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One of the great things about the new Fastpass plus system is that you don’t have to run around the park getting paper fastpasses for everyone! Everyone has their own magicband, and you can make changes to everyone’s magic bands, while in the park, on your smartphone or on kiosks.  However, the first step in this process is setting up the My Family and Friends section on the My Disney Experience website.
disney my family and friends

How “My Family and Friends” Works

Each person gets their own Disney “avatar” or mini-profile.  Disney allows you to choose a Disney character to make your “avatar” stand out from the rest of your family.  Whenever you make a dining reservation or choose a fastpass+ attraction, you add each family member to the reservation individually.

As you are setting your accounts and family members up, it’s possible that there will be two accounts, which can add to the confusion.  If your spouse wants their own account, that’s fine.  But you need to make sure you know which account to activate before you start making reservations, so that you can minimize the potential issues that may arise.

Linking Accounts

Disney allows you to link accounts with friends and family, so that you may make reservations for them and share plans and activities.  The first thing you will do is go to your My Family & Friends List.  First, you need to add any adult family members that have My Disney Experience accounts.  First, click on “Add Guest”.  At this point, you’ll want to put in the name of the individual that you’d like to add and the email address that their account is tied into.  They will accept the invitation and your accounts will be linked!  Now you can add all of their family members to your reservations and vice versa.

Earlier we discussed the potential issues that can arise if you have two accounts.  If your spouse has their own account, they will likely have two accounts.  One will be the “dummy” account that you have created, and one will be their account.  When you add additional families to the mix, they may easily get confused and add the wrong account to the reservation.


Fortunately, it’s a quick fix.  If you’ve already begun the process and notice that you have duplicate names, you’ll need to simply call Disney!  They can usually fix the duplicate problem in less than ten minutes.  Trust us, it’s worth the time!  Doing this after you’ve made reservations can be a difficult problem and can be time-consuming!

As a reminder, the optimal time to call Disney to fix duplicate accounts is AFTER you have setup your Friends & Family and BEFORE you begin making reservations.


Once you have added a friend, they will show up under your account.  Their children will all show up as well, and you can begin adding them and their children to reservations.  However, if you click EDIT on their name, you can further detail what information you want to share with them.  You can select “View only our shared activities”, or “View all my activities”.

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Add to Family List, Choose Permissions and Share Photopass Photos

If they view only the shared activities, then they will only see the events and reservations that you share.  However, if you give them full permissions, they can now see your entire itinerary.  However, a word of caution!  At this time, choosing full rights gives them the ability to see the full cost of your trip, as well as your Current Balance.  If this is information you’d like to keep private, then perhaps you shouldn’t give them full rights.  However, the option does exist for them to pay your bill, so maybe your friends will hook you up!


Adding a Friend through a Mutual Friend

At times, you may be in a large group, and you  may not have all of the email address and information for all members of the parties.  When trying to link up large groups, there is one additional option that can make the process a bit easier.  After you click “Add a Guest”, the option exists to “Invite Through a Mutual Friend”.  You will then start by choosing the Mutual Friend.  Then you will see a list of their friends.  You can then choose that friend, and send the invite without filling out all of their information.

disney friends family

As you can see, the process for setting up this part of the process is a bit detailed.  It also isn’t a whole lot of fun.  However, we highly recommend getting all the permissions and accounts setup prior to making reservations.  It will make the reservation process painless!

If you have any additional questions regarding the My Family & Friends portion of the MyDisneyExperience website, feel free to ask below and we’ll do our best to get you the answer!

Now that you’ve setup your My Family & Friends, you can start making fastpass reservations, and dining reservations!  Let’s start with dining, and we’ll walk you through the process of setting up your dining reservations!

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  • Just booked our Disney Vacation for the end of September this year. We purchased the full dining package. Can anyone give me some info on what restaurants and dinner shows we shouldn’t miss? Thanks, Amy B

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