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If you have never been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you are in for a treat!  Four of the most popular rides in the entire Walt Disney World resort are located here, making this a very popular destination!  However, there are a few things that you need to know about Hollywood Studios before you head through the gates.  Today’s brief overview of the park should equip you to understand what your basic game-plan should be when visiting this park.

Layout of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The layout for this park is a bit different than many of the other ones.  There aren’t clearly defined paths to clearly laid-out sections.  There are back paths, shortcuts, and a maze of “streets” that can be a bit confusing at first glance.  However, you’ll quickly gain your bearings as you see that the main attractions are relatively easy to find.

The entrance is somewhat similar to the Magic Kingdom, in that you will be walking down a long street with stores on either side of you and a big monument ahead of you.  In this case, it’s the Sorcerer’s hat that marks the “center” of this park.

In our layouts of the other three parks, we broke it down by sections.  Even though there are sections here at Hollywood Studios, we are going to break this one down just a little bit differently.

Four Major Rides

There are currently four rides that you need to see.  Sometimes a Disney map can be confusing and cause you to think there are attractions when there aren’t.  Just trust us on this.  Hollywood Studios has a ton of things to do, but when it comes to rides there are only four real attractions.

disney's hollywood studios

Tower of Terror and Aerosmith’s Rock “N” Roller Coaster:  Just before you get to the big hat, take a right on Sunset and it will head directly to two of the biggest thrill rides in all of Disney World.  The Aerosmith ride has extreme acceleration, and Tower of Terror has extreme drops!  You won’t be disappointed with either of these rides!

Toy Story Mania:  Directly behind the Sorcerer’s hat is Toy Story Mania.  While Toy Story Mania isn’t a “thrill ride”, it remains perhaps the toughest ticket in all of Disney World.  In fact, if you want a fastpass, you need to get there 30 minutes before the gate opens.  Otherwise, your Fastpass will be for late in the evening, if you get one at all.  Stand-by lines aren’t much better.  This ride is in some ways similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride in the Magic Kingdom, only it’s far more advanced!



Star Tours:  If you take a left at the “hat”, you’ll meander around and get to Star Tours.  This is a simulation ride with an “obvious” theme.  The ride itself is pretty fun, especially for kids.  It does feel like you are inside the spaceship, but it’s certainly not scary or anything of the sort.  If you are a Star Wars nut, this is a “can’t miss” attraction.


There are over 10 different shows, some live and some taped, that litter Hollywood Studios.  If you aren’t into shows, you will probably ride the four main rides and leave.  Many people do this and clear out of Hollywood Studios in the early afternoon.  But if you enjoy watching shows, there are all sorts of things to keep your family entertained.

Each section has a number of shows, but there are a couple that stand out as “Can’t Miss” shows.

  1. Disney Junior – Live on Stage – Obviously you’ll need small kids to enjoy this one.  But if your kids love watching the Disney Channel, they’ll love this show.
  2. American Idol – If you love singing, or you love the American Idol show, then this will be a really cool experience for the family.  You can actually audition and possibly perform on-stage!
  3. Indiana Jones Stunt Show – This 30-minute stunt show is fun for kids, and is highly recommended if you have young boys!
  4. Fantasmic – This is an amazing night-time spectacular. Make plans to get there early, as this is one show you don’t want to miss!

More Tips for Touring Hollywood Studios

This brief overview should get you started.  However, if you are looking for more details on exactly how to structure a day at Hollywood studios, check out our Hollywood Studios Touring plan.  We help you structure a perfect day at Hollywood Studios, and the touring plan is absolutely free!

Do you have any tips on Hollywood Studios?  If so, share them below



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