Epcot Touring Plan

One of the highlights of any Disney vacation is a trip to Epcot.  There are good rides, great food, and a wide variety of things to do.  Before you book those fastpasses and decide what to do, though, we want you to take a look at our Epcot touring plan and use it to help you plan a great day in the Epcot park.

Epcot Touring Plan

Now with or without a touring plan, anyone will usually be able to hit the main rides at this park, due to the simple fact that there aren’t a large number of headliners.  Our goal, however, is to help you do that as efficiently as possible, so that you can then relax in whichever way you choose.  Epcot is a great place to relax and enjoy the day in a bevy of different atmospheres.

soarin epcot touring plan

Fastpass Booking

Like Hollywood studios, Epcot has a tiering system.  Unfortunately 3 of the best Epcot rides, Soarin , Test Track, and Frozen Ever After are all in Group A.  Group B is a rather sad group of fastpasses.  But we are going to carry on anyway, because this plan will still save you a lot of time especially in the ultra-busy seasons when even rides such as Spaceship Earth boast 40-60 minute wait times!

9:30-10:30 – Epcot Character Spot

10:30-11:30 – Epcot Character Spot

12:00-1:00 – Frozen Ever After


spaceship earth epcot

A view of Spaceship Earth from Across the Pond!

Epcot Touring Plan

As with all of our touring plans, we are going to assume you are arriving 30 minutes ahead of the opening, ready to knock out a half-empty park!

9:05 – – Soarin – Since you didn’t get a fastpass for this ride, we want you to head there first.  If you don’t do Soarin first thing, the wait times will skyrocket. If you haven’t done Soarin in awhile, you’ll notice some changes! No longer do you soar over California, now you soar over the entire world!

9:25 – Livin With the Land – After you do Soarin, see Livin With the Land in the same building.

9:45 – Nemo and Turtle Talk w/Crush – The Finding Nemo ride is fun for small children, though it may bore older children.  The Turtle Talk show is a hidden gem, and I highly recommend seeing it after the ride.

10:15 – Fastpass – Character Spot – This first fastpass allows you to meet the a bunch of Disney characters at one time.  Wait times are quite erratic here.  If you see 5 minute wait times, just use your fastpass anyway so that you can move on to getting new ones.

Epcot Touring Plan

Look for this sign.

10:45 – Fastpass – Mission Space – Your second fastpass will be used on this ride.  Of course, you’ll need to decide whether you want to do Green or Orange before you book your fastpass.

11:10 – It’s time to do Test Track. You have two options. First, you can stand in line for the full ride. The wait times will likely be quite high. Second, you can ride the single rider. I highly recommend this, unless you have small children who won’t want to be separated.

Epcot Touring Plan Test Track

Test Track

12:15 – Fastpass – Frozen Ever After – Epcot’s newest ride is dedicated to the blockbuster movie that your kids probably played a million times.  This ride does a great job of capturing the spirit of Frozen. It’s done exceptionally well.

12:45 – Lunch – At this point, (we’re serious), you’ve knocked out the vast majority of the major attractions in the front part of the park.  We highly recommend that you use lunchtime to experience the cuisine from around the World Showcase.  Be aware though, it’s quite large.  On a hot day, the walk around the World Showcase from 1-4 can be nightmarish.

At this point, you are going to have some decisions to make.  There are a number of things you may have missed in the front of the park.  Do you want to ride those?  If so, go to the fastpass kiosks, and start grabbing fastpasses and hitting anything you may have missed.  Some of the  main attractions left are Spaceship Earth and Figment.  Depending on the fastpass selection, you may get lucky and grab additional Soarin or Test Track fastpasses, though this will differ greatly based on overall availability.

If you feel that you need a break, the after lunch period is also a good time to go take a nap or relax at the resort before heading back to Epcot for dinner.

If your family really wants to do the World Showcase, take your time and enjoy.  In the hot part of the day, take time to go inside the countries and experience different shows and events.  Grab a beer in Germany, see the Donald Duck boat ride in Mexico, and the acrobats in China.

Epcot Touring Plan

Inside the Pyramid at Mexico

Dinner and IlluminationsMake sure that you know when Illuminations takes place, and try to line up 30 minutes ahead of time.  When it comes to dining reservations, it seems as if Disney restaurants always take longer than you think they will.  So if illuminations is at 9PM, don’t get a 7:45 reservation and think that you will be out in time to get good seats.  Eating earlier in the evening, is smarter, so that you can get a good view of the fireworks.

Also, don’t even bother getting a fastpass for Illuminations. It’s quite possibly the worst fastpass in all of Disney. They put a massive group of people up front in a big area. It’s MUCH smarter to just stake out a claim somewhere around the lake 45 minutes before the show starts.

epcot touring plan illuminations

Illuminations…BEFORE the magic

Epcot is a fantastic park, and this brief touring plan will help you to maximize your time, minimize unnecessary walking and enjoy the many activities and attractions in this theme park.

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