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When planning a trip to Disney, you must consider all avenues of saving money.  Whether you have a budget or not, finding discount disney world tickets can save you cash, especially if you have a large family.

Now before we look at the ways to cut corners on ticket prices, I do want you to understand one thing:

You will not be able to save a SIGNIFICANT amount of money from the base ticket prices.  At times, the best deals you will find will be 5-10% off.  So please understand that if you find a price that is “too good to be true”, it probably is.  Do some research.  This especially will be the case on 1 or 2 day park tickets.  If you are just going for the day, just go to the front gate and don’t bother with buying online.  You won’t save any money.

That being said, if you are staying for many days and have a large family, you could save a chunk of money, and you need to look at your options.  Let’s investigate a few ways that you can cut the costs on Disney World tickets.

Using a Ticket Broker

This is without question the easiest and safest way to cut costs.  Ticket brokers get unsold tickets from Disney at a discount and sell them back to the public for a small mark-up.  Millions of people have purchased tickets from these authorized re-sellers, so there is no need to worry about the legitimacy of these businesses.  Just go to the website, click on the ticket package you need, and buy the tickets.  It’s a very simple and easy process.

discount disney world tickets

There are two ticket brokers I highly recommend.  Both of them have very similar pricing and are both well respected.

  1. Undercover Tourist is a very respected ticket broker and has sold millions of guests tickets at prices cheaper than what you’d find at the gate.
  2. Best of Orlando Best of Orlando is my personal favorite.  The good thing about Best of Orlando is that if you are staying off-grounds and also want to go to some of the Universal parks, you can get those tickets there as well.  They also do local area hotels at good discounts, truly making it a one-stop ticket broker!

Again, don’t expect deep discounts in the neighborhood of 20-30%.  That isn’t going to happen.  But you can still shave some money off of your total expenses if you use these sites.

Online Auction Sites

There are many who do not recommend online auction sites, such as Ebay or Craigslist.  Let’s look at these two websites and examine whether this is a route to take?

  1. Craigslist – It is possible to get HEAVILY discounted tickets on Craigslist.  However, you have to get lucky.  You could also get scammed pretty easily.  If you can meet the person or pick them up at the individual’s house, you may feel ok with your decision.  A person that allows you to pick up tickets from their house is unlikely to scam you.  But please be careful.  Although many have purchased from Craigslist and gotten great deals, many have also been scammed.  I can’t recommend it for that reason.
  2. Ebay —  Ebay is completely different than Craigslist.  Ebay has developed very good Buyer Protection programs.  If you buy from a respected Ebay seller, you should be ok.  However, there still is an element of risk, and quite honestly, you usually will not get great deals on Ebay.  Your best bet with Ebay is for a great seller to put a “Buy it Now” price that is much lower than they should, but that is pretty rare.  If you happen to find a great deal with a respected seller, I can recommend Ebay, but the odds of finding this are pretty low as most people know what Disney tickets are worth.

The bottom line with online sites is that you are unlikely to get deals that are significantly better.  If you have the time to hunt for weeks for an extra 20-50 dollars, feel free to try Ebay.  But I think just going ahead and buying from a discount broker is the wise choice.


Triple A may have significant discounts, depending on the AAA office where you live.  I’d highly recommend at least giving them a call and seeing what kind of deals they have.  At times you can find hotel and ticket deals they may actually be significant enough to warrant signing up with AAA if you aren’t a member.

Many times, their ticket prices won’t be significantly different than those you can get from ticket brokers, but it is worth a call.



Other Discounts

There are other ways to get deals.  If you work for a large corporation, you may have special ticket deals due to relationships between your company and Disney.  Check with your HR dept for details.

If you live in Florida, you can get deals for being a Florida resident.  You can get more info on these packages directly from Disney World or using a ticket broker.

Military veterans and families are also many times entitled to discount tickets.  Again, check with Disney directly or from the above listed ticket brokers.

Ultimately, ticket prices are not where you will save the bulk of your money at Disney.  I’d avoid spending too much time focusing on tickets,  as it is the one area where discounts are usually the smallest.

If you want to save money, use a discounted ticket broker.  This will allow you to move on to focus your attention on other areas of your vacation planning in which you can save significant amounts of money.

Do you know of any additional ways to save money on tickets? Let us know below!


We hope you enjoyed our section on Saving money.  At this point in your journey, you’ve learned three things:

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Part Two: Details on how to Plan the perfect Disney vacation!

Part Three: Tips for Saving Money at Disney World

Next, we invite you to our section on Touring plans!  We have a touring plan for each park and we think you will find it very handy to print these out and use them later on!

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