Buying Disney World Tickets is easy. Getting a good deal on Disney World tickets is not. In this article, we’ll breakdown the different types of tickets that you can buy. Do you need the water parks option? Should you get a park hopper? Should you buy direct from Disney or use a 3rd-party? We’ll answer all these questions for you.

Where to Buy Disney Tickets

There are only two ways to buy Disney World tickets.

  1. Buy directly from Disney

  2. Buy from a 3rd party

When You Should Buy Directly from Disney

If you are buying a Disney resort package with Disney dining, you’ll need to buy your tickets directly from Disney. These packages require you to combine your resort, dining package, and ticket packages all in one purchase. Throughout the year Disney will run promotions that can bring down the cost of these packages. You’re unable to use 3rd-party tickets in this scenario.

If you’re buying an annual pass, you’ll also need to buy directly from Disney.

When You Should Buy From a Third Party

If you aren’t purchasing a full vacation package from Disney, you need to buy your tickets 3rd party. You can easily import any ticket purchases right into your My Disney Experience account with a few easy steps.

Will you save an enormous amount of money? No. But money is money. For a 4-day pass, you can expect to save 20-30 dollars per guest. If you have a party of 4, that’s around $100.00. A 6% savings is a no-brainer.

How to Buy Your 3rd Party Disney Tickets

  1. Go to the official Disney website and price out the exact ticket package that you need.

  2. Once know the "Disney” price, you can begin looking for the best deal.

  3. Research prices for as many reputable ticket vendors as possible.

  4. Make sure you choose the same dates, options, and packages. Keep things apples to apples.

  5. Look at the price the vendors charge, not the total dollars they claim to be saving from gate prices. They are often wrong with those claims.

Best Vendors to Buy Tickets From

There are many different places to buy tickets from. I’d recommend starting with these 5 sources. They can give you 4-7% savings on ticket prices.


  • Undercover Tourist

  • Tripster

  • Park Savers

  • Touring Plans (they don’t sell ticket, but they have a great link that compares 5 vendors and saves time)

Understanding the Disney Ticket Options

Now let’s talk for a few minutes about the different ticket options. It’s important to choose the right options for your ticket purchases.

Base Tickets

The first thing you need to decide is your base ticket length. The difference in cost between a 1-day ticket and a 2-day ticket is vast. But you’ll notice that once you get past 4 days, the costs become very minimal. The per day price decreases as you add additional days to your ticket. To illustrate this, a 4-day ticket as of this writing is $428.00. A 10-day ticket is only $515.00! So for only 87 dollars, you can add SIX ADDITIONAL DAYS to your ticket plan. One long Disney vacation is much cheaper than two short ones!

Base Ticket Additional Options

There are two add-on options that you can choose when purchasing your base tickets.

  1. Park Hopper Option - This option allows you to visit multiple parks each day. Is it worth it to buy this option? We have an entire article devoted to it:

  2. Park Hopper Plus option - If you want to try Disney’s water parks, choose the park hopper plus option. This will get you access to any of the water parks.