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A few years ago when you toured the park, it could be very easy to forget the timing of certain events. You had to get the daily schedule at the entrance and try not to lose it throughout the day. Now all the times are on the My Disney Experience app.

There is a section of that app called “My Itinerary”, and the majority of this article will help you set this page up, which will make your touring day simple and easy.

Using My Itinerary

Once you login to My Disney Experience, you will see My Itinerary listed as a choice on the right side.  Once you choose that option, you will then be able to see a detailed list of events occurring on each day of your vacation!  No need for spreadsheets, copious notes and paper schedules.

my disney experience my itinerary

My Itinerary starts by showing you the park hours for a particular date

But in order for this feature to be useful, you’ll need to set it up correctly!

Let’s talk about how to set up your My Itinerary tab.

Automatic Entries into your Itinerary

There are a number of things that will automatically filter into your Itinerary:

Fastpass + selections:

All fastpass + choices will show up for everyone in your party.  This can be especially helpful if your party is splitting up, as it will show you where everyone is.

my itinerary

Fastpass selections are shown on My Itinerary

Dinner reservations

Dinner reservations for your party will also automatically show up.  Once again, if some members of your party are eating at different restaurants, you will be able to see everyone’s dining reservations, which will help everyone keep track of times and locations.

my itinerary disney world

Made Dinner plans? They will automatically be loaded into your My Itinerary

Entering Special Events Into the Itinerary

Occasionally, there will be special events, such as parades, special shows and firework spectaculars, that you’ll want to put into your plan.  These do not show up on your Itinerary automatically.  However, if you know that you are going to be watching a specific event, it is highly recommended to schedule it.  This will filter the event onto everyone’s schedule for easy access.

First, once you are on the correct day, click “Add Plans”.  Then click on the appropriate column.  In this walk-through, we will schedule a firework show at Epcot.  Click on the “Add Parades & Fireworks” option, and then choose the option for the show you want to schedule.  Click “Show in My Plans, and choose the date.

Once you have chosen the date and the time, you will have the option to share this plan or to make this a personal plan.  If you have your Friends & Family setup correctly, you’ll be able to share specific plans with whomever you would like, and the event will show up in their Itinerary!

REMINDER!!! – Scheduling an event, such as Illuminations, only puts the event on your Itinerary, it does NOT give you a Fastpass for the event.  If you’d like to get a Fastpass to get preferred seating, you’ll need to schedule that through the Fastpass Plus page.  Disney has a nice warning on the site as well, letting you know that an event “is not a reservation”.  It’s just a place-holder that reminds you what time a specific event begins.

Adding Notes Into Your Itinerary

One of the best features of My Disney Experience is the ability to add notes to your daily schedule.  This can allow you to share plans and details about your day with all in your party.

my itinerary walt disney world

Add a note to your Itinerary


To add a note, simply click the “Add Plans” Tab at the upper left.  You will then be able to add the time, location, description and details of the plan.  Then once again, you can choose who to share this plan with.

Plans can be very helpful to remind everyone in your group specific meeting times for various events.  Everyone can add notes, and this will help everyone to get on the same page and stay organized!

Final Thoughts

You are not required to setup your Itinerary, or even to use it.  However, we strongly recommend spending time and effort ahead of time, as it will make your vacation easy!  It’s very easy to use the app and to go in and find out what plans there are.  But it’s not as easy to change plans on the fly.  There are many people in the parks, and at times, your will find the internet to be slow.  You also don’t want to spend your vacation filling this out.

So enjoy the planning phase!  You likely will have a blast setting up the planning phase of your trip, swapping ideas and notes back and forth between your party, and getting excited for your vacation!  Once it’s setup, you’ll have a ready-made schedule that will make your vacation a breeze!

After you have completed all these steps, you will be ready to head to Disney World.  Our final part of the My Disney Experience series discusses the Magic Band.  On the website, you’ll get to customize it, and then you’ll be able to use it for almost everything!

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5 comments on “My Disney Experience, My Itinerary

  • Hey Ryan.
    Thanks for all the great info.
    I have started adding plans to the itinerary and have made my dining reservations through MyDisneyExperience, but those plans don’t seem to get uploaded (or linked) to the My Plans tab of the Disney app. Is there something I need to do to link those plans to the app? I thought it all came from the same system and would update automatically. Any help is appreciated.

      • Thanks for getting back to me. The Dining reservations have finally started to show up. I think part of what is going on is that the app only reveals one day at a time right now. Unlike on the computer where I can see all 8 days of my vacation once I’m 180 days from the first day, I can only see half of my vacation in the My Plans section. The rest of the days are still unavailable for viewing. I am going to start adding some other events to see if I can get those to show up as well.
        Thanks again.

  • Is it recommended to use an early fastpass+ on the Elsa/Anna meet n greet? I’ve heard it can get quite lengthy. If not recommended early, then about what time should we reserve?

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