Fastpass Plus

FastPass Plus


If you are planning a vacation to Walt Disney World for the first time, you’ve probably heard about Disney’s Fastpass plus system.

What follows is an overview of the system, followed by some tips that I’m confident will save you time!

Current Rules for Fastpass Plus

Currently, there are a few rules for this new system.

  • Fastpass Plus can be used at multiple parks per day
  • You initially receive three “Fastpasses” per day
  • There are kiosks in the parks for those that don’t have smartphones
  • You may book your fastpass times up to 60 days in advance. 
  • Currently there is a tiering system at Epcot and Hollywood Studios, which will be explained later on.

Booking rides 60 days in advance?  This option may scare those that procrastinate, annual pass holders, and local Florida residents.  After all, not everyone plans their Disney vacation that far in advance.  But no matter who you are, you can now book fastpasses ahead of time.  The only people at a serious disadvantage are those that make last minute decisions to go to the parks, and even then, the disadvantages can be overcome with a good touring plan.  

If you are planning a trip, and the 60 day booking scares you, stop and read our article on Creating a Disney Schedule.  It’s important to know which park you will be attending on each day. If you know what park you are in, then choosing fastpasses will be easy.  If you aren’t sure where you’ll be, just create fastpasses for each day, and you can easily change them later.

At this time, you will be able to initially book up to 3 FP’s per guest, and all 3 must be on different rides.  Also, all 3 must be used in the same theme park.  Now that we’ve gone over a few of the ground rules, lets see what benefits this new system might bring us.  However to begin, two big changes have recently been announced that can bring you major benefits!


Change 1: More than 3 Fastpasses Per Day!

First, you can now get more than 3 fastpasses!  After you have used your first three fastpasses, you can go to a kiosk or use your MDE app and get another one!  When you have used that one, you can then get another, and so on.  Theoretically, there is nothing to stop you from getting 7-10 fastpasses!  However, if you are using a fastpass for a nighttime event, such as a parade or Fantasmic!, then you will be unable to get more than 3 fastpasses, unless there are still some available when the parade is over.

What does this mean for our readers?  Well, if you have read Mousehints much, you know that we always advise you to get to the parks early!  In line with that, get your fastpasses early!  It’s possible to get fastpasses for  9AM-10AM, 10AM-11AM and 11AM-12PM.  If you choose those times, you can be getting additional fastpasses as early as 11:15!  Plus, the parks will usually be so empty from 9-11 that you will be able to ride 2-4 other rides as well.

When you think about it, this change allows you to tour the parks in the same way as the old system.  Recently on a trip, we accumulated 7 fastpasses in one day, at three different parks!  Which brings us to our second change that Disney has made:

Change 2:  Park Hopping is Back!

When fastpass plus was first implemented, many proclaimed that the park hopper pass was dead.  Whether it was in response to these thoughts, or whether actual sales of the park hopper diminished, Disney now allows you to get fastpasses in multiple parks per day.

Before you hop, though, you have to use your first three fastpasses.  At this time, those three still need to be in one park.  But if you follow the guidelines we provided earlier, you should be done using those by lunch.

To use fastpasses at different parks, you just need to leave the first park, check in at the 2nd park, and use your Magic Band or badge to sign in at the park.  Then when you go to a kiosk in that park, or login to your app, you can book an additional fastpass.

fastpass plus

Everest is a GREAT Fast Pass choice

Potential Benefits of Fastpass Plus

We see many potential benefits for Disney planners.  As an example of how this can help, let’s focus on how this new system might affect our Hollywood Studios Plan.

At Hollywood Studios, we are going to use the new system to pre-book Toy Story Mania or Aerosmith, Tower of Terror, and Star Tours.  (If we are at the Magic Kingdom, you’d likely want to use them on Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain).  early in the morning.  Why?  Because want to enjoy these attractions and still have the ability to get more fastpasses for later in the day!

This represents a big change from how we previously recommended that you approach the fastpass plus system.  But we tested it out ourselves, and are confident that this is the best way!  Use those fastpasses early and often, and then you can keep getting more.

Questions regarding Fastpass Plus

There are a number of questions about this new system.  We’ll try to answer them to the best of our current knowledge.

  • Can Fastpass Plus users get more than 3 FP’s per day?  Yes.  This system has been updated, and you can now get more than 3.
  • Do You Have to Use the Kiosk to get additional fastpasses?   Not anymore. You can book additional fastpasses through your app.
  • Why are Fastpass Plus lines so long?  FP+ lines don’t seem to be bad at the Magic Kingdom. But at times, we have seen them get out of hand at the other three theme parks.  It’s likely due to the fact that there aren’t as many attractions at these parks. Tower of Terror in particular has generated some long fastpass lines, especially early in the morning.  As the system gets more age, Disney will likely address these problems, probably by reducing the overall number of fastpasses for each attraction.
  • What is the Best Way to Use Fastpass Plus?  We know you probably want to get tips on Fastpass.  This article is designed more as an overview of the system.  If you want to really learn how to make the most out of this system, head to our article on fastpass tips.
  • What is the best time for fastpasses?  A common question.  We prefer that you use fastpasses in the morning if you are going to be in the park all day long.  But honestly it depends on the park and on your schedule.  Check the article in the previous bullet point for some great timing tips.

fastpass plus disney world

Tower of Terror is a slam dunk Fastpass choice


Recommended Fastpass Selections for Each Park

Although we cover this extensively elsewhere, I’ll give you a few of my favorite Fastpass selections at each park:

Recommended Fast passes for Magic Kingdom:

  • Mine Train — Always hard to get, but a huge time saver
  • Anna/Elsa — A HUGE time saver if you can get it
  • Splash/Space/Thunder Mountain — You can’t go wrong with any of these three

Recommended Fast Passes for Epcot

  • Soarin — This used to be the only fastpass to get. Now I only recommend it if you don’t want to ride Frozen
  • Frozen Ever After — Best current FP at Epcto. This ride has VERY long lines. —

Recommended Fast Passes for Hollywood Studios

  • Toy Story Mania — Great ride, long standby lines
  • Tower of Terror — Slam dunk choice
  • Star Tours — Best of the rest

Recommended Fast Passes for Animal Kingdom

  • Expedition Everest — Another slam dunk.  Best ride in the park
  • Safari — Crowded ride.   This will save you time.
  • Kali River Rapids — Use this in the summertime, and possibly Dinosaur or a show in the winter. (standby times on Kali are very low in the winter time)


How To Make Fastpass Plus Selections

Now that you’ve learned what this system entails, let’s go over the nuts and bolts of how you make fastpass plus selections.

First of all, Disney has instituted a tiering plan for Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  This means that you can’t book all the top rides at those two parks.  For instance, Epcot doesn’t allow you to get fastpasses at Test Track AND at Soarin.  You have to choose one or the other.  The way to overcome this is to get there early and head to whichever attraction you don’t have a fastpass for.  If you do this, you’ll have no need to get a fastpass for that attraction.

For details of exactly how to make the selections, as well as how you make changes and deletions, head to our page on How To Make Fastpass Plus Reservations.

But first, I recommend learning about the backbone of the Fastpass plus system.  You will see how to set your online account up correctly, using the My Disney Experience website.

NEXT:  My Disney Experience

By: Ryan Shade

65 comments on “Fastpass Plus

  • Honestly, I don’t like this new system. It seems a bit too complicated and a big hassle to go through compared to the system they have now. I’d prefer them to leave it as it is…

    • Tried to book our FPs this morning 30 days out. We have dinner… or should I say lunch reservations at La Cellier in the middle of the afternoon… that was the best we could do (we booked that over a month ago BTW). We’re doing 2 parks in one day with Park Hoppers (HS and Epcot). We have to do this, because of time constraints. Per the rules, we could only get FPs for one park. So, once again (we’ve been to Disney many times), my 78 year old dad is not going to be able to enjoy the rides he likes, because we will have to stand in long lines. Specifically Toy Story… the only FB time available was 5:00 pm. Every time we’ve been to HS, the line for Toy Story has been in the neighborhood of 75 minutes. So, we had to do our FPs at Epcot. We did get Test Track… but of course, now I guess we can’t do Soarin… because of the one first tier rule, and the line for that attraction is typically off the charts. So my dad will end up having to sit on a bench while the rest of the family waits in a line. The new rules are horrible for those traveling with very young children (trying waiting in a 75 min line w/ young children) and/or senior citizens. Frankly, they’re flat out anti-family. The limit of FPs in only one park per day pretty much defeats the purpose of a Hopper. Then to add insult to injury, we paid the exact amount for our tickets as someone staying on property. Yet, not only do those staying on property get the extra hour days (which is the same as having FPs), but they also get to book their FPs 30 days before everyone else.

      • So what you are saying is that you are upset that Disney hands out perks to those who book vacations staying on Disney property? Everyone has the option of where they stay. To me the perks and the accommodations make it worthwhile to stay on property. I fly in from NH so we don’t even get a rental car, we will take a taxi to the nearest walmart when we get there and stock up for our 10! Day stay when we get there. The biggest flaw I see to the system so far is that you have to use all three before you can restock. But there is a way around that so I am going to go look at my fastpass resies I just made for our trip in September and make sure I stack them up in the am.

        • Oh yeah by the way, we used them last year as well. Changing them on the fly is super easy as long as you link all of the party members together on the app. Yes you need a smartphone to access but is anyone really going to tell me that someone in their party doesn’t have a smart phone or tablet????

          • Ok ok last one, if you had booked on disney property you could have booked that le cellier 180 days out, yup we booked all of our dining reservations in March for our trip in September. Got everyone I wanted, including Be Our Guest at the times I wanted. I know, I know those darn Disney perks!!!

          • Not everyone can afford to stay on property or a smart phone. Disney is supposed to be fun and everyone should have the same general opportunities.

  • We are heading to Disney in September. I am very interested in this new system since we will be arriving at noon to HS our first day. My kids & I will be upset if we can’t do TSM & I know those passes are always gone early.

    • We are also going in Sept. and I went on My Disney Experience today and was able to both book my Fast Pass+ attractions and customize My Magic+ bands. They did hand out bonus fast passes but only at the Magic Kingdom Park. I got one for the Haunted Mansion one day and one for Journey of the Little Mermaid.

    • hi, happy to see there is some conversation f the disney folks re this. we are staying at dolphin august. always stay there f many yrs, this time first visit w 4 and 2 yr old grandchildren.

      as you know, d and s and shades and dis vacation club people not included on fastpass plus advance. so please help us out, you guys!

      we are faithful yearly disney visitors for over. 30 yrs now, 4th generation. hope you guys will roll that program out to us, so that we can plan ahead, as we have actually always done.

      my biggest concern right now is horror stories i am hearing re long lines at the kiosks and additional long lines even after get fast pass!

      planning to use emh hours 3 out of 5 days and dedicated d and s kiosks, but still what gives?

  • This system actually sounds terrible.

    First off, we basically already do what you suggest for the “imagine the possibilities”

    But, like many here, we are planners, great. We plan our tentative days ahead of time, which days which parks etc. But here is the thing, this is ORLAND FLORIDA … there is weather. Schedules always change. So awesome, 60 days out I book Everest, Safari, and Kali at AK … and then that week, its pouring rain on that day. Awesome, wasted my FPs. The next day, I want to do AK, because we missed it the day before, but today I have SM, TM, and Mine Train booked for FPs at MK. Well crap, now I am really screwed, can’t get my FPs honoured at AK, and if I go to AK I will burn all my FPs at MK.

    There are far too many variables day to day on a trip for the FP+ system to work well in actuality, when booking 60 days out.

    And its going to turn into ADRs, just like ADRs the popular rides are going to completely book 60 days out … which means last minute goers, or people who like to play it by ear will be out of luck. Its going to make trips far more confined, restricted, and scheduled. I don’t mind some planning, but this system leaves no room for adjustments.

  • We were able to test the new fastpass plus last december and found it to be great. We even switched our times for rides when we were at the parks at the last minute. Our favorite part was when we would scan our fast pass, the cast member would call us by name. Just another taste of disney magic!

  • will the fastpass+ replace all fastpass attraction? for example what will happen if a group of 40 or more people from the outside buy there tickets in a travel agency how will they get there fastpass+ card?

    • Eventually, Fastpass+ is likely to replace all attractions, yes. That likely won’t be the case for awhile, but no official announcement has been made yet.

  • It sounds fantastic. I know people will be worried about change but we will get used to it with time. From what I know, you can update your fast passes, as long as their time haven’t expired,with the mydisneyexperience website or guest relations, dependent on what other experience is available. Or you can cancel all three of the experiences at guest relations or on the mydisneyexperience website/app and use the regular kiosks like before. I believe they have expanded the options for experiences to include more than attractions, such as parade times. The new system is made to enhance our overall experience and make the vacation easier. Plus you need to have tickets associated with the mydisneyexperience account in order to take advantage of fast pass+ otherwise you can’t reserve the fast passes and have to run to the kiosks like normal for now. Perhaps guest relations can assist in reserving fast passes without the mydisneyexperience accounts on the day of, I am not sure about that. I am not up to date with it all but I am very excited for the magic bands.

    I think the planners would really enjoy this since you get to have a plan A going to Disney with these reserved fast passes, if it rains, just quickly jump on, the app, or ask a cast member that can assist to change your fast passes or cancel the entire set, to be able to use the regular kiosks. Plus Florida rain can go on for a couple hours for a quick fifteen minutes, you never know.

  • Just visited Disney World for 6 days. Was a beta tester pre-booking my Fastpass+ at home. LOVED IT. Have be to Disney park 50+ times in my life (used to live in Florida) so consider myself an expert. This time, flew in, and due to August heat, only went to park in mornings and late nights.
    First day, due to flight, arrived at 5:15 and park closed at 11. We went to Small World, Winnie the Pooh, new Ariel ride, and bonus Buzz Lightyear with FastPass+, plus got traditional FastPass for Peter Pan. Also got to do tradional no-wait rides like PeopleMover and Carousel of Progress and had dinner. Also saw Electric Light Parade and Fireworks. Ended the night with Haunted Mansion. Did all this in about five and a half hours. The whole trip was like this, where I knew we were doing more rides in less time compared to people who don’t know the Disney tricks. Morale: If you liked and did well with the old FastPass system, give FastPass+ a chance. With so much less running around, you might like it even more.

      • I’m confused. Mark says he combined FP+ and traditional FP on the same day in the same park. It has been stated in many places that these could not be combined. Is this just an anomaly of the testing period or is Mark confused (sorry Mark, nothing personal)?

        • Bill, I believe this is just an anamoly of the testing period. Long-term, you certainly won’t be able to do both. Pretty awesome for people that are going right now though. You could do a lot of damage with traditional FP’s AND the new system!

  • We are going to Disney World last month and today on my Disney Experience page I was offered the option of adding FastPass plus. I singed up for the card option and not the wrist band. I was wondering, will they send me these cards in the mail? Or how will I receive them?

  • Going in early December, always get there for rope drop, love to play it that way. So in doing the 60 day in advance thing, do I have to buy a ticket now? We just usually buy our tickets at the park.

    • Charlie, Yeah it’s kind of going to be tough to do it last minute from what we can tell right now. That being said, I would imagine that in early December, the old fastpass system will still be in effect for people that purchase at the gate. We will have to wait on some further announcements before we know for sure.

  • I don’t think this is going to be as bad for ‘non-planners’ as people think. The fact is most ‘planners’ are snagging multiple fastpasses early in the morning anyway, well before the ‘non-planners’, and there are still plenty of fastpasses to go around. Now they just get to do it online, and are limited to just 3 a day.

    Also, for those that hate planning, Disney has a ‘fastpicks’ system, where they’ll pick your fastpasses for you. It only takes a minute online. If you want to change them the day you are in the park, there are kiosks available to you to do so. You won’t get locked out of getting a fastpass that way.

  • I am NOT a happy camper about this. Only 3 fastpasses a day, only at one park per day. Only one fastpass per ride per day. These are BIG problems. I hope Disney will not disappoint. We love to go. We have just become DVC members. They will definitely hear from me if this goes as it appears it will…badly.

  • I personally do not like this new system and the way it is effecting people without the bracelets. We are pass holders and plan many spontaneous trips. We arrived at Hollywood Studios today at 9:10. By the time we made it to Toy Story Mania (9:20) all of the fast passes were gone and the wait was 90 minutes!!!! Really? Seems really unfair to those who are unable to plan in advance. One thing we have always loved about Disney is we could jump in the car, show up and have a great time. Now we show up to long lines and no fast passes available. Really going to rethink renewing our passes now. Very unhappy! 🙁

  • We just got back from seven days at Disney, and the Magic Band FastPass+ system was a nightmare. I was with a group of 15, and my parents had trouble figuring out how to manage their reservations on their phones. We were all supposed to be able to change each other’s fastpasses, but it didn’t work that way. I set everyone’s up a couple weeks before our trip, but as our children changed their minds about what they liked, would and wouldn’t ride, we had to make changes. The initial set-up was easy, but changing anything was a nightmare. We couldn’t change each other’s fastpass+’s from our phones. My son was in my parents’ room, and only my dad was able to make changes to his fastpass. The network was horribly slow, and we spent ridiculous amounts of time each day trying to change reservations. One night we knew we wanted to change plans the following day, and it took a full TWO HOURS to get everything changed and coordinated for everyone. Everyone had to log in and change their own and find times that were available for the other members in our party. We did share our my Disney Experience profiles so that we should have been able to edit each other’s fastpasses, and that was confirmed by a Disney Fastpass rep. The app still wouldn’t let us. We would get 12 changed one at a time to a certain time, and then be unable to change the last few people’s to an overlapping time–incredibly irritating. I was able to change mine and my daughter’s, my husband had to change his own, my dad could change his and my son’s, my mom could only change hers, etc. There were not many kiosks to change the fastpasses in the park, and it took a full fifteen minutes with a Disney representative working at it on his iPad to change one fastpass+ for our group. He couldn’t get things to work right and just gave us all a fastpass that would not expire at all that day. It was a gigantic time eater, and we greatly preferred the old fastpass system to get fastpasses for rides. The bands were great for entry, eating (although the employees didn’t like them), and paying for items (when they actually worked). Mine worked all the time for charging things to my room, but my SIL’s never worked. Nice idea, but horribly difficult to coordinate when you’re with a group.

    • We just came back from 5 glorious days at Disneyland Park in California where the old, tried and true legacy fast passes are still in effect. We were able to obtain multiple fast passes per day, per park and never stood in a line longer than 20 minutes even though it was Thanksgiving. We fast passed through Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Buzz, Splash Mountain and then Indiana Jones again all the while holding fast passes to Soarin and California Screamin over at California Adventure park. In short, for us old park-hopping pros or those traveling in larger groups, try Anaheim! It’s easy to navigate, packed full of Disney nostalgia and slow to adopt these new bands. You can still do it the old way and maximize your experience without ever getting on a bus or walking farther than a few hundred yards from hotel to ride! I won’t be in Orlando again until they allow multiple parks per day and more than 3 rides on the bands, both of which seem essential to me.

    • I agree with Laura. We are a group of 13 and so far the FastPass+ system has been a nightmare and we are not even in Disney World yet. After attempting for several days to link all of the accounts online in advance and coordinating 13 fast passes to be in Sync……and FAILING…. I finally called Disney. It turned out that my account ate my cousin’s profile and she had disappeared in the system – sound weird? Well apparently according to Disney this happens to many people. I then spent an entire night on the phone with Disney coordinating the fast passes of everyone and even they were having trouble. I can’t even imagine what will happen if anyone wants to change their passes/swap them out – can you??? It is possible that the FastPass+ system works for smaller groups, but for a large group like ours – it has been a disaster so far….

  • I’m not so worried about the ride stuff – within a vacation period you can always find time at some point where the lines are not too long to get on a particular ride, I am more concerned about fireworks/parade areas being roped off for fastpass + holders and the rest of the park competing for even less sidewalk space than before! I read on one forum that Epcot has so much roped off for this purpose for the fireworks it has been hard for those without to find a clear view of the lake without lamp posts/ trees etc in the way.
    Are fastpass + only going to be available to those staying on Disney property? We usually stay at a relative’s holiday home in the area and will be crushed if we can’t even access this new system to plan and get the best out of our vacations!!

  • Forgive me if I missed it, but one point to be made is that you HAVE to be staying on Disney property to get the fastpass + access. I know it’s in beta testing now, but we’re annual pass holders and we were left out. We spent over $2400 for our passes and got hosed on many occasions when we were there in October just because we didn’t stay on property. Folks with bracelets had most of the fastpasses taken. Does anyone know if this the way it will always be? Meaning once beta testing is over and it’s all go, will you have to stay on Disney property to get access to the fastpass + system? Or, once it’s out of beta all ticket holders will get access?

  • I am really dissapointed about the new system.. my mom told me that we may not be able to go this time and I have been looking forward to it for the longest time.. I honestly hope that they change it around by the that we may get to go.. I mean if you can book it 6O days in advance, many people who are not even there yet take up the time on certain days and the people who decide to go whenever they please are left with the bad times (I am not sure, but that is what I have heard) I just wanted my point to get across and I really hope they do something about this..

  • Just cam e back from 4 day thanksgiving trip
    We stayed at Dolphin Hotel which allowed us to use fast pass plus.
    When we entered the park each day we went to a special kiosk and selected our 3 fast pass plus rides which were linked to our annual pass cards.
    But here is the best part!!!!
    We were still able to get fast passes the old way as well!!!
    Fast pass plus was not full on any of the days we went.
    The only issue was they would not let us get both tower of terror and rockin roller coaster on fast pass plus. They made us choose 1 or the other.
    We did more than we ever did this trip with the additional 3 fast passes each day plus 3-4 more the old way each day.
    I think we got lucky and were not supposed to be able to use both methods but regardless it was awesome.
    With arriving at opening each day and having 7-8 fast passes each day, we got the most out of this trip.
    I hope this can continue on future trips.

  • Just got back from 4 days (3 nights) at Disney. What a painful experience the Fast Pass + experience was. My wrist band did not work to get into the parks NONE of the days. They had the wrong reservation info. They had the wrong FastPass+ info on it. Lost 1-2 hours per day as Disney people tried to fix it. Had to repeat same story over and over again. Disney staff was sometimes nice. Some were rude. Not planning to go back soon. I go to Disney to spend to vacation because I had a belief that if something went wrong, they would fix it and the Disney magic would still be there. Sadly, I was wrong. I was told that this was “a test.” My wife said, well this isn’t a test vacation. They messed with my time, my money and my fun. Nobody seemed to care. Not the Disney that I used to love to come visit.

  • Was just at Disney last week for a meeting. Went to Epcot on an after 2PM convention ticket. The Yacht Club hotel concierge set up my fast pass plus for me the day prior to my park visit. My choice was Test Track OR Soarin, and two less popular attractions. They would not give me both Test Track and Soarin. I selected Test Track, and Imagination and The Land for my other two. As I suspected, the standby times for the lesser attractions were only 10 minutes, so the fast pass was not really needed for those attractions, but over an hour for both Soarin and Test Track.

    • I don’t think it’s a huge problem that Test Track and Soarin’ are both top-tier attractions, at least not for smaller parties. Test Track has a Single Rider Line that almost always chops off more wait time than a FastPass would!

  • We use FP+ while we were on our vacation on 12/13/13-12/22/13. Absolutely love it. I loke the favt that I can choose, cancel, and change the passes via their app on my phone while we were in the parks. All we had to do was to check in at the ride, using our wristband. Once the machine turned green, we were allowed in. It was very convenient to us since we had several character dining set up and was able to use FP+ and alter them to our schedules

  • Having just used the system.. I can not being to explain how horrible our in park experience was with Fast Pass +. And the advanced planning.. really! Worst idea ever!
    It added so much stress to the vacation that it sucked all the fun right out of it.
    We lost 6 hour (we tracked it) fighting the system in park trying to correct for weather or changes in plans. 6 hours…

    Disney THANK YOU for killing the magic!

  • Just got back from a week at Disney World and used the FastPass+ system with our magic bands… The only problem we had was that they are “grouping” the rides so you can’t get fast passes at Hollywood Studios for Toy Story Mania! and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster on the same day because they are both in group A and you can only choose ONE attraction from group A. We had the same issue with Soarin’ and Test Track at Epcot. And since all three fast passes have to be used in the same park, we wither had to return to those parks two different days or try to beat the rush for one of the rides and skip the fast pass for that ride. We did not see any ride groupings at Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom while we were there, but planning to fit everything in at Epcot and Hollywood Studios during peak crowds was a pain using FastPass+.

  • Why is no one at Disney addressing all the negative comments, complaints, & frustrations regarding the new Fast Pass+ system? Sounds like 99% of the longtime, repeat Disney vacationers all have the same experiences & legitimate gripes. However no one from Disney is addressing the questions, blogs, forums, or interactive chat sites at all. With this many loyal fans, this upset.., one would hope for a response from someone in charge. I travel cross country to meet family & friends several times a year at WFW. Several of us just purchased Annual Passes for the first time & planned on getting our money’s worth by booking several trips this year. After our disappointing experience 2 weeks ago, I don’t want to spend the money for airfare & rooms at a Disney Resort. We come to relax & ride our favorite rides all day Hopping from park to park. Fast Pass+ destroys those options.

  • Just got back from our first day at the parks for this trip and it was HORRIBLE! Hopefully Disney will realize what a mistake this is! We have come to Disney regularly for over 20 years and this will be our last time if they keep this up. Why did they think their on-site guests need another advantage is beyond me. At least go around to the people in line and get theirs set up so we don’t have to waste all that time once we are in the park. Please stop ruining it, Disney! We still have 2 more park days this week and I am definitely not looking forward to them.

  • After reading posts and hearing from Clients. I already see problems with this new system. They want people to come early to avoid the peak crowds. As it seems, the peak will be in the morning, not the afternoon or evenings. Disney, really will have to make a lot of changes to system. Especially, after raising their prices!! As a Annual Pass Holder, I definitely see problems for renewing with this system. I hope they will put their Customers first and not their wallets!!

  • Looks like a pain to use for planning. I’m definitely not good at planning every minute of my day. I think it would be better though if Disney were to use this but keeping the old fast-pass system minus the paper ticket. Just a Digital one. Swipe band at fast-pass booths, get your E-Fast-Pass. Swipe band at fast-pass line after designated time, get into ride/attraction. Then again I don’t go to WDW. I don’t live that close. Disneyland is the closer one to me.

  • I just returned from chaperoning a group of 22 high school students on a Disney Trip, and I must say that I am not a fan of the new Fast Pass + system. I had to stand in line to make FP selections when I arrived at the parks (selecting your FP’s 60 days in advance is not an option for large groups), then I had to stand in line again at the FP entrances for the rides I had selected. The tiers at Epcot and Hollywood Studios mean that you will likely have to miss out on riding one or more of their top attractions if you have a limited time in the parks. All of the parks seemed more chaotic and congested thanks to the addition of the new FP kiosks. Also, since you only get FP’s in one park per day, it really seems to eliminate the need for purchasing the Park Hopper option on your tickets.

    I am returning to Disney in the fall with my family, and will have more time in the parks. By nature I am a planner, and I am anxious to see if having the ability to book my FP attractions in advance changes my opinion of this new system. For now, I miss the ease of the old FP system where I never had to wait more than 20 minutes for any ride (even during peak times), and where I could ride the major attractions multiple times thanks to the ability to obtain multiple FPs during the day.

  • I am bringing a Youth Group of 50 in May. The folks at Disney Youth groups have told me NOT to use FastPass Plus, however, when I called Disney directly, they recommended I DO use FastPass Plus. My plan is to book Fast Passes that I think most students till enjoy, and then the kids can change their own selections once they have their own hopper passes in hand. Also, Youth Groups are getting Magic Bands for their hotel room keys ONLY…hopper passes will still be the old credit card style. Not sure why.

    • Carol,

      There is no reason not to use Fastpass plus. While there are a lot of kinks to work out for sure, there is no reason NOT to use it. After all, the old system is not there anymore! So if you don’t use Fastpass plus, you don’t get ANY benefits.

  • Planning to go to Disney in November for our 22nd visit. Now reading horrors about the Fast Pass+ system. I am a BIG WDW fan but now thinking about giving Universal a try. I haven’t given this new system a try … but it looks as if 98% plus have terrible reviews. WDW has always been accommodating. I am not sure why they aren’t addressing these problems. I was willing to give the ‘3 a day’ FP a chance…but now I find that you have to choose by ‘category’. UNBELIEVABLE!!

  • Have now spent the last few hours researching more about Fast Pass Plus. Have found some positive feedback regarding this new experience and we will give it a shot and see how it goes. It will be awhile before I can get back on this as we don’t go until late November but will get back.

  • I am taking my family to Disney World next week. After reading these reviews I am a little worried. Does anyone have any advice on what Fast Pass+ I should use while we are at Magic Kingdom? I have a 5yr old and 11yr old both girls. I just don’t know what rides you need a fast pass on and also what time of day should I book them for. Any suggestions would be great!!!

    • Lauren at this point I’d focus on getting fastpasses for as early in the day as possible. Then when you run out, you can keep getting them. We have a new article coming out early next week that will focus on this. Hope your trip is fun, and if you need personal help, drop me a line at

    • Kellie,

      It really varies based on the time of day and the kiosks you use. We are planning a full article on the kiosks. Typically the kiosks get really busy in the first few hours of the day, as many people arrive, don’t have fastpasses, and aren’t linked up on their phone.

      Also, kiosks located near popular attractions tend to be busier. For instance, in the Magic Kingdom, the kiosks at the entrance to Fantasyland seemed to be wide open all day, which makes sense because they were right next to Stitch, which isn’t a popular attraction.

      Once, we had to wait 10 minutes at a kiosk outside of Tower of Terror. But other than that, we haven’t had to wait more than 5 minutes at any kiosk so far.

  • I heard a unique strategy from someone – they said there’s a way to delete on of your initial 3 FPP’s (not sure how yet, need to look into that). You then have only 2 FPPs, which enables you to use them up more quickly and go to a kiosk for a 3rd one. This would seem to make sense in EPCOT and at Hollywood Studios (e.g., prebook only Test track and Mission Space, use them up right away, then go to a kiosk and get Soarin’ – the only sacrifice is to forego the FPP for Spaceship Earth or maelstrom…which I don’t really want anyway).


    • Mike,

      I’m not sure how that would work exactly. Also, if Disney found a lot of people exploiting this strategy, I’m sure they would close the loophole immediately.

      I think your Epcot strategy is unlikely to work too well. By the time you got that third Fastpass, it would be around 11AM. By that time, kiosk fastpasses for Soarin would likely be 4-5 hours out, which would almost make the strategy pointless.

      I guess I don’t see the point of deleting a fastpass, just so that you can use a fastpass. Possible? I guess. Beneficial? I don’t see how.

  • We went in April and the fast passes were fantastic. The only problem was the one Park limit per day for fast. The only other problem was the main attractions you could not change your original time if you wanted to. But it was great to have everything planned ahead and much easier to do. No rushing through the parks to try and get the tickets before they were out.

    • Michelle,

      Yes, we took a long vacation in February to Disney, before they made the fastpass changes. WE really enjoyed them, but the new changes have made things even better. We went back a few weeks ago to test out the changes, and things are much better now, as you can park hop and use fastpasses at a 2nd (or 3rd) park!

  • I will be arriving WDW early morning- plan to go to hotel, check in and get to Epcot by 12 noon. Do I book two early morning fast passes for rides I don’t care about and won’t actually use, and book third for Soarin’ at noon. Then get my fourth fp at a kiosk for Test Track. Must I actually use the first two fp?

  • Really? you have to actually use all 3? We are going with 2 senior citizens, 5 tweens and 2 adults – we like to stay together, and so i booked fastpass for all of us, even though it is likely that some of us won’t ride all the rides. For example, my mom will stay with 2 of the kids while we ride splash mt. But they don’t want to move onto another ride without us, so I don’t want to book them different passes. We all will want to ride peter pan and those types of rides together. In the past with legacy passes, we would get all the paper passes and then those that liked the “wilder” rides could use the passes from those that didn’t want to go and ride twice. Can we do that with magic bands? I didn’t think we could use someone else’s band. So, what if my parents & 2 kids only use 1 fast pass, but the rest of the group has used them all. If we park hop, does that mean the people who only used one pass won’t be able to get passes at the next park? Or because we are a group, if some of us use them it will count as all of us using 3?

  • We wanted to make sure we could see the fireworks at Epcot, as we are traveling with a person in a wheelchair. So we used up our FP+ to do this.. problem is.. we wont be able to get any more once we use the first two.. because the fireworks are the last thing of the day.. and everything we are hearing / reading is saying that disney’s policy on wheelchair/handicapped access to rides and shows is changing / not as reliable as the last time we went.. so there is a little glitch with their system of “use them up.. get more” .. as well.. can’t move from park to park with it? whats the point of paying for a hopper? they will need to work on this.. im sure they already are.. but it doesnt help us, leaving in a few weeks for the busiest time of year..

  • Our visit is coming up in eight weeks. I tried to do our FP+ today and Meet n Greet with Anna and Elsa is already out of Fast Passes for the entire week we are there. Every day for 8 days is out already. Guess I know where we are going as soon as rope drop happens! At least this way we know ahead of time and we can plan. Although it is very discouraging.

  • I am wondering how the choosing addtl fastpasses after the 1st 3 will be. Last year we used new fastpass plus for the 1st time during spring break and it worked pretty well. This year, I am just wondering for example:if I choose Mine Train later in the day as an addtl fastpass, will there be a chance of no availability. This will be during spring break again. I have SM, TM and Ana and Elsa for a Thursday in MK. Because it is Thursday, it is an extra hours morning. I had planned on getting Mine Train after we use those first passes. Because I have Ana and Elsa, the last pass ends around 3. That will make my addtl choices much later. Does anyone have any idea if and how early Mine Train passes run out? I was thinking maybe I should change one of the mountains to Mine Train. Also keeping in mind, trying not to be jumping all over the park. That was the earliest I could get Ana and Elsa/and that ws 60 days in advance, toward the end of our trip! Has anyone had any luck getting BOG lunch fastpass? If so, any tips would be great!

    • Ann,

      I don’t think it’s wise to plan on riding Mine Train later in the day. Mine Train fastpasses are the quickest to sell out. You will be VERY unlikely to get Mine Train passes as your later fastpasses. Now that doesn’t mean it’s not possible if you keep checking, but it’s very unlikely. Book fastpasses for Mine Train as far in advance as possible.

      As for BOG Lunch fastpass, that trial run is ending soon. Whether it comes back or not, I’m not sure.

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