Flying High on the Astro Orbiter Disney World

Located in the heart of Tomorrowland, the Astro Orbiter is a rocket spinning attraction that is located high above the park.

Much like the Carpets of Aladdin and Dumbo, the ride is fairly simple. It consists of rockets spinning around a stationary central target. However, the Astro Orbiter can really suck up a lot of time. Let’s discuss the ride, a bit of history, and then we’ll share how best to plan to ride this slow-loading attraction

Astro Orbiter History

The Astro Orbiter was first brought to Disney World 3 years after the park opened in 1974. The rockets are bigger than the rockets in the Disneyland version, and formed a visually appealing central theme for the Tomorrowland section of Disney World.

The original name of the ride was Star Jets, but was changed to Astro Orbiter with a renovation in 1994. At this time, planets were added that help add to the theme.

The Ride

The ride is simple enough. First, you wait in line to ride an elevator. The wait to get on the elevator can be very long. Then you ride the elevator to the top and wait in line again to get onto the ride. Once you are on, the ride goes in circles for about a minute and a half. The ride does go relatively fast, doing 11 revolutions each minute. As with the other spinning attractions, the passengers can choose to raise and lower their individual orbiters to their personal preferences.

Astro Orbiter

Photo Courtesy of Behind the Thrills

For many, the best part of this ride is the incredible view. As you rise up 80 feet in the air, you will have an incredible view of the Magic Kingdom. The ride itself is predictable, but it can be worth it for the view, especially at night.

Tips for riding Astro Orbiter

Astro Orbiter is an extremely slow-loading ride. There are only 12 Orbiters, and each can hold 2 passengers. At this steady pace, once the line fills up, it won’t slow down for most of the day. This ride is also not eligible for Fastpass Plus, so you’ll have to use standby. There are two ways to tour this ride. Let’s examine them both.

First, you can ride the Astro Orbiter in the mornings. Typically if you are arriving at rope drop, you will be heading to Fantasyland if you have small kids, and Tomorrowland if you don’t. If you are in Tomorrowland anytime in the first hour or two, your wait won’t be too bad.

The second way to approach the Astro Orbiter is to try and ride it in the final hour of the day. This isn’t one of the more popular rides, so other guests won’t make this a priority.

While the ride itself isn’t anything special, the view at night is magical, and is definitely worth your time!
Astro Orbiter Disney World


Astro Orbiter Information

• Not eligible for Fastpass Plus
• No height requirement
• Not eligible for Rider Switch Passes

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