How to Make Fastpass Plus Reservations

In our previous article, we discussed how to set up your My Disney Experience account and how to book dinner reservations. Now it’s time to move on to Fastpass Plus and show you how to make fastpass plus reservations.

Please note that this article focuses on the technical details of how to actually schedule and make your fastpass reservations.  For fastpass plus tips and recommendations, such as advice on when to book fastpasses and what rides to use, see our article on Fastpass Plus.  For the purposes of this article, we are going to help step you through the online experience of creating reservations and making changes, as this can be a very confusing process.

Things to do Before You Schedule Your Fastpass Plus Reservations

60 days before your trip begins (if you’re staying onsite), you will be able to go online and make your Fastpass + choices.  Before you do that, there are a few things you need to do.

First, you want to have your daily schedule set and locked in If you have made dinner reservations, you likely will already have this done.  If not, you need to spend some time looking at this.  Even if you have a park hopper pass, you can only make Fastpass + choices for one park per day.  So you have to pick a park for each day, know what times you’ll be in the park, and be ready to make those choices as soon as you can.

Second, as we mentioned earlier, you want to have your Friends & Family setup correctly so that you can add all members to the Fastpass reservations.  It is very important that you have the actual account of each person correctly loaded, as the FP selections will filter down to each individual’s Magic Band.

Finally, you need to discuss beforehand which rides are important for your party.  It may not be possible for your entire party to be in front of the computer when it’s time to book passes.  So it will be very helpful for you to go ahead and discuss the important rides ahead of time, so that one person can go and make the FP reservations.

Steps for Creating a FP Reservation

As you login to your account, you’ll notice the Fastpass  + section.  Go into this section to make your choice.  You will then see a calendar for the days you will be at the park.  Click on the date and choose the party members that you will be making reservations for.  Then choose the park that you will be attending on that date.  Again, if you will be in multiple parks, you will still need to choose ONE park for FP reservations.

fastpass plus reservations

At this point, you’ll want to choose the attractions.  You’ll notice that there are tiers at many of the parks.  Currently, Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom don’t have tiers, but this could easily change on a whim.  The tiering system is pretty self-explanatory.  Epcot and Hollywood Studios both have two groups of fastpasses to choose from.  You can choose one ride from Group A and 2 rides from Group B.

It’s HIGHLY recommended that you choose the rides with the longest lines.  For instance, you can get a Fastpass for It’s a Small World…but what is the point?  The standby times are usually quite short.  Instead, try and choose the headliners.

After you choose the rides, you’ll then be asked to prioritize how important the three rides are.  This screen isn’t all that important, but you’ll be able to make this decision based on your group.

Setting Fastpass Times

Once you have chosen your rides, you will be presented with Fastpass times.


Initially, you have very little ability to customize the actual times.  You will need to accept whichever of the options looks best, and move on.  If none of them work, that’s ok.  Just pick one, and click Next.  You can customize the individual times later on.  It’s a bit of a hassle, but just know that you can get very detailed on the individual FP times.  Focus on the rides, not the times, click done and you’ll see your itinerary.

Making Changes to Fastpass Selections

Once you have made your choices, you will likely need to edit them at some point.  To do so, start by going back to the Fastpass + page, and choose the specific day.
At this point, you will have four choices.  Let’s explain the four choices.

making fastpass plus reservations

Select or Replace:  If you want to completely wipe out the FP choices you’ve made and “start over”, this is the choice for you.  When you choose this option, you’ll then choose party members, choose your park, and go through the selection process as if you were starting from scratch.  NOTE:  This is NOT the recommended choice if you are simply trying to change times of specific Fastpasses.

Change:  When you choose change, you are then able to edit individual fastpass times.  If the automatic times provided by the website weren’t to your satisfaction, this is where you will go in order to change them.  After you click “change”, you’ll be able to edit individual rides.  Select the ride you want to edit, and then click Next.  Then you can either change the attraction, or change the time.  Don’t forget to choose which members you want to make the changes for as well.  As you’ll see, this option gives you the ability to get very granular in the FP times.

Copy:  Copy is used if you have new party members, or if you forgot to make reservations for anyone.  You simply choose the day, choose the person you want to copy FROM, and choose the person you want to copy TO.  Don’t forget that the possibility does exist that a specific fastpass could be sold out.  So, it’s highly recommended that you try and make any changes as early as possible.

Cancel:  This option is pretty self-explanatory.  Choosing this enables you to cancel any existing Fastpass plans.

Tips for Fastpass Plus

Now that we have discussed how to make your fastpass choices, are there any tips for the best fastpass choices to make? For starters, try and alwasy book the major attractions, such as Space Mountain, Toy Story Mania, and Expedition Everest will fill up first, so try and book those if you can.

Also, be careful to schedule Fastpasses around events you want to choose.  There are parades, fireworks, and of course dinner reservations.  You want to make sure that the times are physically possible, and that you don’t cause your party to do too much walking.

These are just a few things that can help.  For more detailed information on using Fastpass plus to enhance your Disney experience, see our article on Fastpass Plus tips!

Part 4 of our My Disney Experience section discusses a few of the remaining options that you can use in order to enhance your experience at Disney World.  The My Itinerary function ties everything together and makes your entire vacation run smoothly.

NEXT >> Pt 4.  My Itinerary

By: Ryan Shade

37 comments on “How to Make Fastpass Plus Reservations

  • Thank you for the information! What is the earliest time that you can log on to book your Fastpass+ on the 60th day prior to your trip? Do I wait up until midnight or get up early to get the time slot that I want?
    Thanks again!

  • I am only staying on property one night. Which day can I get fast passes on? For example, if I check in and stay on a Monday night, are the fast passes for Monday or Tuesday (day I check out)?

    • Mark,

      If you have a one-day ticket to the park, you can use your fastpasses on check-in or check-out day. If you have two-day passes, you can book fastpasses on both days.

  • I am staying off property and have 6 day tickets. On the 30th day, will I be able to book FP for all 6 days or just the first day in the park?

    • Carrie, if you are staying off-property, you’ll need to book 30 days in advance of each day that you have fastpasses. When you are ONSITE, you can book for your entire stay, but not when you are staying offsite.

  • I have reservations for 12 days in October. I will be eligible to make FastPass selections 60 days from my checkin date. Once my selection date comes, will I be able to make my FastPass selections for the length of my stay?

    • Cindy,

      Yes, if you are staying onsite you will be able to book for your entire stay! If it’s offsite, it will be 30 days before each particular day, if that makes sense.

  • We’ll be there in TWO WEEKS:) PHP’s are purchased and FP+’s are reserved. The PHP’s are being FedEx’ed to us. How will we receive the FP’s? We are not staying at a WDW property.

  • We have left over admission days ( no expiration cards) from a previous Disney visit. We are staying on Disney property in November. Do you know if/how we go about registering the days from this card to our room reservation so that we can book fast passes?

    • Brenda,

      You should be able to link those tickets to your reservation. When you open up the app, go to Tickets and Passes and choose the option to Link a Ticket or Pass. A similar option will be on the website as well.

  • I’ve called Disney to ask about this but I am still confused, maybe someone here can help. My trip begins 10/8, so I can start selecting FastPasses on the 9th, they say. As I’ve been logging in to MDE all week, the FastPass calendar lights up one more day, every day, that is open for selection, but ending Sept.7 currently instead of Oct. 7. Disney tells me that since I don’t have a package but my resort reservation is linked to my tickets that the whole month will magically appear on 10/9, but it’s still making me nervous that it looks like I’m only going to be able to choose 30 days out instead of 60. Is this how the calendar is supposed to look? Hope that made sense.

  • I had planned to go to Animal Kingdom early one day and leave and go to Hollywood Studios. I booked my fast passes for Hollywood Studios mid-day. Will I be able to get in Animal Kingdom since my fast passes are book at HS?

    • Kayla,

      Yes, as long as you have a park hopper, you can go anywhere you want. The only thing you can’t do is use any fastpasses early in the day at AK, but you honestly won’t need them anyway. Have fun!

  • Can I use fast plus plus if I buy a day ticket at the park? Has the location of the Kiosks changed. Used to be you could get fast tickets next to the ride. Also when can I get my next fast pass plus ticket? Do I choose 3 rides at the same time?

    • Lynn,

      Fastpass plus can still be used for people on a one day pass. The downside is that many of the good rides may be taken, especially if you decide to go at the last minute.

      But if you are going for one day, when you are a few weeks out, you can go on Disney’s website and book 3 fastpasses.

      When you use those three, you can then go to kiosks and get additional. The kiosks are not next to the rides, they are in central locations.

  • I’ve got 1 night booked at Disney beach club on 8th april. Do I get to organise fast passes 60 days from that date. We have 59 days until we arrive on 2nd April. Reservation linked but can’t get to choose fast passes.

  • When I book my 3 fast passes do I have to use them all before I can get the 4th and so on. I was thinking of booking a couple of things and def the electric parade but that of course won’t be used till the end of the night. So once we use the two ride/attraction can we make more reservations or no because we still have the unused parade fast pass? Thank you!

    • Lashawn,

      That’s the bad thing about using a Fastpass for the nighttime parade. You can’t get more fastpasses until you’ve used all 3. The fastpass for the parade is a GREAT fastpass and provides incredible seating. So you have to decide which is more important, that fastpass for the parade, or the ability to get multiple fastpasses.

  • Can I split my fast pass between my party?
    I want to go to Soarin but my daughter would rather go to Test Track. So can I get 3 that includes Soarin and can she get 3 that includes Test Track?

  • Hi! I will be able to choose my Fastpass choices in 9 days and I still haven’t been able to even get on the Fastpass sight. I’ve read that others are able to get on the site even though they haven’t reached their 60 days out yet and can at least see a month out and get familiar with the site. Should I be able to at least get on the site even though I can’t make my choices yet? Thanks!

    • Carolyn,

      You should still be able to get on the site. I’m not sure why you are having issues getting on their website. If you are referring to the fastpass booking areas, then yes those won’t show as available until it’s time to book. Hopefully this article helps walk you through it, but trust me it will be really easy once it unlocks for you.

  • Can I use the APP to book my fastpasses at midnight on my 60 days or will only the website work at that time?

  • My father purchased the resort hotel and passes, but I am doing all of the planning. Can I just link with his account (that has the passes on it) to work on the FP+? Is this going to cause confusion if while in the park he wants to log in to change something? ONly one person in the group can do everything?? Or can we share the load?

    • Laura,

      You can share the load. If you both make each other friends, you can change his reservations, he can change your reservations, or you can both just change your own.

  • If I get fast passes for one day but then decide not to go that day and I don’t cancel the fast passes, will I lose a day of my tickets?

  • I am doing a split stay. I have a room booked onsite for Nov 10th (one night) and am purchasing 5 day tickets. I will be staying offsite from the 11th – 18th. Can I secure fastpasses at 60 days out from November 10th and the consecutive 5 days or just for November 10th & 11th?

    • Vicki that is a GREAT question. I believe that you can do that. On a question like that, however, I’d call Disney. Please let me know what they say, as that is an unusual situation!

  • Too late for this trip, but here is an after-the-fact wondering for next time.

    Five in park days. We want to stay off site, but what if we booked our first night at a Disney property, and then spent future nights off site. Would we be eligible to make ALL of our Fastpass reservations 60 days ahead of the trip? Or only for that one day that we are actually staying on site?

    • Wow, I got this question for the 2nd time in two days. I’ll have to do some research Rachel and get back to you. I didn’t envision this scenario, to be honest, but apparently many people do this. I would assume that you can continue to book all fastpasses, as long as you have one day booked, but I’ll find out for sure.

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