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For many children and adults alike, nothing beats the combination of a thrill ride and great Disney theming like Splash Mountain at Disney World.  This log-plume ride is one of the top tickets at the Magic Kingdom and the 53 foot drop keeps people coming back for more!  Like any popular ride at Disney, knowing when to ride Splash Mountain is important.  Let’s take a deeper look at this ride, and then we’ll share a few tips that will help you enjoy this ride more fully.

Splash Mountain History

Log plume rides are a common amusement park attraction, so originally many Disney execs weren’t too excited about Splash Mountain.  But the Bear Country area of Disneyland had grown stale, and something had to be done.  So the story of Br’er Rabbit, an old character from Song of the South, was incorporated into the ride, and the ride was eventually given the green light in Disney World as well.

The ride opened at Disney World in 1992, adding another major attraction to the “left” side of the park that really only had two thrill rides, Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.  For the last 20+ years, this addition definitely helped balance out the crowds, as SM has become a popular attraction, especially in the heat of the Orlando sun!

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The Ride

The ride itself is a rather long ride, lasting over 10 minutes.  It starts with a slow journey through the world of Br’er Rabbit and his conflicts with Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear.  The majority of the ride is slow moving, with little action taking place, so when you go, take in the atmosphere and don’t expect action until the end.  Kids love the story-line, and the combination of music and the atmosphere is part of what separates this log plume ride from rides in other amusement parks.

The build-up to the big, 53 foot drop comes right at the end, and there is a good chance you may get wet!  Especially in the hot months, Disney also uses this time to spray water out onto the bridge that overlooks the drop.  You’ll notice that the water that hits the bridge doesn’t actually come from the splash of the car, but is sprayed out every 2 or 3 drops.  The bridge can get quite wet so watch your step as you go across it.

Splash Mountain Tips

During the heat of the day, splash mountain wait times can get quite high, especially during the busy summer months.  That being said, in our touring guide, we have you visit splash mountain in the early afternoon, when crowds are getting crazy.  Why?

If you get to the park early, you want to get fantasyland out of the way first.  From that point, we recommend either going to Tomorrowland or to Frontierland, where Splash Mountain is located.  Which one you pick, largely depends on where you are going to eat.  We don’t want you to waste your time or energy walking across the park, so,  decide where you are eating lunch, and make your decision based on that.

We recommend using your FP to ride Splash Mountain.  The best-case scenario is as follows:

First, you get a FP at Splash Mountain.  Then you go eat and check out a few of the other shops and area attractions, such as Tom Sawyer’s Island and the Bear Jamboree.  When you are eligible to use your FP, FIRST go get a FP at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and THEN go ride Splash Mountain.  After you are done, you can pop over and ride Pirates of the Caribbean, then head back to Thunder Mountain to use your FP there.



If you don’t like getting wet, I would recommend skipping this ride, or riding in the middle.  The front row can get blasted, but it’s very rare that someone gets absolutely drenched on this ride.  Typically the wettest people are those standing on the bridge.

Another great time to ride Splash Mountain is late at night in the final hours before closing.  Since this ride is in the back of the park, many people have already made their way towards the front or will have started to leave after the firework show.  You can find good wait times at this point.

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Do you enjoy Splash Mountain?  Share any tips or experiences below!



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