Are you looking to head to Disney World, but worried about the costs?  Perhaps you’ve been in the past and have spent WAY too much money.  Or maybe it’s always been a dream of yours to take the family, but it’s never been in the budget.  Today we will show you how to find great Disney deals and how to save money along the way!  We’ll go over the three main areas in which guests spend money:  Rooming, food and tickets!

Rooming Deals

Where you lay your head is a very important factor in what your budget will be.  First you need to decide what type of vacation you want to have.  Is it important that you stay in a luxurious hotel?  After all, you are at Disney World.  For many, the hotel room is simply a place to sleep and shower before you head back to the parks.

As such, great deals can be had by staying at Disney’s Value Resorts.  Not only do you get many of the perks of staying onsite, but you can take advantage of the bus system, the dining plans, and be saturated with Disney 24/7!

how to find great disney deals

Another way to get great deals on rooming is by coming to Disney World in the off-season.  This can save you a lot of money.  You’ll find that area hotels are much cheaper when school is in session.

Finally, are you travelling with another family?  Rent a house!  Home rentals can also shave a lot of money off of the budget!  Sharing the expenses of the home can be one of the BEST ways to make Disney World much more affordable.  When doing this, make sure and shop around.  Some home owners will be willing to make deals even better than what is listed on the web, especially if it is during the slow season.



For an in-depth discussion on this subject, see our article on rooming deals.

Deals on Tickets

Getting deals on Disney World tickets isn’t quite as easy.  Generally, the prices are going to be the same, and you won’t find much variance in them.  At times, however, there are some deals to be had.  For instance, you can find some discount ticket brokers, such as Undercover Tourist, that can provide a decent amount of savings.  However, don’t expect to find tickets at massive discounts from the regular price.  If you do, it could be a scam.  For further details on ticket deals, check out our article entitled Discount Disney World Tickets.

Dining Deals

When it comes to saving money in terms of eating, common sense rules here.  We all know how to cut back, eat sandwiches, pack lunches and snacks and eat cheaper.  If that is the situation you are in for your upcoming vacation, this can obviously save you a lot of money.  However, if you are looking to get a cheaper price on the Disney Dining plan, this is possible too!

If you stay onsite, there are a few times a year where Disney might offer free dining.  For instance, usually if you book in the spring, they will offer free dining for stays during September.  Now of course, this means that you have to book a package deal and stay at Disney resorts.  But this is a very good way to sample the Disney restaurants at a budget friendly price!  Learn all about the Disney Dining plan and the different levels that you can purchase on our section on Disney Dining!

Where to check for Deals?

1.  Go to the Disney World website itself.  They can provide you with the latest information and special offers that they are offering.

2.  Check back here!  If we hear of any new deals, we’ll keep you informed!

3.  Head over to  While our website is focused primarily on hints and tips for all aspects of Disney World, Mousesavers is focused on getting you great deals and is a great resource to use!

For more information, we have a whole section on saving money.

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