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Disney World has made a billion dollar investment in My Magic Plus, a revolutionary system that Disney feels will revolutionize the way we tour theme parks.  Fastpass + has recently replaced the paper Fastpass system over the past few months.  There are already a lot of confused people, just as there were when Fastpass came out.  Our goal is to help you maximize your experience under the new system.  Please see our section on Fastpass+ to stay up-to-date on any FP+ specific info.  For an in-depth look at the My Disney Experience website, and how to plan a vacation properly using the new system, check out our 6 part series on My Disney Experience!
My Magic Plus

What is the Disney Magic Band?

Currently, most resort guests get a colorful band to wear around their wrist.  No longer will you have to ensure that you don’t lose your card or ticket, you can store it all on the band!  So far, most guests have loved having the band.  It’s extremely convenient and works great.

The wrist band is fully customizable and will allow guests to purchase food, souvenirs, enter the park and use the Fastpass system.  Disney is also allowing guests to have better views of parades, fireworks and other activities.  There is no question that Disney has a lot of options with this band, and since everything is computerized, they can implement changes relatively quickly.

My Disney Experience.  What Does This Do?

The My Disney Experience app allows you to quickly make dining reservations, and Fastpass + reservations.  

Also, you will notice that now when you go online to book restaurants, things are a bit different.  You will create avatars for every member of your family, and you’ll have to tell Disney exactly who will be dining with you at meals! Once again, for details of how to best use this product, see our articles on My Disney Experience.

You Can Still Park Hop and Get More Than 3 Fastpasses!

My Magic Plus Magic Band
Many guests did not like the new system when it first came out.  Originally, you could only get 3 fastpasses, and you couldn’t park hop and get additional FP’s.  However, that has now changed.

You can now get additional fastpasses after you have used your first three.  When you’ve used your 4th, you can get a 5th, and so on.  You even can park hop and continue to get fastpasses at a different park!  We tested this out recently and it worked great!  We were even able to get 7 fastpasses in one day!

My Magic Plus Fastpass

Want a front row seat for the fireworks? There’s a Fastpass for that!

How will MyMagic+ affect you?

The older fastpass system is no more.  You may not like the My Magic+ system, but you have to use it, and honestly, we like it better than the old system. If you want to tour the park efficiently, you’ll need to do a better job of planning your vacation, so that you can get passes for the premier attractions.  

For more information, see our article on fastpass plus, which explains in details some of the ways in which we think this new system will affect park touring!

Also, if you’d like some help in determining how to book your vacation, get some free assistance from some of our planning experts!

The Future of My Magic Plus

Now that this system has been rolled out, Disney has many options.  They can increase the number of fastpasses per guest, they can change the “tiering system”, and they can even charge for additional fastpasses, if they’d like.

One of the things that this system should allow Disney to do is to spread the guests throughout the park.  By releasing fastpasses all over the park, in essence they are controlling where people are at certain times.  Previously, there was nothing they could do to stop everyone from going to certain areas.  Now they have some sort of control as to where guests go, as they can apportion fastpasses to guests for specific times.

As such, it’s important to understand the best time to reserve fastpasses. In our next article, we’ll go over the best times to get Fastpasses!

Part 2: Fastpass Plus

By:  Ryan Shade


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33 comments on “My Magic Plus

  • We are DVC Members checking in on July 20th, staying in Kidani Village this year. We sure wish we could’ve been part of this mymagic+ testing. Cant wait to see it in full use!

  • I’m staying in pop century in November. I have 6 days remaining on a 10 day non expiry ticket and have all of my fun visits. I’m registered with my disney experience. If I add my ticket to my profile, does this go on the magic band? What if I only want to use 4 days of my remaining 6 days. Can I still use the remaining 2 days and fun days at my leisure.? Do I have to scan my ticket to my disney experience profile to book fastpass+. Any advice would be welcomed. Loads of information about magic band available but cannot find an answer to my query.

    • Elaine, Those are great questions. I honestly don’t want to steer you wrong. I’ll research it, but I would think that the absolute best advice I can give you is to call the Disney number. They can steer you in the right direction. My first thought is that it will depend on where you stay. At some point, the old FP system will go away. But if it hasn’t, and if you are staying off-site, I wouldn’t think you would use the new system yet. Again, I’d call Disney at (407) 939-1289

      • I read your site at time and enjoy the info. My family is going to Yacht Club at the end of August and we received our bands today. They came in a nice box and inside they have our names under each persons bands.

        If you like I can take pictures and forward them.

  • hi, I will be staying at the caribbean beach disney resort from september 2 to 6, is this a select hotel for the magicband test? …

    • Julieta, typically they will email you if you are chosen. I haven’t seen the September dates as of yet, but they should be announced any day.

    • We are staying @ Pop Century Set 2-Sept 9. We received our bands 2 days ago. I just happen to opt-in to my Disney account and seen I had 4 bands I could customize. 3 days later we received them by UPS.

    • Jennifer, the latest i’ve heard is that the early part of the 2014 Fiscal year (begins in October) is when they are hoping to implement it completely. Until then, it’s only being tested.

  • Hi, I’m very excited about the magicbands. Have they done testing at any DVC hotels? We are booked for Sept. 14 @BCV and I have my fingers crossed that we get to test the bands.

    • I don’t believe as of today they have announced September testing..Keep your fingers crossed and keep checking your email and your Mydisney website!

  • Hi! I will be staying with my family in the Pop Century Sept 12-21 and I woul love to use the magic bands. Can we request it to use??

  • I did a survey online about the band’s. I was really hoping that meant they would invite me to test them but of course that didn’t happen. If you are right and from what my sister heard when she called and asked about them then our October disney trip will be a lot of fun!!

  • We just received a letter from Disney that was delivered by UPS and covered in mickey stickers lol, to be part of the trial August 30 – September 3 for our stay at Pop C. We also received the same letter via the email. So we ordered our bands and was able to schedule fast pass times for each day we are there and a day in the future when we will be just visiting and not staying the night. When you reserve a fast pass (up to 3) it gives you 4 options if you choose your 3 for they day and then if their is a conflict ie dinner reservations you can change an individual time for one of them. We( me and the wife) are really excited and we had to tease our daughter and boyfriend that we were getting them before they were.

  • Hi. My family and I (total 10 guests) are staying in the Saratoga Springs checking in on 6th Feb 14 for 2 weeks. Will this system be in complete use by then? Thanks

    • Mark, I’d imagine the system will be live by Feb 14 for sure. I know our entire family is going in late Feb and are anticipating it being live as well.

  • We are going to Pop Century Sept. 8-14. Our friends are also going the same time. When I went to My Disney Experience last week it gave me the option to customize our Magic Bands. Our friends also got the same option when they signed in to their account. No letter or email. It just showed up on My Disney Experience. They were delivered today. COOL!!!

  • Staying at Port Orleans – Riverside 9/20-9/22. Went into my Disney account, and happened to see that I could order the bands. Received them already, excited to use them for my trip!

  • I logged onto My Disney Experience app and was also given the option to customize magic bands for our upcoming trip to Port Orleans Riverside at end of October. My parents are staying at Poly so Disney rep told me I could add their reservation on “my disney experience” along with my reservation. I was then able to customize their bands as well through my login… No letter or email, just a discovery when checking my disney experience app…. 60 day window coming next week. :D.

  • We just returned from Disney World today and had a great experience with the Magic Bands!!! We booked our stay in late July for The Contemporary and received them in the mail shortly after. They worked really well and found them to be easy to use all around. We had no problems using them for our room key, fastpasses and tickets. We even used it in most places to pay for merchandise and food. We had a few snags with linking them to our annual passes, as not all Disney employees have not been trained on their full usage as of yet, but eventually figured that out too. Otherwise, we never took them off, even in the pool and shower! We got to decorate them and personalize them as well. Our only issue was we kept thinking it was a watch. Maybe they could eventually add that!!!! I had researched them online before our trip which made it a lot easier to understand and plan our trip on My Disney Experience. We had no problems using any of our fastpasses, and never had to scan twice with the exception of my 7 year old. It may be a problem for younger kids because you do have to have patience when holding them to the mickey reader for the light to turn green. It isnt just a swipe like a key fob. You have to hold them against the mickey reader for quite a few seconds to get the go ahead. Other than that it was great. No room key or separate ticket to lose. They still have quite a bit of compatibility technology to put in place before the roll out, which might take awhile, but it’s Disney and they can work their magic to make it happen hopefully for all!!!!! Loved it.

  • We are staying at Art of Animation Sept 15-18. I was really looking forward to getting and using the magic bands. I set up my account in my Disney experience and have been watching it almost everyday! I never received an email about being selected. I simply went to my disney and seen I had three magic bands waiting to customize! I did this on Aug. 28 and they are due to arrive at my house on Aug. 30th!!! So excited to try this out! Good luck to those who are waiting to see if they will be part of the test!

  • Hey everyone !
    I booked a MYW Package starting october 20, until october 31 at the Caribbean Beach Resort. Now I think I won’t get the magic bands for this stay, but I’d really love to 🙂 So, do you think that, if I add one night at the AoA or POP just the day before my stay at the caribbean beach, I’m going to get the magic band for the whole stay?

    • That’s not a bad idea.. But maybe just change your Caribbean beach reservation to port orleans riverside? They are doing the magic bands. I have stayed at POR and loved it!!

    • Yes you will. My wife and I are resort hopping between, PC, TGF and ASSports and have 3 bands each =) and were only staying at sports one day.

  • We are going to WDW and staying at the Beach Club the end of Oct. I linked our reservations thru AAA to my Disney Experience and have had nothing but issues 🙁 Our tix from last time are there and causing issues. There are 2 of my son and 2 of my husband. My Halloween party tix are not able to be linked either. Disney has a ticket open with their help desk. I hope that this can be resolved before our trip. Anyone else have issues???

  • We are staying at Caribbean Beach Oct 11-14 and just got our MB today. Seems they are at most (if not all) the resorts now. As for RLG issues, there were two of me as we’ll, and the couldn’t fix it over the phone but a nice girl at guest relations in DTD fixed it and now there is only one of me

  • We are staying at the Disney all star sports for the UCA Cheerleading competition. We had to book our room & park hooper tickets through UCA. We will be in Disney March 13th thru March 17th! Will these bands be out that early & how would we get them? Thanks

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