My Magic Plus

My Magic Plus

Disney World has made a billion dollar investment in My Magic Plus, a revolutionary system that Disney feels will revolutionize the way we tour theme parks.  Fastpass + has recently replaced the paper Fastpass system over the past few months.  There are already a lot of confused people, just as there were when Fastpass came out.  Our goal is to help you maximize your experience under the new system.  Please see our section on Fastpass+ to stay up-to-date on any FP+ specific info.  For an in-depth look at the My Disney Experience website, and how to plan a vacation properly using the new system, check out our 6 part series on My Disney Experience!

What is the Disney Magic Band?

Currently, most resort guests get a colorful band to wear around their wrist.  No longer will you have to ensure that you don’t lose your card or ticket, you can store it all on the band!  So far, most guests have loved having the band.  It’s extremely convenient and works great.
My Magic Plus Magic Band
The wrist band will be fully customizable and will allow guests to purchase food, souvenirs, enter the park and use the Fastpass system.  Disney is also allowing guests to have better views of parades, fireworks and other activities.  There is no question that Disney has a lot of options with this band, and since everything is computerized, they can implement changes relatively quickly.

my magic plus

My Disney Experience.  What Does This Do?

Disney has rolled out a new website and a free new app.  This app allows you to quickly make dining reservations, and will be expanded to allow for Fastpass + reservations.  Owning a smartphone will be a necessity for guests who want to have ultimate flexibility in the parks.  While Disney will certainly make allowances for guests that don’t have smartphones, they will likely be in the form of machines, which means….more lines.

Also, you will notice that now when you go online to book restaurants, things are a bit different.  You will create avatars for every member of your family, and you’ll have to tell Disney exactly who will be dining with you at meals! Once again, for details of how to best use this product, see our articles on My Disney Experience.

You Can Still Park Hop and Get More Than 3 Fastpasses!

My Magic Plus Magic Band
Many guests did not like the new system when it first came out.  Originally, you could only get 3 fastpasses, and you couldn’t park hop and get additional FP’s.  However, that has now changed.

You can now get additional fastpasses after you have used your first three.  When you’ve used your 4th, you can get a 5th, and so on.  You even can park hop and continue to get fastpasses at a different park!  We tested this out recently and it worked great!  We were even able to get 7 fastpasses in one day!

My Magic Plus Fastpass

Want a front row seat for the fireworks? There’s a Fastpass for that!

How will MyMagic+ affect you?

The older fastpass system is no more.  You may not like the My Magic+ system, but you have to use it, and honestly, we like it better than the old system. If you want to tour the park efficiently, you’ll need to do a better job of planning your vacation, so that you can get passes for the premier attractions.  

For more information, see our article on fastpass plus, which explains in details some of the ways in which we think this new system will affect park touring!

Also, if you’d like some help in determining how to book your vacation, get some free assistance from some of our planning experts!

The Future of My Magic Plus

Now that this system has been rolled out, Disney has many options.  They can increase the number of fastpasses per guest, they can change the “tiering system”, and they can even charge for additional fastpasses, if they’d like.

One of the things that this system should allow Disney to do is to spread the guests throughout the park.  By releasing fastpasses all over the park, in essence they are controlling where people are at certain times.  Previously, there was nothing they could do to stop everyone from going to certain areas.  Now they have some sort of control as to where guests go, as they can apportion fastpasses to guests for specific times.

As such, it’s important to understand the best time to reserve fastpasses. In our next article, we’ll go over the best times to get Fastpasses!

Part 2: Fastpass Plus

By:  Ryan Shade


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