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Test Track allows guests to design a car, then take a ride as the car goes through a gauntlet of tests.  The ride concludes with a 65 mph trip on the outside track, which makes it one of the fastest Disney World attractions.  Today, you’ll learn a little bit of history on this thrill ride, then we’ll give you some additional details about the ride itself.  Finally, we’ll give you some Fastpass and touring tips for Test Track, so that you won’t spend a long time waiting in line for this attraction.

When you are finished, we highly recommend that you take at look at our Epcot Touring Plan, so that you can enjoy an awesome day at Epcot.

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History of Test Track

The official opening of Test Track came on March 17, 1999, although it had soft opened for a few months before that.  Test Track was put in the building that had originally housed the World of Motion for the previous 17 years.  GM was the sponsor for Test Track,as they had been for World of Motion.  In the original ride, Test Track lets guests ride on “test vehicles” that were supposed to simulate prototypes of new automobile, and the tests that these prototypes received.

In 2012, the ride was remodeled, with Chevrolet being the new sponsor.  Today’s ride allows guests to design their own cars, and then puts the cars through a series of tests that show how their designs would fare under these tests.

Test Track Ride

When you ride Test Track, the first thing you’ll do is design your car.  You and a co-rider will approach a large screen, in which you’ll have a few minutes to design your automobile.  You can change the wheels, the body type, the engine, spoilers, and all sorts of other alterations, including of course, the color.

There are four categories that your car will be tested on:  Power, Responsiveness, Capability and Efficiency.  If you build a really fast racecar, it’s unlikely that you’ll score well in Efficiency.  Likewise, a car that is very fuel efficient, isn’t likely to do well in the power category.

But have no fear, whether you build the fastest car imaginable, or a slow hunk of junk, the ride won’t change.  Your car will show up on screens after you get through each of the four test segments of the ride, and you’ll get scored, but the actual ride will be the same each time you ride it.

Tips for scoring high:  I’ve found that the best way to score high is to completely forget about the looks, and focus on all the different alterations that you can make.  With each alteration, you will usually see that you’ll gain positive points in one area, and negative points in another.  To get the highest score, you’ll need to be able to scroll quickly through the options and be quick with math.

Look at each option, and choose the option that gives you the most total points.  For instance, if a certain engine gets you +4 in power, and -2 in Efficiency, that would be a total of 2 points.  If a different engine gave you +3 in power, with no negative impacts, then it would be a total of 3 points.  Try to find the options that give you the most total points, without worrying about what categories the points are in.

Doing this, I’ve been able to achieve the high score of the day.  Please note, however, that you’ll usually have to share your screen with someone else.  So if you really want to get a high score, make sure that you ride with someone who really doesn’t care about the customization part!

Once you’re done customizing, you’ll ride Test Track.  The ride is basically a series of quick turns, twists, starts and stops.  Then during the power test, your car will begin accelerating, the car will move outside, and you’ll get to speeds of 65MPH as you zoom around the track.

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Can you get the high score of the day?

Test Track Fastpass Tips

Test Track is currently a Group A fastpass, which really stinks.  When Frozen Ever After opened, I hoped that they would move Test Track to Group B, but that hasn’t happened yet.  As we’ve reminded you in our Epcot Touring plan, Soarin is the Group A fastpass that you need to go for.  Does this mean you should head straight to Test Track?  Not necessarily.  If you are able to get in the doors at gate open, try and head straight to Soarin.  You should be able to ride Soarin with no wait, and then head back to Test Track, which should still have a very low wait.  If you try to do Test Track first, you’ll likely experience a long wait at Soarin.

Test Track also features a single rider line.  If you are not interested in the design portion of the ride, and you don’t mind sitting next to total strangers, you can do the single rider option.  This line takes you to the boarding area, where you will be put into any cars that have available seats.  You won’t get to design a car, but you’ll usually be able to get on Test Track very quickly.  This is a great option, especially if your group is a little older.

Wait times for Test Track also seem to fall pretty quickly late at night, especially in the last hour or two before Epcot closes.  If you’ve missed it earlier in the day, try for Test Track late in the evening.

As for fastpasses, if you don’t make Test Track one of your first 3 FP’s, it’s unlikely that it will be available for use after your first three are done.

test track

A car showroom…without salesmen!

Test Track Height Requirements and Additional Info

  • Height Requirement is 40”
  • Test Track is Fastpass +
  • Test Track offers Rider Switch
  • Test Track offers a Single Rider Line

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