What to Bring to Disney World

As your vacation to Disney World draws near, don’t wait until the last minute to pack.  There are a few important decisions you need to make, and one of the biggest ones you have is choosing what to bring to Disney World.  Today we are going to give you a checklist of items that we try and take with us, and that we feel will truly benefit you and your family on your vacation!

There are a couple reasons it’s important to bring these items.  First of all, you will save money.  If you buy many of these items once you get to the resort, you will pay an arm and a leg for them.  Second, it saves time!  Sure, there are big stores near Disney, but who wants to spend their time at Disney World leaving the resort and shopping for groceries and incidental items?

what to bring to disney world

Let’s look at a number of items that I recommend bringing to Disney with you.

Bring in a backpack to the parks on a daily basis

  • Suntan Lotion –  Orlando is sunny for most of the year, and you will get burnt if you don’t have suntan lotion and you are susceptible to burning.
  • Ziploc bags – These will come in handy.  Whether it’s packing snacks for the kids, or protecting your phones on water rides, don’t forget to bring these!  A wet iphone is a good way to put a damper on a fun trip.
  • Snacks and drinks – We all love to have fun drinks and snacks while in the parks.  However, few of us can afford to pay the prices for everything that we eat!  Bringing snacks for the kids and a backpack full of drinks can save you money (although you can get free water from quick-service counters)
  • Rain poncho and umbrella – It will pour at Disney and ponchos are very easy to store, taking up little space.  Much better to bring cheap ponchos than to pay expensive Disney prices!
  • Glow sticks and bracelets – During the nighttime parade, vendors sell expensive glow toys for kids.  You will spend a lot of money on these items.  You can find much cheaper toys at Dollar Tree or Walmart and your kids will love it!
  • Shoes – Bring an extra pair of shoes in case yours get wet.  I’d recommend Crocs and other shoes that aren’t sensitive to water.
  • Sunglasses – Very important to remember these if you are used to wearing them.  The sun is very bright and again, you don’t want to spend the money at Disney for their sunglasses.
  • Wipes – Your kids will get messy at times.  The wipes will be a life-saver when ice cream is all over your kids faces.
  • Sanitizer – Especially in flu seasons, sanitizer is very important, as germs can quickly spread through the parks.
  • Bodyglide  — This stuff is great and when you spend a week walking, it will help keep you from getting blisters on your feet, legs and thighs.
  • Stroller — If you have children, you should consider bringing a stroller.  If they are 5 or 6, you may think you are long past the stroller days.  But trust me, you will be exhausted walking the parks for a week.  Now add in carrying a 5 year old around, and you’ll wish you had one!  Once you get to the parks, renting from Disney is VERY expensive.  Bring your own.

Items to keep in your hotel room

  • Laundry detergent – Even if you just bring a bag of it, the prices at the resorts are very high.  Washing clothes once during your trip can save you an extra suitcase or two.
  • Plastic silverware and bowls – Trust me these will come in handy in your rooms!  You can feed your kids cereal and other items to save money
  • Clothes for cool and warm weather – If you are at Disney in the fall or winter, the nights can get surprisingly cool, even for South Florida.  Bring a sweatshirt or two and some pants.
  • Snacks and waters – Some people even ship snacks and items to their resort a few days in advance of their arrival.  Regardless of how you get them there, bringing these items will save you a lot of money.
  • Trash bags – The rooms at Disney can be quite small.  You will have a bunch of trash accumulate and having a big trash bag to put it all in can help you keep your sanity!
  • The Basics  —  Tooth brushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, undergarments, socks.  All of the things your normally bring are just as important at Disney.  Especially if you are flying in, forgetting socks means you have to pay expensive prices and without a car, you are unable to drive somewhere to get these necessities at a reasonable price.

Do you have any other suggestions for items to bring?  If so, please share with us below and we will try and add them to the list!

Is this your first time to Disney?  See our article on “Disney World for First Timers“.





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  1. I always take a CamelBak. I fill it up with Ice water at the hotel before leaving for the parks and order several glasses of ice water during our sit down meal to refill it. This way you can have ice water while waiting in line for a ride…plus it keeps my back cool!

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