“Don’t go to Disney with a baby!”  Many people will claim that doing this is a huge mistake!  We whole-heartedly disagree!  There are plenty of people that take their babies to Disney and still have a blast!  Don’t let naysayers affect your decision-making.  Today we’ll discuss issues that directly relate to babies and infants.  Because… Read More

Disney World can be an absolutely magical place to take your children to.  However, on every visit, I see kids and parents who look like they are having an absolutely miserable time!  I’m sure you’ve talked to families who took their children, came back and vowed, “Never Again!”  We want you to avoid the same… Read More

Disney World Refurbishments 2013 Please note that this is just a list of refurbishments that Disney World advertises.  Last minute closures and breakdowns do sometimes occur. Here is a list of scheduled closures in 2013: Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain:  January 2nd thru March 19th Main Street Bakery:        January 6th thru May 17th Liberty Square Riverboat:             February 1st thru… Read More

Here at mousehints, we love Disney World and wish we could go monthly!  But the expense of a vacation keeps us all from going as often as we’d like.  Today we are going to share a few quick tips that can help you learn how to go to Disney World cheap!   How to Go… Read More