Disney’s new Fastpass plus system has changed the way we tour Disney. Nowhere is that more true than at Epcot. Epcot has a tiering system, so you won’t be able to just book any three fastpasses that you want. In this article, we’ll go over the Epcot fastpass plus tiers, and help you figure out the rides that you should and shouldn’t burn a fastpass on.

epcot fastpass plus tier

Group A (You can Only Choose 1 of these attractions)

Soarin – Epcot’s landmark ride used to have the longest stand-by times of any ride in Epcot. Because of this, we often encouraged you to use a Fastpass on this one. If you aren’t interested in riding Frozen Ever After, that advice still stands, as Soarin remains an immensely popular ride. But if you do want to ride Frozen, see the next paragraph.

Frozen Ever After – This is Epcot’s newest attraction. It’s a wonderful kids ride, and would be right at home in Fantasyland. Unfortunately for those touring Epcot, it’s stuck way in the back of the park in the Norway pavilion. That means it’s really hard to get there first thing without a really long walk. So my recommendation is to use a Fastpass for Frozen Ever After (preferably around lunchtime) and try and hit Soarin first.

Test Track – Test Track is a great ride, and we wish you could fastpass this one. But the standby line isn’t as long as the other two, and there is also a single-rider line that you can use. The only way we recommend using a fastpass on Test Track is if your family just doesn’t like Soarin or Frozen, but that’s unlikely to be the case.

Illuminations – Getting a fastpass for the fireworks show is truly a terrible idea. It’s one of the worst fastpasses in all of Disney. They rope a huge number of people into the front of the lagoon. The bright side of this is that it leaves a lot of available seating around the lagoon. Trust me on this one, don’t waste a fastpass on it. Just arrive to the edge of the lagoon 30-40 minutes ahead of time and you’ll be just fine.

Living With the Land – It’s tough to imagine a scenario where you would want to use a Tier 1 fastpass on Living with the land. Don’t do it.

Epcot fastpass tier

Ride Test Track First Thing

Group B (Choose 2 of these Attractions)

Mission: Space Green/Orange – Many people don’t like this ride, as they are worried about getting sick on it. But if you do enjoy Mission Space, it makes a decent fastpass. As you’ll soon see, the Group B selection is pretty horrible, and this is one of the only decent ones.

Epcot Character Spot – The character spot is the other decent Fastpass in Group B. This is a great place to see the main Disney characters if you aren’t doing a character dining experience. Sometimes you’ll find that wait times at this ride are surprisingly low, but we still feel it’s the best of the bunch.

Spaceship Earth – For most of the year, Spaceship Earth is a walk-on ride with very little wait times. During the peak season, things can take a little longer, but over the course of a day you’ll likely find wait times low enough to keep you from spending a fastpass on this one.

The Seas With Nemo – This ride is pretty boring for all except the youngest of kids. Wait times are generally quite low as well. Not really a need to use a Fastpass on this one.

Turtle Talk With Crush – This is a show that runs every 17 minutes. Typically you can walk up and get into the next show. During busy time periods, you sometimes might have to wait for a 2nd show to finish. Either way, using a fastpass for this one isn’t usually a wise move.

Figment – Don’t waste a Fastpass on this ride

Soarin Fastpass tier

Soarin is a GREAT fastpass selection

That’s it! When the new Frozen ride comes out, expect it to be in Group A, and expect it to further complicate things. Hopefully Disney will compensate by dropping Test Track to Group B or allowing 2 Group A Fastpasses. But when it opens and they make their decision, we’ll let you know!  For more information on Epcot fastpasses, see our Epcot touring plan, where we break down exactly how to tour this great park.

Now that you’ve decided which fastpasses to choose, it’s time to learn the best way to tour Epcot!

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