Disney’s Animal Kingdom has over 12 rides and attractions to choose from. Not only are there some incredible rides, but this park has animals and a petting zoo. Pandora recently opened in the Animal Kingdom, and the wait times are very high! So you’re going to want to make sure you put some extra planning into your Animal Kingdom vacation, so that you can stay out of those long lines.

Read ahead for the following information:

Animal Kingdom Touring Plan - A one-day guide that will ensure that you see everything in the Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom Fastpass Strategy - Which Fastpasses should you choose at the Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Rides and Attractions Overview - We break down all of the attractions

Animal Kingdom Touring Plan

The Animal Kingdom is a very large and spread out park. The addition of Pandora has been huge, but the wait times are very long. It’s important to plan your strategy well. Our Animal Kingdom touring plan will make sure that you see everything and stay out of long lines. We’ll tell you when to ride each ride, and also help you plan your fastpass selections.

Animal Kingdom Fastpass Strategy

Every guest at the Animal Kingdom will get 3 fastpasses. There is no tiering system at the Animal Kingdom. You can choose any 3 rides that are available. Which should you choose? What times should you schedule them for?

Find out in our free Fastpass Strategy guide!

Animal Kingdom Rides and Attractions Overview

Now it’s time to breakdown all of the attractions in this park. We’ll provide you with a brief breakdown of the Animal Kingdom attractions. For most of the top rides, we will link you to longer articles that provide you more information and ride-specific strategy that you’ll find interesting and helpful!

Avatar Flight of Passage

Height: 44 inches
Ride Type: Indoor Thrill Ride

This is an absolutely phenomenal ride. You sit on a machine that feels a bit like a motorcycle when you get on. But you’re quickly transported to Pandora. That “motorcycle” suddenly feels exactly like a banshee. It’s a phenomenal experience that you MUST NOT MISS. I won’t spoil it any further. Just ride it.


Height: 40 inches
Ride Type: Scary Indoor Ride

Dinosaur is a very fun, but very intense indoor attraction that your kids will either love or hate. While most kids love this ride, you’ll almost always hear little kids shrieking in tears. It’s very frightening as the dinosaurs come very close to the car. This ride also jerks you around quite a bit, which can further scare the kids. It’s a terrific ride, though the opening sequence is very dated and could use an update.

Expedition Everest

Height: 44 inches
Ride Type: Outdoor Roller Coaster

Everest is one of the best roller coasters in Disney World. It’s also fast moving and usually has relatively reasonable wait times. Especially with the heavy lines for Flight of Passage, you’ll be able to ride Everest with relative ease. Enjoy, as the roller coaster remains one of the best in the entire complex.

It’s Tough to Be a Bug

Height: Any height
Ride Type: Indoor Interactive Show

This is a pretty funny show that takes you into the movie bearing the same name. The show gets extremely intense, loud and scary. Little children usually get extremely scared in this show, so be careful!

Kali River Rapids

Height: 38 inches
Ride Type: Water Ride

Kali River Rapids takes you on a large raft with your entire group down a series of rapids. It’s a guarantee that someone in your party will get absolutely drenched! Make sure you put all of your valuables in a ziploc bag or store them with a member of your group that isn’t riding. Also, bring a spare pair of socks! For more info like this, see our article entitled “What to Bring to Disney World”.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Height: Any height
Ride Type: Animal Encounters

The Safari ride is a fun ride through the African safari. Real elephants, lions, rhinos and giraffes will be seen along the way. Disney does a great job of taking you right through the middle of these animals, yet giving them a good home to live in.

Na’vi River Journey

Height: Any height
Ride Type: Indoor Slow Ride

This is a slow ride that is reminiscent of many of the rides in Fantasyland. But don’t let the slow-moving ride fool you, it’s extraordinarily done. The world of Pandora comes alive on this ride and it’s not one that should be missed, especially if you are a fan of the movie!

Primeval Whirl

Height: 48 inches
Ride Type: Spinning Fast Ride

This is a very underrated ride. With a height limit of 48 inches, it shares the highest height limit in all of Disney with the Aerosmith ride in Hollywood Studios. Be very cautious before riding this. If spinning rides make you sick, you may not enjoy it. If you’re on the fence, give it a try. It doesn’t spin nearly as much as the Teacups ride in the Magic Kingdom, and is infinitely more fun.

Triceratops Spin

Height: Any Height
Ride Type: Slow Spinning Ride

Triceratops Spin is conveniently located right next to Primeval Whirl. While the adults and big kids ride one ride, the smaller kids can ride Triceratops Spin (with any adults that can’t handle intense spinning rides). This ride is basically another Dumbo/Magic Carpets ride.

Festival of the Lion King

Height: Any height
Ride Type: Indoor Stage Show

This acrobatic live action Stage Show is our favorite show in Disney World. Acrobatics are always fun and there is a ton of stuff going on in this one. It starts slow but by the end, the kids mouths are hanging open at all of the amazing things they see. It’s fantastic and worth a fastpass as kids on the front rows will often get chosen.

Finding Nemo - The Musical

Height: Any Height
Ride Type: Indoor Stage Show

The Nemo musical is not nearly as good as the Lion King show. It’s a musical, it’s long and the entertainment value just isn’t as high. On the plus side, the air conditioning works great and it’s a good way to get out of the hot sun in the middle of the day!

Up! A Great Bird Adventure

Height: Any Height
Ride Type: Outdoor Stage Show

This is a live stage show with birds that has recently had the theming changed. Now Russell and his pal Dug handle the birds, which keeps the kids even more entertained. I love the theming change and I bet your kids will too!

Now that you know a little bit about the rides, it’s time to learn how to tour this park. Check out our Animal Kingdom touring guide!