There are many different ways to find the best Disney World deals.  The internet is full of websites, blogs and businesses that can save you money at Disney World.  Today we will be discussing a few ways to save you money and allow you to still have a great time!

Timing Can Be a Huge Factor

Disney is no different than anyone else.  If they know they are going to be operating at full capacity regardless of the price, it is unlikely that you are going to be able to save much money.  If you try to go during the summertime, during Spring Break or at Christmas, you are unlikely to save much money no matter what you do.  Lodging prices will be high, and Disney just won’t have much to offer in terms of deep discounts for packages and tickets.

best disney world deals

The first step is to schedule your vacation during a time when school is not in session, if possible.  If you can do this, you will get the cheapest prices of the year.  Area hotels will offer prices much lower than during the busy periods.  If you’ve decided to rent a house, their prices are lower as well.

Please understand that this does NOT mean there aren’t ways to save money when school is in session.  We are just letting you know that specials and deals from Disney and local businesses won’t typically be as good in the busiest of months.  Here is a comprehensive list of tips for saving money.

Best Deals From Disney

The first thing that you always need to do when planning a vacation is to check Disney’s current deals at Disney’s special offer page.

Disney keeps this page updated far sooner than any other website out there, so bookmark that site and check back frequently.  Of course, Disney’s deals are always going to revolve around Disney packages.  If you aren’t looking to stay onsite, there usually won’t be too many offers that you’ll find.

Typically there are a number of recurring deals that Disney offers year after year.  For instance, to try and encourage people to come during September and October, Disney will typically offer their Disney Dining package at no additional charge!  This is a great deal and historically comes out every spring!

Call A Travel Agent

Many times, the best way to get a great deal is just to call a travel agent that specializes in Disney planning.  They can often get deals that exceed what you can find dealing with Disney.  If you have a travel agent that you have used in the past, give them a call!

If not, I highly recommend calling Melissa Potter at 877-373-7570.  Melissa has been to Disney over 40 times and would love to save you money!  Make sure and mention to her that sent you!  You can also reach Melissa by email at

Disney World Deals on Tickets

There are a couple ways I recommend saving money on tickets.

First, look to a discount broker to see if you can save money on the base ticket prices.  You can typically save 5-10% on your tickets.  I highly recommend two sources:

1.  Best of Orlando

2.  Commission Junction



Both of these are very reputable sources that hundreds of thousands of people have used to purchase tickets from.  For more information regarding tickets, see our webpage on buying tickets.

Lodging Deals

There are a couple ways that you can save money on lodging outside of the Disney resorts.

The first way is by staying at an off-site rental home.  I highly recommend staying at a home.  It is much cheaper and you can negotiate better deals simply by calling the owner of the home and talking to them.  You will also find that if you use the same person year after year, they will typically give you even further discounts as they come to trust you and your family!

Second, scour the internet for deals on hotels. Hotwire, priceline,  All of these sources compete with each other to give you the best prices on hotels.

Do you have a favorite company, such as Hilton or Holiday Inn?  Look for corporate and discount codes on the internet for further savings!

Annual Passes

Do you plan on going to Disney World often?  If so, you can “work the system” by buying annual passes.  For instance, if you plan a long vacation in October of one year, you can then schedule a trip for September of the year after!  Having annual passes also enables you to get additional discounts on lodging, parking and many other perks!  Be careful though, if you don’t actually go back that second time, you will have spent extra money and those passes are NOT transferable to other people!

We are confident these deals will help you to save money.  For more money-saving tips, head to our section on money-saving tips!

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