Many adults abhor waiting in lines to meet characters.  After all, the lines move painfully slow, the characters take breaks, and you can spend a lot of time waiting.  Nowhere can you spend more time than the meet-and-greet in Norway at Epcot.  Disney’s new movie, Frozen, was extremely popular, and the two stars of the movie, Anna and Elsa, are currently stationed in Norway.  Today, we’ll give you tips on how to see Anna and Elsa, so you can avoid the longest of lines.

Current Wait Times are LONG

When we were there in late February (a slow time for Disney), wait times were usually 4-5 hours during the week.  On the weekends, they approached….wait for it….8 hours!  Are you kidding me?  This should bring a smile to every Disney executive’s face, as it proves that Frozen was a huge success.

Meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Anna and Elsa Frozen

But waiting in line 5 hours won’t bring a smile to your face.  In fact, it can eat up a good portion of an entire day.  So how can you avoid this?

how to see anna and elsa epcot

Got there early..Got in quick!

Get There Early and get ready to Run

There’s only one way to avoid spending hours in line, and to do it, you’ll need to get there EARLY.  Epcot generally opens at 9am.  Anna and Elsa are now there right at park open, so that’s where you’ll need to be, if you want to get in quickly.

But don’t make the mistake of trying to get to the gates right at 9.  You will be in the back of the line, and will probably still wait a few hours.  What you need to do is to get to the gates 30-45 minutes early!  Yes, it’s vacation…but 8:15 isn’t really that early!

Once you arrive at the front gates, you’ll need to be ready to walk quickly or run.  Obviously, you will have children, so you may need to tag-team.  Perhaps your spouse can run ahead of you and get a spot in line, and you can catch up later.  If you approach it this way, you’ll probably have a wait time of less than 45 minutes.

Will wait times go down soon?

At this time, the only way we can see wait times decreasing is if Disney puts Anna and Elsa in another location in the Walt Disney complex.  At this point, they are only in Epcot, though.  With the spring and summer approaching, expect wait times to stay at very high levels.  With huge crowds, even another meet-and-greet would still be packed with long wait times.

Using Akerhaus to get a meet-and-greet

A character breakfast at Akerhaus is a possibility.  However, this can be difficult for two reasons:

  1.  You would need an 8am reservation to have any possibility of seeing them.  If you were to book at breakfast at 8:30 or so, you simply wouldn’t be done in time.
  2. 8am reservations are going to be almost impossible to get.  You can try, but you will have to book it very far in advance, likely 180 days or more in advance!

That being said, no matter how early you arrive at Epcot, the Akerhaus guests will be the first ones in line to see Anna and Elsa.  So dining at Akerhaus is the best strategy, it’s just very hard to get reservations there.

see anna and elsa

Long wait…but totally worth it!

How to see Anna and Elsa if you can’t arrive early?

If you are unable to arrive early, then you will need to do the tag-team approach.  One adult can save a place in line for the child.  So if you are going with another adult, you could take turns waiting and keep your children entertained as well.  If getting there early is not an option, this is going to be the strategy you need to take.

Meet Frozen Characters in Norway

If you are going alone with your child, I wouldn’t recommend trying to wait 4-5 hours.  Bathroom breaks, hunger, and boredom will set in fast.  And since there needs to be one member of the party in line at all times, it’s going to be almost impossible for one child and one parent to wait a long period of time.

If it’s just you and your child, get there early!

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