lumiere

The star of the final room, however, is another amazing feat from the Disney Imagineering team. Lumiere is on center-stage and it’s difficult to believe he’s not real. How Disney made a candelabra to move in such a life-like way is a feat of engineering that you have to see to believe. I had to resist the urge to go up there and touch it, just to see what he was made of!

Lumere Tales With Belle

In the end, most adults come out of the ride blown away with what they’ve seen, as the “Disney Magic” is strong on this ride.


Tales With Belle Touring Tips

This ride is very slow-moving and fills up fast! If you want to see it with little wait, you’ll need to get there immediately, as the crowds and the wait can get quite long. Due to the long lines, it’s a fantastic choice for Fastpass +. If you choose not to use a Fastpass Plus, however, you will probably need to budget an hour out of your day. Between the long wait, and the 20 minute show, this attraction will eat up some time.

Another good time to try this ride is late in the evenings around the time of the parade and fireworks show. If you feel like you’ve gotten enough of these nighttime festivities, you can usually find a lower wait time for this attraction. The wait times also become very low late at night, especially on nights with extended Magic Hours, as small children usually become fewer and fewer.

Tales With Bell Info
Fastpass Plus Eligible
• No Height Requirement
• No Child Swap pass needed


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