the best counter service meal at disney world

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If you are like me, one of your favorite things to do at Disney is to eat!  The food is phenomenal, and can be the highlight of your vacation!  However, some complain that the counter service meals at times start to all taste the same.  After all, the same burgers and sandwiches get used at many of the restaurants throughout the parks. Today we are going to show you our favorite counter service meal at each park, and then we’ll reveal the very best counter service meal at Disney World, bar none!

Let’s get started!  By the way, all of these restaurants are eligible for a counter-service credit on the <href=””>Disney Dining plan!

Animal Kingdom — Flametree BarBQ

best counter service meal at disney world

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Ribs and chicken!  This is a meal unlike anything else in Disney!  The ribs and chicken both taste great, and the slaw/beans go perfect with this meal.  If you are tired of burgers and fries, this is a welcome distraction.  Flametree BBQ is also centrally located right in the heart of the AK, so it’s not too far of a walk from any point.  Make it your aim to get there early, however, because it is a very popular counter destination!  If you get there early, you can save seats down by the water, and have a very relaxing lunch!

Magic Kingdom — Casey’s Corner

best counter service disney world

For a long time, I was a big fan of the gourmet hot dogs at the Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland.  But the best place for hot dogs in all of Disney is passed every day by all park residents.  On the left-hand side of Main street right as you enter the open Castle area is Casey’s Corner.  The hot dogs are fresher, they have FRENCH FRIES, and a bigger condiment area with a lot of toppings!  The baseball feel makes Casey’s Corner a wonderful place to stop in and eat.  But do it early, because it gets busy fast!

Hollywood Studios — Pizza Planet

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The pizza is great, the salads are good, and the atmosphere can’t be beat!  Pizza Planet, with it’s Toy Story lineage, is a place the kids love coming.  Now, if we are being honest, the same pizza can be found throughout Disney.  But the appeal of PP is the fact that it ties in so well to Toy Story, it has an arcade, it’s cool, and it’s on the side of the park that you need to be in after your morning hitting the three main attractions (if, of course, you are following our Hollywood Studios touring plan!)

Epcot — Yorkshire County Fish Shop

best counter service at disney

Epcot, naturally, has the widest variety of food in all of Disney.  As such, it’s difficult to nail down what the BEST food is.  But the Yorkshire County Fish Shop is one of our favorites!  The Fish N Chips are a great representation of the food you’d expect to find in England.  This restaurant is located on the right side of the lake just as you get to the UK pavilion.  If you aren’t a big fan of Fish, I suggest La Cantina de San Angel, which is in Mexico on the LEFT side of the lake.  The mexican food and the atmosphere is another welcome departure from the standard burger and fries fare that you find throughout Disney.

The Best Counter Service Meal at Disney World!

Be Our Guest — Magic Kingdom

Be our Guest magic kingdom




The newest entry into the world of Disney is also the best!  First, lets start with the atmosphere.  You are entering the world of Beauty and the Beast.  No restaurant comes close to matching this atmosphere. The guards make jokes, sing and do other things that will keep you amused as you wait in line!

The food is also unlike anything else in Disney.  There are unique salads, steak sandwiches, braised pork, and even a fabulous Quiche for any vegans.  Then is it the standard Disney-issued cups of chocolate or lime pudding?  Not a chance!  For dessert it is cream puffs or cupcakes!

Of course, being new, this is one of the hardest places in all of Disney to eat.  As such, I highly recommend that you get there very early, lining up before 11AM.  You will have to wait awhile, but it’s worth it and Disney keeps you entertained the whole time!

I hope you enjoyed this article on counter-service.  For recommendations on sit-down meals, see our article on the Best Places to Eat at Disney World, where we recommend our favorite dining restaurants in all of Disney!




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