The Best Disney World Tips

Here is a collection of the best Disney World tips, gathered into one clear and concise list. We are going to keep this page updated as tips roll in from readers!  If you have any tips that we missed, please share at the bottom of the page in our Comment section.

best disney world tips


Disney World Money Saving Tips

Disney World can be an expensive vacation. Here are some tips to help you save a few bucks.

  • Bring your own poncho.  You can get a poncho from the Dollar Tree or Walmart and save a fortune.  It usually rains quite a bit in Orlando, and if you don’t bring your own, you will end up buying expensive ponchos from Disney.
  • Buy souvenirs from Walmart or Target BEFORE you go to Disney.  Bring them with you and dish them out to the kids during your trip from time to time.  They won’t know the difference and you’ll pay a fifth of the price.
  • Order bottled water and/or supplies from Amazon and have them ship the items directly to your resort!  Let your resort know to expect the package and they will store it for you.  It’s much cheaper and easier than buying from local stores.
  • Join AAA for the discount on room tickets.  It could save you 2 or 3 times the amount of the AAA membership.
  • Thirsty on a hot day?  Get free water from counter service restaurants in any park.  Just ask!
  • Glow bracelets and sticks.  Buy them before your vacation!  You can buy a huge glow stick pack from Amazon.  It will save you a ton of money and the kids will think you splurged.
  • If you are on the Disney Dining plan, drink tap water during your meal, and make your free drink a bottled water  (or bottled soda if they have it) to go.
  • Buy Disney gift cards at Kroger or any other local grocery stores that give fuel points.  Use those gift cards to pay down your vacation, and save money on gasoline in the months that precede your vacation.
    Maleficent Joins Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, Coming to Magic Kingdom Spring 2014

    Helpful Disney World Tips

    These tips can save you some valuable time while you’re touring the park!

  • If you have a stroller, attach a bright ribbon, scarf or balloon to the handle so that you can quickly identify it and won’t spend valuable time looking for it. Cast members will move your strollers!
  • Get to the parks 45 minutes before the scheduled opening time for the shortest lines.
  • Seen the parades? If so, use the parade time as a perfect opportunity to ride a half-empty park.
  • Exiting the MK on Main Street after the firework show? Instead of moving at a crawl, head to the souvenir shops and walk through all the shops toward the front entrance. They are all connected and no one uses them!
  • Leaving the MK on monorail? Take the Resort Monorail instead of the Express. You can usually get on the monorail immediately, while the “Express” will be backed up with extremely long lines.
    Use character meals to meet the characters, instead of standing in long line at the parks.
  • Use the “Child Swap/Rider Switch” program if you have a child that isn’t tall enough to ride a specific ride.
  • Rent a stroller from a local Orlando company instead of renting from Disney. Better strollers, half the price, and you can use the stroller on the long walk to the car.
  • If it rains, strap on the ponchos and keep going. Disney often empties out when it starts pouring, but the rain showers in Orlando often only last 15-20 minutes. When the rain clears, you’ll get to ride a lot of rides very quickly.
  • Start walking a month before you arrive. You will walk a lot, and if you aren’t prepared you will be miserable.
  • Do not underestimate the Florida sun and heat. If you haven’t experienced it, you will be very hot. Prepare to drink a lot of water.
  • Do you get lost in the huge Disney parking lot? Take a picture of your parking aisle, so you remember where you parked!

    What to Bring to Disney World

    Need to know what to bring to Disney World? Here are just a few things you may have forgotten about.

  • Don’t bring new shoes. Bring older, broken-in shoes.
  • Pack flip-flops/Crocs for when it rains. Tennis shoes and socks will get nasty and give you blisters.
  • Bring Ziploc bags of many kinds. This comes in handy both on water rides and when it POURS.
  • If you buy a souvenir and are staying on grounds, use the package delivery service. The package will be delivered directly to your room and you won’t have to carry it around the park.
  • As mentioned earlier, bring your own poncho.  You can get a poncho from Amazon and save a few dollars.
  • Order bottled water and/or supplies from Amazon and have them ship the items directly to your resort!
  • Bring a power strip. Some rooms have very few plugs, and a family of four may have 8-10 devices they want to charge at the end of the day!

    Disney World Planning Tips

    Our website is full of tips to help you plan a vacation. Here are a few quick ones that you can use.

  • If staying onsite, you can call and make dining reservations for your entire trip (up to 190 days) at the 180 day point from your check-in date. Book the popular restaurants later in your trip when there will be less competition.
  • Read our articles on My Magic Plus and Fastpass Plus to stay up-to-date on the latest developments!
  • Check-in on a Friday so you can beat the crowd in getting those dining reservations, as the majority of people check-in on Saturdays.
  • Book all three fastpasses in the morning, then you’ll be able to get additional fastpasses throughout the afternoon and evening.
  • Make sure to avoid Magic Kingdom on Saturday if at all possible, as the lines are very long on that day at the MK.
  • Don’t schedule late night magic hours, and then try and wake up for a character breakfast the next morning. Bad idea! It will wear out your entire party!

    Common Disney World Questions – Answered

    Please use our comment section to ask us any questions. We’ll get them added to the article so that everyone can benefit.


    Can you change fastpass plus for an individual in a group?

    Yes, assuming you’ve setup your account correctly, one person can make changes and go off to do their own thing, provided that they have their own My Disney Experience account.

    What is the Best Time to Meet Anna and Elsa at the Magic Kingdom?

    The best thing to do is to get a fastpass. If you can’t, you’ll need to get to the park 45 minutes early and head straight there. If you don’t do either of these things, expect to have a significant wait.

    When is a Disney Annual Pass Worth it?

    Typically, you’ll need to make 2 4-day trips in one year just for the annual passes to pay for themselves. If you go every year, space your trips 11 months apart, and get an annual pass to cover both vacations. If you go more than twice a year for 3-4 days, it’s a slam dunk.

    What Time Does the Fast Pass System open to book?

    If you’re 30 or 60 days out, you may want to get your FP’s booked ASAP. The FP system rolls over at a different time every night. Some nights it’s midnight eastern, and some nights it will be an hour or two after that.

    Is it worth it to Take a Baby to Disney World?

    It all depends. Do you have other kids? If so, don’t skip a trip due to the baby. If your baby your only child, they obviously won’t enjoy it, so you may want to wait a few years. But you can always get child swap passes, and Disney is ALWAYS fun. Babies can actually be easier than small children, as they might actually sleep for hours in a stroller, while toddlers often need to go back and nap.

    What is a Park Hopper Ticket at Disney World?

    It’s a ticket that allows you to visit any of the four theme parks, on the same day. Without the park hopper, you are restricted to only one park, per day.

    What are the Best Places to Watch Wishes?

    We love watching from the front if possible. They’ve really expanded the area out front to make for better viewing. BUT, another great place is way in the back by Gaston’s. You still get a central view of the castle (from behind), but the other set of fireworks go off directly over Gaston’s, making for a really unique experience!

    What is the Best Day to Visit the Magic Kingdom?

    Usually it’s going to be midweek. Anytime Monday thru Wednesday will usually be great. Try and get there early the morning after a late-night Magic Hours, and the park will be quite empty.

    Hundreds of Additional Tips to Plan a Perfect Disney Vacation

    I know you enjoyed these quick tips on your Disney experience!  Now lets dive into the meat of our website, by giving you some great insight in how to stay ahead of the massive Disney crowds!  Head to Part One of our Beating the Crowds series!

    Next Article:  Part One

    By: Ryan Shade

    6 comments on “The Best Disney World Tips

    • Our Disney trip was the week of June 15 and we had a awesome time! The best advice I can give you to to read all the articles on this website! We followed the suggestions about the fast pass and we didnt wait for more than 20-30 minutes for any ride all week. We had a game plan for each day. My husband at first didnt like the feeling of being rushed, but the only time truly that we had the “rushed” feeling was at MK since they are so many attractions that you want to see. The other parks were much more relaxed, except for when the park opens are you want to get to your first ride and collect that first fast pass. Since we didnt stay at a Disney Resort, we made sure that we arrived 1 hour before the park opened. Very important to start early and to forget the pictue taking, you can do that later….. Being a member of AAA, we got preferred parking, so driving to the parks really was no problem…We did not get hopper passes, so the days were long. I wouldnt recommend if you are have little ones (our grandchildren were 4,6) to plan to spend hours at Epcot, not enough to do for this age group. I also recommend if you have little ones to maybe wait until they are 40 inches. If you want to enjoy the attractions as a family, many of the popular attractions do have a height requirement of 40 inches. Our granddaughter LOVES Snow White and the Princesses so we did a Princess Lunch at Epcot VERY EXPENSIVE but worth every smile! We also did a character lunch at Hollywood and Vine, great lunch but girls were disappointed that Sofia and DocMuffstuffins were not there. Only to find out there are no live characters. The Disney Jr show, everyone sits on the floor, not so great for the over 50 crowd! The character dinner at the Crystal Palace. Unless you truly want to see Pooh and Tigger, I would forget that. Food ok, but not worth the price! The food really is no more expensive then any amusement park etc… We did take a couple bottles of frozen water and then during the day just filled the bottles up at the water fountains! One thing I would do different would leave the ponchos at home and bring small umbreallas instead. ONE show not to miss is the Opening Show at Majic Kingdom when Mickey and friends arrive by train to open the park! The look on my grandchildren faces when they first saw their favorite characters was priceless! One of my best memories of the week! We went to each park wihout expecting to accomplish everything and just enjoy the moment and day and we had the best week!

      • I’m so glad you had a great time! Nothing like a magical experience at Disney! Enjoy the memories and thanks for many of the tips! I’m sure our readers will find them very helpful!

      • Michelle,

        They check your bags at the front, but they aren’t looking at your food and drinks, unless it’s alcohol, which isn’t allowed. In general, you are restricted by what is practical to carry around a theme park all day long! Plenty of people bring drinks, sandwiches and food in all the time!

    • If planning to do dinner at the new “Be Our Guest” at the new Fantasyland be sure to make your reservations REALLY early. The waiting list is 6 months. Lunch is easier but dinner has a long waiting list.

    • Cast members won’t move your strollers if you park them in the correct spot. Look for signs that clearly mark stroller areas to save embarrassment

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