Planning a Trip to Disney World


Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder.  Much of the joy we get out of Disney comes BEFORE we leave!  Planning a Walt Disney World vacation can be exciting and fun.  If you plan a great trip, the smiles on the face of your children and family will be well worth the effort!

However, when you plan your trip, what factors do you need to take into consideration?  Is Disney a spur-of-the-moment destination?  It can be.  But if you are going for a long period of time and truly want to maximize the time you are there, you need to be pretty detailed in your planning.

Our planning section breaks down the key areas you need to be concerned with as you book your trip:

When to Go to Disney World – Choosing the right time of year will have a huge impact on your overall enjoyment of the park.

Choosing your Lodging – Where are you going to stay?  Onsite?  Offiste?  Does it really matter?  This section helps you make the right decision on which resort to choose.

planning a trip to disney world

Booking Your Ticket Packages – There are a number of options to choose when deciding which ticket packages to get.  Our section on tickets will break down the choices and help you determine which package is right for you.

Disney Dining – Are you considering the Disney Dining Plan?  Before you book your trip to Disney, make sure that you read our section on Disney Dining.


We hope that you have a magical time in Disney World!  We are confident that the information in this section will allow you to book the vacation of your dreams.  If you have any questions, please share them below and we will attempt to answer them for you!

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