Toy Story Mania

In 2008, Toy Story Mania opened in Hollywood Studios.

The ride quickly became a fan favorite and has continued to be perhaps the most difficult “ticket” in all of Walt Disney World. The interactive, 3-D shooting game has not diminished in popularity, and requires significant planning if you aim to avoid long waits.

We will help you in your planning, give you some historical information on Toy Story Mania, and even give you some tips for getting a great score and beating your friends!

Toy Story Mania – History

The extreme popularity of the Toy Story movies led to two different Toy Story attractions in the Walt Disney World complex. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin is located in the Magic Kingdom, and Toy Story Mania is located in Hollywood Studios.

In 2007 the plans were announced to build this ride, and it was completed in 2008. Using bits of existing technology that existed at DisneyQuest, Toy Story Mania immersed riders in a set of 3D games that resemble carnival midway games. The ride was extremely successful and was quickly copied to Disneyland and Tokyo Disney.

Toy Story Mania Ride at Disney World's Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Mania – The Ride

In the ride, riders sit with another player and are in a spinning car. The car only spins to take riders to a new “screen”. On each screen is a set of games that involve things such as a ring toss, a plate-breaking game, and even a pie toss game.

Each guest gets a score based on the points they rack up with their toy cannons. Many of the Toy Story characters appear throughout the game to give their assistance. Unlike the Buzz Lightyear ride, high scores are tabulated and kept track of. You can compete for best in the car, or even best car of the day!

Toy Story Mania – Tips For a High Score

There are five different games to play. In many of these games, cooperation from your partner is key to getting a high score. We’ll take you through each game and give you some things to look for.

Hamm and Eggs – In this game, you will be shooting barnyard animals. In the lower corners, you will notice that there is a hen house. One strategy is to shoot the fox that is on the hen house. Then you will see the hens dash out of the house and you can shoot them for a lot of points!

Rex and Trixie’s Dino Darts – In this game you will be popping balloons. You’ll notice that just under the volcano there are some long balloons that resemble snakes coming from the mouth of the volcano. If you can quickly pop all six, the volcano will explode with 500 point balloons. The good thing is that the 500 point balloons will all be clustered together so you can really reach a high score. Having your partner help is key to making the volcano explode.

Army Men Plate Toss – In this game, there are plates you will be trying to break. The key to a high score on this one is partner cooperation. When you first get to this screen, there are 2 2000 point plates that get tossed into the air. You and your partner need to both hit these plates. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with a lot of high point plates to shoot at!

Alien Ring Toss – Most people know that if you can get a ring on all the aliens in the spaceship, it will blast off and reveal a big alien that can give you a lot of points. But once again, it requires partner cooperation to have any chance of getting all the rings on the aliens before the ship takes off!

Woody’s Roundup – This game really lets you rack up points. This particular game lets you build off of success with ever-increasing point sizes. When Woody and Buzz hold up the bullseye shields, try and hit it directly in the center. You will be rewarded with a lot of targets.
There is also a bat that appears at the top in the mine carts scene. If you hit the bat, you can get 1000 points. Then when you hit all the mine carts, you hit the bat again. At that point, the mine carts are all 5000 points.

Finally, get ready to pull the trigger as quickly as possible at the very end, as the more you hit it, the more points you get!

Disney World's Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania – Touring Tips

Using a fastpass on this ride seems like a smart choice. With the old fastpass system, resort guests would race to this ride and try and quickly get their fastpasses. They would sell out fast. But with the new system, this strategy obviously doesn’t work.

The bad news is that Hollywood Studios currently uses a tiering system that severely restricts your choices. Toy Story Mania is in the upper tier, along with Rockin’ Roller Coaster and Fantasmic. However, unless you plan on seeing Fantasmic, and using the Fastpass to get good seats, we highly recommend using your fastpass on Toy Story Mania. Why?

Wait times increase very quickly and stay high the entire day. Wait times of 1-2 hours are the standard, not the exception. Also, the Rockin’ Roller Coaster offers a single rider line, which can be used to bypass the standard line. So using the Fastpass on Toy Story Mania is a no-brainer.
If you don’t use a fastpass, your only other option is to get there early and race to the back of the park to ride this attraction. If you do this, you can usually ride it rather quickly, assuming you are near the front of the line. It’s likely that (especially during peak seasons) wait times will be approaching an hour once you get off the first time, it’s still that popular!

So use a fastpass or get their early! If you don’t, expect to wait!

Toy Story Mania Info

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