Princess Fairytale Hall

In the fall of 2013, the Princess Fairytale Hall opened in New Fantasyland. This gorgeously themed location is home to many of Disney’s princesses and is a meet-and-greet location in the heart of the Magic Kingdom. Portraits of different Disney princesses line the hall, and you even see Cinderella’s glass slipper in a beautiful case at the end of the hall. The inside of Fairytale Hall is adorned in true royal fashion, with stained glass windows, fancy decorations, stone work, and beautiful pictures.
This site is located in the same location in which Snow White’s Scary Adventures used to be located.

Princess FairyTale Hall

Which Princesses are here?

Cinderella and Rapunzel are the two most common princesses and can be seen most of the day. You usually will have to choose between seeing Cinderella or Rapunzel. On April 20th, Anna and Elsa will be located at Fairytale Hall. They are expected to be there from the morning until the early evening hours. Exactly where they will be located and how this will affect the usual schedule remains to be seen, but we will keep you updated.

Snow White, Aurora and Jasmine also appear throughout the day. A schedule of who is there is available at the front of Fairytale Hall and we recommend checking this schedule out each day as things can change.

Frozen Characters Anna and Elsa



Touring Tips

We highly recommend using a fastpass if you’d like to see the Frozen characters and/or Rapunzel. It’s very difficult to see these characters anywhere else, although Rapunzel does appear at Cinderella’s Royal Table as well. Make sure and schedule your fastpass for early in the day, as the Frozen princesses typically leave in the early evening. There are usually plenty of other places to see
Cinderella, so only make your fastpass reservations for Frozen/Rapunzel.

Please note that Fastpasses for meet-and-greets can at times be longer than other rides. With a lot of children involved, meet and greets are notoriously slow moving. Just don’t expect a quick in and out, especially with the Frozen characters.
If you don’t have a Fastpass, we highly recommend getting to the Magic Kingdom 30 minutes before the park opens and going straight to Fairytale Hall, if you’d like to see the Frozen characters. Otherwise, you will probably have to wait 3-4 hours!
Rapunzel can be caught late in the day, although we once had to wait 30-45 minutes even after 1 AM! If your kids must do this meet-and-greet, a fastpass is highly recommended.

Inside Princess Fairy Tale Hall

Inside Princess Fairy Tale Hall

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