Star Wars Land

Rumor:  Star Wars land is coming soon to Hollywood Studios!  According to sources all over the web, there are plans being made to demolish the back end of Hollywood Studios and fill it with a Star Wars theme.  Is there anything to these rumors?  When would we expect to see this project if it did happen?

Why Star Wars Land Will Happen

Let’s be real.  At some point, Disney management knows money when they see it.  Star Wars land will bring about an incredible amount of money.  In an ongoing race with Universal over theme park supremacy, Star Wars land would put Disney over the top and keep them there.

Ever since the 4.05 billion dollar acquisition of Star Wars, the writing has been on the wall. There simply is too much money out there to be made.  With the new movies scheduled to begin in 2015, the future of this franchise is bright and would bring loads of excitement and also expand the target demographic.

As for Hollywood Studios, this park also needs to be revitalized.  For many, it has turned into a half-day park.  There are really only four rides, and while those four are great, many head for the gates after they’ve gotten their fill.  The addition of Star Wars land would certainly make this an all-day affair, and could possibly push the park to 2nd place in attendance.

When Can We Expect Star Wars Land?

star wars land

According to the rumors, 2018 is the target date for this expansion.  That would appear to coincide with the opening of the 2nd new Star Wars movie.  However, since the entire project is only currently a rumor, the clock is obviously ticking on that date.  As a comparison, New Fantasyland was announced in September of 2009, and is expected to be completed in 2014.



Obviously we’ll need an official announcement from Disney, but I think it’s safe to say that this would be a 4-5 year project, with some portions opening in stages, ala New Fantasyland.

Where will Star Wars Land Be Located?

It’s likely that Star Wars Land will take up the space from Star Tours all the way to the back of the lot.  This would knock out the Muppet Theater, the Stunt Stadium, and the Honey, I Shrunk the kids play area.  All of these shows are aging and doing this would make a lot of sense.  However, others feel that perhaps Star Wars Land will be in the front side of the park.  This would start from Star Tours, and encompass the Indiana Jones Stunt show.

I would imagine the first option would make the most sense, as there is a lot of real estate there.

Star Wars Land Attractions?

In terms of attractions, we’re in the world of pure rumor and we can only speculate.  The only solid rumor out there seems to be a Star Wars themed cantina.  While this would obviously be really fun, it’s not a headliner.  What kind of rides would you like to see? Speculate below!




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