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Walt Disney World has completely changed the way visitors will tour the parks with the My Magic Plus system. 

The Disney Magic Bands are one of the key components of this system, and provide a number of features that can make your time at Disney World easier than ever!

However, a word of caution before we discuss the Magic Bands.

When you plan a vacation to Disney World, the first thing you’ll want to do is to read our articles on setting up your My Disney Experience account.

It is very important that you setup your vacation correctly, BEFORE you head to Disney.

disney magic band

There have been a lot of complaints about the new system.  Many of these complaints were valid issues that need to be addressed.  But the large majority of the problems that people are having with the new system could be fixed with proper planning.

Once you have set things up, your experience will be a breeze!  Let’s spend a few minutes discussing what the Magic Bands can do for your experience at Disney World.

What Magic Bands Can Do

If you are a Disney Resort guest,  you’ll be shipped a set of Magic Bands directly to your home.  Don’t forget them when you leave for your vacation!  These Magic Bands will have all of your activities loaded on them.  They will be able to do the following things:

  • Open your hotel room door
  • Pay for products in Disney Gift shops throughout the entire Disney World complex
  • Get in the Fastpass line with a simple touch of the band to the band reader
  • Store all your photos
  • Pay for all food items throughout the Walt Disney World resort.

In terms of convenience, this is huge!  No longer do you have to dig through pockets for photo passes, paper fastpasses, keys to the world, room keys, or money.  Now you simply touch your Magic Band and go!

Disney Magicband

Customizing Your Magic Bands

You will get a chance to customize your Magic Band on the My Disney Experience website.  You can choose from a variety of different colors.  Another neat feature is the ability to give yourself a nickname.  The nickname will be printed on your Magic Band and will help to distinguish Magic Bands of similar colors from each other

Customization continues when you get to Disney World, as well.  In the gift shops, you can buy bands, sliders and pins that can attach to your Magic Band and give it a unique look!

Shipped Directly to Your Door

A few weeks before you vacation, Disney resort guests will receive their Magic Bands.  As discussed earlier, don’t forget them!

A word of caution:  If you are flying, don’t pack them away in your suitcase!  Put them on!  Remember that if you fly, your luggage goes straight to your room.   You will want your bands so that you can check in and immediately head to a theme park.  So start your vacation early and put your Magic Bands on when you leave your house!

Controversy Regarding Magic Bands

There are some people who have come back from the parks and been extremely disappointed in the system.  They’ve reported extremely negative reviews on fan sites, and have definitely given many Disney fans a bit of a scare, when it comes to this new system.

However, many of the problems can be avoided with proper planning.  If you’ve read through our web series on My Disney Experience, you’ll be properly prepared to take advantage of this new system.  If you are not a planner, you may find yourself a bit behind when it comes to your Disney vacation.  Planning ahead ensures that you can get fastpasses and dining reservations when and where you want.  Planning also ensures that you are in the correct resort each day in terms of crowd levels.

If you are the type of person that wants same-day flexibility and doesn’t want to be tied down to plans, than you will have to re-think the way you tour Disney World.  These type of tourists are affected the most by the new system.  No one wants to spend hours a day trying to switch up Fastpasses for their entire party.  This has happened to many people who didn’t setup their accounts correctly.

If you take the time to set your account up properly, your vacation will be MUCH easier!

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  • We are Florida residents and annual pass holders. This past weekend we visited the Magic Kingdom. For the 6th time in the past year, my wife’s magic band did not work on the park entrance or the fast pass lines. Our annual pass holder cards were much more efficient. Trips to guest relations are not working. Very discouraged with magic band concept.

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