If you have small children, you will be using a stroller on your vacation to Disney.   Should you bring your own?  Should you rent one?  How much do they cost?  What factors should you consider?  If you aren’t careful, your stroller rental at Disney World will cost you an arm and a leg.  Today, we’ll try and answer these questions and see if we can help you in this often overlooked area.

1. Do I Really Need a Stroller? — Perhaps you think your stroller days are behind you.  For instance, you may have a 5 year old, and your stroller has been in your garage for years.  Upon arrival at Disney World, you’ll quickly realize that your kids don’t have the stamina to walk the park.

It’s much easier to push your child in a stroller than carry them all day.  Many parents upon arrival quickly realize that their child isn’t going to make it without a stroller and are forced to rent strollers at the park.

stroller rental at disney world

2.  Ok, so why not rent one at Disney World? — If you are there for a single day or a short time, perhaps it’s worth it.  But at $15 a day for a single and $31 for a double, you will spend quite a bit of money renting strollers each day.  In addition, the Disney strollers aren’t all that comfortable and don’t have a lot of great space for storing bags, souvenirs and drinks.  Although Disney has multi-day discounts, this only knocks off a couple dollars a day from the price.

3.  Tips for Saving Money on Strollers — There are a couple ways you can save money.

First of all, you can bring your own!  If you are reading this before your trip, I highly recommend bringing your stroller with you in the car or on the airline.

Second, if you’ve forgotten one, I highly recommend just buying one from Amazon!  The cost could end up being less than that of renting a stroller from Disney, and if you won’t use it again, you could easily re-sell it. Here is a great model from Amazon.Check out a few models and see what you think. You may even be able to have them ship the stroller to your resort ahead of time!

Finally, you can rent from local stroller companies.  These companies will deliver strollers right to your resort and pick them up from the resort when you leave.  It’s a very convenient way to get a stroller.  If you are there for a week, you can typically save 100-150 dollars (over the Disney price) just by renting from stroller companies.

I highly recommend Kingdom Strollers.  We have had great experiences with this company.  The strollers they provide are very “luxurious” strollers!  They have sections for drinks, souvenirs, and their double-strollers are very comfortable for children.



A couple words of caution about double strollers:

Double strollers can be a life-saver, even if you have 6-8 year olds.  It keeps them from whining, from having to stop to take breaks and allows you to whisk through the park quickly.

However, it can be very difficult to get these big strollers on and off buses and monorails.  If Disney isn’t all that crowded, it may not be a big deal.  But in peak times, you’ll grow frustrated with them.  Once you get inside the parks, you’ll love them.  But it is a bit of a hassle getting them in and out of Disney’s transportation.

Mousehint:  In busy time periods, it can be very difficult to find your stroller, especially when you are using a Disney stroller, as there are so many similar ones.  Tie a brightly colored shirt, scarf or even a balloon to your stroller.  When you go to retrieve your stroller, you’ll have a much easier time finding it.  You can’t rely on remembering where you left your stroller, as cast members constantly move the strollers around.



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