Disney World for Adults

Everyone knows that Disney World is a great place to bring kids. For years Disney has had a reputation of being a kids park, which is one of the reasons why Universal is so popular with adults and teenagers. My how times have changed. There are many new adult-friendly attractions and activities that make Disney World a great place for adults.

Obviously Disney World remains the most kid-friendly park in the world, but this article will highlight a few ways that you can have a blast as an adult.

Disney World Dining

Disney World has excellent food spread throughout the resort. If you’re in the mood for a certain type of food or dining experience, Disney has you covered. Do you want fine dining? A buffet full of meats? In the mood for breakfast foods? Japanese food?  Mexican?  Moroccan?  Spanish? The list goes on and on. Food is one of the big reasons adults love Disney World.

There are excellent restaurants in all four parks. The deluxe hotels all have nice restaurants as well. Finally, you can go to Disney Springs and eat at one of 23 different dining establishments!

If you don’t have park tickets and you’re in the Orlando area, you can eat at any restaurant in the Disney area that isn’t inside a theme park.



Epcot is home to 11 different countries, each with it’s own take on adult beverages!  In the autumn, the Disney Food & Wine festival comes to Epcot. We’ve taken an adult trip and spent every evening in Epcot. This is a great event for adults without children and if you aren’t a fan of all things Disney, Epcot is a great place to go.

In the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, you can also get beer and other alcoholic beverages at vendor stands around the parks. The Magic Kingdom does serve alcohol, but only if you’re inside of a dining restaurant. There are no vendor stands with alcohol in the Magic Kingdom.

Other Adult Activities

ESPN CLUB – Want to watch a game?  Over 100 TV’s are at this sports bar on the Disney Boardwalk (right behind Epcot)

House of Blues – This awesome little hidden gem is in Disney Springs. Concerts and live music keep the fun going until late at night.

Movie Theater – The 24 screen AMC Theater in Disney Springs is a full movie theater. Not just Disney movies!

Shopping – There are many ways to spend your money shopping at Disney World.  Disney Springs is essentially just an outdoor shopping mall filled with souvenir shops and traditional stores. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, Orlando also has great outlet malls located very close to the Disney World resorts.

These are just a few of the many adult attractions you’ll find.  There are countless lounges, bars and festivities taking place in Disney Springs, the Boardwalk and many of the hotels.  If staying up late and having fun is your cup of tea, Disney World has you covered.

Sporting Events

Disney has 4 world-class 18-hole golf courses, and one 9-hole course.  ESPN Wide World of Sports is a fun experience for sports fans.  In the spring you can catch an Atlanta Braves exhibition game, head to the Play-station Pavilion for video games, or catch some of the many amateur sporting events that take place all spring and summer long.  Don’t forget the water parks, which help you beat the heat no matter how old you are.

Can Adults Have Fun at the Theme Parks?

For most of us, the reason we go to Disney is the theme parks and the rides.  Without children, we can approach the parks completely different.  Without having to leave for naps, you can get there early, knock out all the rides, and stay until the park closes.  At all four of the parks, you will be able to fully explore any of the parks in a given day, without having to stop for countless bathroom breaks, water breaks and other “parenting opportunities”

By the way, there is nothing wrong with going to Fantasyland without children.  We all do it. 🙂

In conclusion, don’t let the name Disney scare you off from having a great adult vacation.  Many couples take their honeymoons here and have a blast.  I’m of the opinion that there isn’t another place on earth that can provide as many things to do as Disney World.  It’s a wonderful place to vacation, regardless of your age!

Have you enjoyed an adults trip to Disney World? Share your story below!