When Disney World magic bands first arrived, many guests wondered why the Disney Parks spent a billion dollars on the Magic Band/Fastpass Plus technology. Now? It’s difficult to imagine touring the parks without this system in place. Your Magic band will simplify your entire vacation and allow you to make quick changes to your itinerary on the fly.

Today we’ll discuss what your Magic Bands can do, where you can customize your Magic Bands, and a few helpful tips that will ensure that your Disney World experience is a great one.

Please note: Before you begin planning a vacation to Disney World, the first thing you’ll want to do is to read our articles on setting up your My Disney Experience account. Once you have set things up correctly, your experience will be a breeze!  Let’s spend a few minutes discussing what the Magic Bands can do for your experience at Disney World.

What Magic Bands Can Do

If you are a Disney Resort guest,  you’ll be shipped a set of Magic Bands directly to your home once you’ve booked your vacation.  Don’t forget them when you leave home!  These Magic Bands will have all of your activities loaded on them.  They will enable you to do the following things with the touch of your band:

  • Open your hotel room door

  • Buy merchandise in Disney gift shops throughout the entire Disney World complex

  • Use the Fastpass system

  • Automatically link with the Disney Photopass system to put photos of your family directly into your My Disney Experience Account

  • Purchase food with Disney Dining credits or Room Charges

Customizing Your Magic Bands

You will get a chance to customize your Magic Band on the My Disney Experience website.  You can choose from a variety of different colors.  Another neat feature is the ability to give yourself a nickname.  The nickname will be printed on your Magic Band and will help to distinguish Magic Bands of similar colors from each other.

If you aren’t interested in the free Magic Bands, there are hundreds of different and customizable Magic Bands. You can buy them once you to get to the Disney Resort, or you can purchase the ahead of time at the ShopDisney website! If there’s a movie you love, you can bet there’s a magic band with a character from that movie.

Don’t Pack your Magic Bands!

A few weeks before you vacation, Disney resort guests will receive their Magic Bands.  As discussed earlier, don’t forget them!

A word of caution:  If you are flying, don’t pack them away in your suitcase!  Put them on!  Remember that if you fly, your luggage goes straight to your room.   You will want your bands so that you can check in and immediately head to a theme park.  So start your vacation early and put your Magic Bands on when you leave your home!

Avoiding Magic Band Problems

At times guests may arrive at Disney and find that their Magic Bands don’t work. Before your vacation, you need to ensure that your ticket packages are linked to the Magic Band you want to use. As an example, if you purchase a new Star Wars-themed Magic Band, you’ll need to link this new Magic Band to the ticket package for your upcoming vacation.

Have you lost your Magic Band? If so, you’ll need to go to the Customer Relations Desk in the front of each park. If you’re at your resort, you can simply go to the front desk and get a replacement (or buy one in the gift shop).

Most Magic Band problems can be avoided with proper planning.  If you’ve read through our web series on My Disney Experience, you’ll be properly prepared to take advantage of this system.    Planning ahead ensures that you can get fastpasses and dining reservations when and where you want.  Planning also ensures that you are in the correct resort each day.