Walt Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

Another classic attraction is Walt Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Regardless of whether you are young or old, the experience is one that few who tour the Magic Kingdom miss.  Not only can small children experience this ride, but it’s also one of the easier rides to tour, as it loads very quickly, relative to many of the other rides.  Today we’ll share some of the rich history of this attraction, discuss what to expect on this ride, and give you a few hints on how best to experience it.

Pirates of the Caribbean Ride – The History

The last attraction that Walt Disney himself worked on, was Pirates of the Caribbean.  Unfortunately for Walt, he never got to actually see it open, as he died just three months before it opened in Disneyland.  Just two years after the Magic Kingdom opened in Orlando, Pirates of the Caribbean opened it’s doors, quickly earning a place in the hearts of kids and adults everywhere.

During the ride, you’ll quickly fall in love with the main song, Yo Ho (A pirate’s life for me).  This song was actually designed and written for the ride, and is a Disney original.  The ride actually forms the basis for Disney’s popular movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean.

disney worlds pirates of the caribbean ride

A wench for a bride!

Pirates of the Caribbean – The Ride

The ride loads quickly, with large boats with benches that enable large numbers of people to move through the line at once.  As you start out, the ride is very dark.  There are a number of skeletons, and the music is a bit creepy for young children.  Very soon there is a small drop in which you are “transported” to the Pirate world.  From that moment on, the ride is a slow moving ride through the world of pirates with pirates engaging in all sorts of behavior, and the theme song blaring being played over and over.

You will notice that characters from Disney’s movie have also been incorporated into the ride, most notably of which is Jack Sparrow himself.  He makes an appearance a number of times, to the delight of most children that are watching him.

Tips for Pirates of the Caribbean

As mentioned a few times, the line moves quickly on this ride, making it an easier ride to get through.  However, during busy times, you still can spend a lot of time waiting here for a couple reasons.  First of all, there is no Fastpass line.  Second, the ride is extremely popular,  and draws a huge crowd.  So while you will probably have no problems riding Pirates, there are a few hints that can help you out.



Tip 1:  Get in the left line.  It definitely seems to move faster than the right.  If they look even, test it out with some friends.  The left line is faster for sure.

Tip 2:  Try to ride Pirates intelligently.  Even though it’s in Adventureland, it’s just a quick walk from From the two big rides in Frontierland, Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.  There are two ways to make the best use of your time.

  1. Grab a FP to Splash Mountain around 11am.  Eat lunch.  Grab a FP to Big Thunder Mountain.  Use your FP to Splash, go ride Pirates, then come back and use your FP on Thunder Mountain.
  2. Get a FP to splash mountain or Thunder Mountain.  Go ride Pirates.  Then come back and use your FP when the window opens up.

These common-sense approaches to the ride will keep you from wasting time.  There is no need to rush to Pirates early in the morning or save it for late when the park is empty.  While this ride will be empty at those times, you are better off using those empty periods to ride other attractions that will be much busier later.  Save Pirates for a time in the middle of the day when you are waiting to use a FP, as the wait won’t be excruciating, and it’s a good escape from the heat!

Pirates of the Caribbean – Info

  • No height requirement
  • Can be scary for some small children
  • FastPass Plus eligible

Do you enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean?  If you have any tips or stories, share below!



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