One of the highlights of any Disney vacation is a trip to Epcot.  There are good rides, unbelievable food, and a wide variety of things to do. Quite often, the adults will want to spend as much time as possible at Epcot, while the kids will want to stay at the Magic Kingdom. Since kids usually win out, we've built a touring plan that will help you knock out the entire park in one day. So before you book those fastpasses, we want you to take a look at our Epcot touring plan and use it to help you plan a great day at this park.

Some may feel that a touring plan is not important at Epcot. After all, anyone can knock out all the Epcot rides in one day. The reason for this is that Epcot is a park with few big attractions. The focus is on the World Showcase and the food.

Our goal with this website is to help you tour the parks in a smarter way. So we want you to spend 4 hours doing what it takes everyone else an entire day to do. That gives you back a LOT of time. So enjoy this free touring plan! If you need more customization for your family, we can help!

First: Book Your Epcot Fastpasses

Like Hollywood studios, Epcot has a tiering system.  The three 3 best Epcot rides, Soarin, Test Track, and Frozen Ever After, are all in Tier 1. Tier 2 is a sad little group of attractions.  But we are going to carry on anyway, because this plan is still going to save you a lot of time, especially in peak season!

For this Touring Plan, here are our recommended fastpass selections:

10-11 – Epcot Character Spot

11-12 – Mission Space

12:00-1:00 – Frozen Ever After

Epcot Touring Plan

As with all of our touring plans, we want you to arrive 30 minutes before the park opens. Arriving early is crucial to a perfect day of touring Epcot!

9:00 - Park Open

9:05 - Test Track - Head to Test Track immediately. Since the addition of the 3rd theater at Soarin, Test Track has become the attraction with the longer wait times. Test Track takes a bit of time due to the fact that you customize your own car. Expect the full experience to take 20-25 minutes. Enjoy!

9:30 - Soarin - Soarin will probably have a small wait at this point of 20 minutes or so. That should be fine. If you find a wait of 45 minutes or higher, you are there during a busy period of the year, and we'll advise you to skip Soarin and move to the next ride on the list. If you skip it, come back when it's hot, at the end of this list, or whenever you notice that wait times have gone down. Ideally though, we want you to ride Soarin 2nd. Only in the busiest of times should the wait times be higher than 30 minutes.

10:10 - Livin With the Land - After you ride Soarin, see Living with the Land, which is in the same building.

10:30 - Fastpass - Character Spot - This is an excellent photo opportunity. You'll be able to meet 5 characters at once, and use your fastpass as well.

10:45 – Nemo and Turtle Talk w/Crush – The Finding Nemo ride is fun for small children, though it may bore older children.  The Turtle Talk show is a hidden gem, and I highly recommend seeing it after the ride is over.

11:30 - Fastpass 2 - Mission Space - Mission Space is located by Test Track, so you'll do just a bit of back-tracking to ride this one. Use your fastpass and you'll be through this ride very quickly.

12:00 - Fastpass 3 - Frozen Ever After - As soon as you're done with Mission Space, I'm sure your stomach will be grumbling and you're probably ready for lunch. Hold out a few more minutes and head to Norway in the World Showcase. Use your 3rd and final Fastpass on Frozen Ever After. After you've scanned your badge to get in the Fastpass line, quickly login to the app and try to get a 4th fastpass. Try to find a Tier 1 ride, if any are available.

12:30 – Lunch – At this point, (we’re serious), you’ve knocked out the vast majority of the major attractions in this park.  We highly recommend that you use lunchtime to experience the cuisine from around the World Showcase.  Be aware though, it’s quite large.  On a hot day, the walk around the World Showcase from 1-4 can be nightmarish.

Planning a Magical Afternoon and Evening at Epcot

At this point, you are going to have some decisions to make.  There are a number of smaller attractions that you may have missed in the front of the park.  Do you want to ride those?  If so, get on your app and try to get fastpasses for anything you may have missed. You'll notice that we didn't include Spaceship Earth. That's still a ride that your kids will love, so go back and ride that at some point. Depending on the day, you may get lucky and grab additional Soarin or Test Track fastpasses, although that’s extremely unlikely.

The bottom line is that you're done with lunch and you're done with all the main Epcot attractions. At this point, the day is yours. Do whatever your family wants to do.

If your family really wants to do the World Showcase, take your time and enjoy it.  In the hottest part of the day, take time to go inside the countries and experience different shows and events.  Grab a beer in Germany, see the Donald Duck boat ride in Mexico, watch the acrobats in China.

Dinner and Fireworks – Make sure that you know when the fireworks show takes place, and try to line up 30 minutes ahead of time.  When it comes to dining reservations, it seems as if Disney restaurants always take longer than you think they will.  So if the Fireworks show starts at 9PM, don’t get a 7:45 reservation and think that you will be out in time to get good seats.  Eating earlier in the evening is smarter, so that you can get a good view of the fireworks.

Also, don’t even bother getting a fastpass for the Fireworks show. It’s quite possibly the worst fastpass in all of Disney. They put a massive group of people up front in a big area. It’s MUCH smarter to just stake out a claim somewhere around the lake 45 minutes before the show starts.

Epcot is a fantastic park, and this brief touring plan will help you to maximize your time, minimize unnecessary walking, and enjoy the many activities and attractions in this theme park!

Next, let’s take a look at our touring plan for the Magic Kingdom.