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One of the most nostalgic rides in all of Disney World is Peter Pan’s Flight.  Disney World’s location for this ride is in fantasyland, and though it’s usually considered a ride for small children (and nostalgic adults), the wait times can be extremely long.  How can you enjoy this ride without waiting an hour to ride it?  What is it about this ride that makes it so popular?  Let’s explore.

Peter Pan’s Flight – History

Although the version was a bit different, Peter Pan’s Flight first opened at Disneyland in 1955, when the park opened!  It also was an original ride at the opening of Disney World in 1971.  So if you’ve EVER been to Disney as a kid, you probably rode this attraction, which is part of the nostalgia for adults.  A cool fact is that when this ride was first built in Disneyland, the intent was that the rider WAS Peter Pan.  So you never actually saw Peter Pan in the ride!  This confused many guests, so this was later changed.

peter pans flight disney world

Look at those LONG lines! Let’s not do this!

The Ride

Peter Pan’s Flight is a suspended dark ride, meaning that the cars you sit in are hanging, giving the illusion of flight.  You begin in the nursery, head into the Neverland, see many of the adventures that take place in the story, and finish in flight above London.  The audio-animatronic figures add life to the ride and are a favorite for kids.

As with most rides in Fantasyland, this is a ride for small children that enjoy seeing a brief glimpse into the story of Peter Pan.  At no time is it scary, fast-moving or unsafe, so there is nothing to worry about.  The ride takes about 3 minutes, and then it’s off to the next attraction!

Tips for Peter Pan’s Flight

How frustrating Disney World must be for the tourists that stand in line for an hour to ride a 3 minute ride for children.  I personally have never waited longer than 10 minutes for this ride, and neither should you.  Why is the wait so long on this one?



Peter Pan’s Flight takes a long time, because the loading time is so poor.  It’s slow-moving and each car only handles a few passengers, unlike Small World or Pirates, which can load many passengers at once.  Due to the slow loading times, once the line builds up, it rarely goes away until closing time.

The key is to hit this ride EARLY!  In a recent Saturday trip to the Magic Kingdom, we arrived at the gates 30 minutes early, and went directly to Peter Pan.  Since there is no wait at all and the ride is only 3 minutes, you can hit four or five of these Fantasyland rides in about 30 minutes early on.

If you can’t arrive early, you need to use a Fastpass on this ride.  But beware, because in the busy season, the Peter Pan FP’s can sell out by early afternoon.  Why do they sell out earlier here?  Because the loading times are small, and there are fewer FP’s available in a given day.

Mousehints Tip:  More than any other ride, you have to plan for this one.  Plan to ride it early or FP it early.  If you don’t, you will either be faced with the decision to skip it, or to wait for 30 minutes or longer.

Peter Pan’s Flight – Info

  • No height requirement
  • Ride is Fastpass and Fastpass Plus eligible
  • Ride time is 3 minutes

Do you enjoy the nostalgia of Peter Pan’s Flight?  Share any tips or experiences below!



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