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One of the most underrated attractions in Epcot is Mission Space. This ride doesn’t have long lines, and isn’t usually considered a “headliner”.  However, when it opened in 2003, the ride was consistently full and was one of the hottest tickets in all of Disney. But unfortunately two deaths on the ride (neither having anything to do with the actual ride itself) soured the public on this ride. Disney has never re-branded the ride, but the negative image seems to have stuck in many people’s heads. Due to this, it’s usually pretty easy to ride Mission Space without much of a wait for the majority of the year.

Is Mission Space a dangerous ride? Should you avoid it? Should you use a fastpass on Mission Space? We’ll attempt to answer these questions and give you the tools you need to make a good decision.

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Mission Space

After the aforementioned tragedies, Disney made some changes and began offering a less intense version of the ride. Now, there are two different experiences: Green and Orange. As you approach the front of the ride, there are a lot of warnings that caution guests about the intensity of the ride.

In both versions of the ride, you get into a very enclosed space. If claustrophobia bothers you, you won’t like the Green OR the Orange versions. But the experience itself, is really cool.

There is room for four people on the ride. Each of the four guests gets a specific job: Navigator, Pilot, Commander and Engineer. The jobs are all basically the same, and only involve pushing a button when you are told to.  If you don’t push the button, don’t worry, the ride will proceed just fine. The bigger issue is the ride itself! How can you keep yourself from getting sick?

Difference between Green and Orange

In the Orange version, riders get sustained forces of 2.5 G’s. This can make you sick if you aren’t ready. I’ve always heard to look straight ahead, and so I try and follow that instruction. I’d recommend holding your head back, looking straight ahead, and not trying to look at friends or anyone else. There is a barf bag if needed. Some have recommended having some candy during the ride, but each person is different.

It took a long time for me to work up the courage to do the Orange version, because I tend to get a bit nauseous on rides. But I tried it and really enjoyed it. Mission Space is easily one of the most intense rides in all of Disney World, and nothing else in Epcot comes close. It’s really enjoyable, as long as you take the precautions, and make sure you aren’t in any of the “risk categories” that are stated out front.

The Green version does not spin, but still provides a lot of motion. It’s quite reminiscent to what you’ll experience in Star Tours and in The Sum of All Thrills, as it’s a simulation ride. The difference, of course, is that you are enclosed in a tiny area, so that might be a bit intimidating.

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Details on the warnings for this ride


Mission Space Fastpass Info

Mission Space is a Group B fastpass, and one that I highly recommend getting, especially if you want to do the Orange version. Epcot’s fastpass tiers are pretty poor, so this is one of the only no-brainers, unless you know that you won’t be riding it.

Without a fastpass, Mission Space is still very easy to ride with a minimal wait. In our Epcot touring plan, we recommend hitting it in the morning, after you’ve done Soarin, Test Track and Sum of All Thrills. Your wait will be low regardless of whether you use a fastpass or not.

The Orange version is usually a bit busier than the Green, but not by a whole lot. It’s odd to see such an intense ride with such low wait times, but that’s what has happened to Mission Space. It’s an incredibly intense and fun ride, it seems quite realistic (I imagine the cockpit of a rocket is no cakewalk), and it even has an assortment of fun games in the “after-ride” room that your kids will enjoy.

Mission Space Height Requirements and Other Info


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