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One of the newest additions to the Magic Kingdom is the Little Mermaid Ride in Disney World.  (Official title is Under the Sea:  The Journey of the Little Mermaid) Have you had a chance to ride this yet?  We thought it was an amazing addition, and today we’ll give you a brief overview, without spoiling the fun!  Timing is REALLY important with this ride, because, as you can imagine, it is very popular!  We’ll give you all the tips you need to avoid the crowds and have a blast on this new attraction!

Little Mermaid Ride – History

Ever since the 1990’s, Disney has had a Little Mermaid ride in the plans.  However the Magic Kingdom didn’t have the space, and the logistics never worked out.  In 2009, however, when plans were made for New Fantasyland, the long hoped for ride came to fruition.  Construction began soon thereafter, and the ride was opened in the fall of 2012 as part of the big renovation of the Magic Kingdom!

The Ride

Under the Sea is a ride that is very similar to Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and also the Nemo ride in Epcot.  It is a dark, inside ride that takes you into the world of the Little Mermaid.  Your seat moves a bit, especially when you venture down “under the sea”, which is a really neat experience for the kids!  The animatronics are incredible, and you can see a big difference in this ride and other “dark rides” in the MK that are older.  As you enter the big inside room, you’ll see all the characters, and it is completely mind-blowing for children, as there is so much to see!  Being a children’s ride, it is slow-moving, so there are no height restrictions.

the little mermaid ride disney world

Little Mermaid Tips

This new ride is certainly a great addition to Disney World.  Being new, however, it’s very popular!  A good way to spoil this ride is to wait 90 minutes for it!  Because after all, it’s not an “exciting ride”.  So many guests have waited a long time and have been disappointed.  Don’t let that happen to you!  Know what the ride is before you get on it (slow-moving kids ride) and don’t wait so long in line!  How can you make sure that happens?

GET THERE EARLY.  A repeating theme on our website is to arrive early.  Nowhere is this more important than the Fantasyland section.  We think it’s important to ride this ride ASAP, due to the crowds.  There are really two ways to approach this.  First, you can head directly to this ride and get on.  There is certainly nothing wrong with doing that.  The second way is have someone head directly to this ride, grab fastpasses, and then double-back and start hitting the other Fantasyland attractions.  Although this involves more walking, it’s our preferred plan for the Magic Kingdom.  Why?

Likely, you want to explore a bit of the new area surrounding this attraction.  As such, follow these directions:

Arrive early to be at the front of the line for rope drop.  30 minutes early at least.



First, have your husband, teenage son, or whomever likes to “walk fast”, get ahead of the group and head straight for this ride.  They will get your fastpasses and then meet the group back at Peter Pan.  Your entire group will be able to ride Peter Pan with zero wait.

Next,  head over to the Winnie the Pooh ride.  At this point, you should have about 15-20 minutes until you can use your fastpasses.  Feel free to explore the New Fantasyland area, including the DELICIOUS Cinnamon Rolls at Gaston’s Tavern!  If you don’t want to waste time exploring, you can go hit Dumbo and the Goofini Roller Coaster, then come back to use your FP!

If you don’t ride this early, you will have two options:  Wait a long time, or use a Fastpass.  Obviously, you should always use a FP.  I can’t think of a scenario where waiting 60 minutes is worth it.  Plan ahead and you’ll never have to wait a significant amount of time!

As an aside, when the new Fastpass plus system comes online for everyone, this may be a ride you try and get tickets for, as it is one of the more popular rides, due to the fact that it is so new.

Do you LOVE the new Little Mermaid ride?  If so, let us know below!



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