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One of the hidden gems of in WDW can be found at the entrance to Tomorrowland.  Monsters Inc Laugh Floor at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is a hilarious show that we attend on every single visit.  If you’ve walked past this one because you don’t enjoy shows, you are making a mistake!  The best part about this show is that every single show is unique!  And the fact that it’s performed by “cartoons” just adds to the Magic of Disney for your children!  Let’s get some details on this show, and then we’ll give you a few tips to make things easier on you!

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor – History

In 2007, Disney opened the Laugh Floor in Fantasyland.  This attraction replaced an old attraction called The Timekeeper.  The opening of Monsters Inc gives Tomorrowland another strong “must-see” attraction, which it sorely needed.  Due to the fact that live actors perform, it’s a hit for kids and adults alike and has proven to be a very popular addition.  In 2008, the attraction was nominated for it’s visual effects by the Visual Effects Society.

monsters inc laugh floor disney world

Love these two characters! Pay close attention to their names!

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor – Details

The theater holds about 400 people and consists of watching animated characters on-screen.  On your first visit, you quickly learn that this show is a bit different than other shows around Disney World.  There are actual actors that are performing, and the animated characters voice the words coming from the actors.  In real-time, these actors interact with the audience.  Real-time interaction with the characters is very fun, but you can be put on the spot!  They generally pick out a few people to “make fun of”, so be prepared!

Another neat aspect of this show is that things change from show to show.  Different actors are used, there are different jokes, and the audience changes.  The actors are really funny, and some of them are especially good at playing off of the reactions of the audience!  We usually try and see the show twice on a trip to the MK.



Tips for Monsters Inc

This is not a ride that you need to rush to get into.  Focus on Fantasyland and the bigger attractions early on.  Whenever you choose to head to Space Mountain, you can often sandwich Monsters Inc into time periods in which you are waiting for Fastpass times to open up.  The show begins every 15 minutes and so it’s a good way to spend 30 minutes.  Generally, that is the longest period of time you’ll have to wait.

As for the ride, if you want to be shown on-stage, we’ve found that it helps to get into the room early.  The people behind the screen start picking audience members early on.  If you are one of the last ones in the room, they may have already scouted the audience members they are going to use!  When you are in the holding area, they will try and get everyone to scoot down towards the end.  If possible, try and get as close to any of the doors as possible.  We haven’t found that it makes much of a difference whether you sit in the front or the back, but getting into the theater early does seem to make a difference!

Laugh Floor Info

  • No height requirement
  • Show will be Fastpass+ eligible (not recommended to waste a FP+ on this one)
  • Involuntary audience participation may occur!


Do you enjoy the Laugh Floor?  Share any funny experiences or tips below!



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