In 2016, Frozen Ever After opened in the Norway pavilion of the Epcot World Showcase. This ride was built in the same building as the old Maelstrom ride and is based on the smash hit Frozen. In a park sorely lacking in relevant and modern attractions, this ride was sorely needed.

Due to the success of this ride, it’s quickly become the ride with the longest stand-by times in Epcot. It’s also the single most popular ride for kids in a park that doesn’t have many options for them.

Frozen Ever After - The Ride

This is a slow-moving log plume ride through Arendelle, the fictional land of Frozen. Riders are attending a “winter festival” commemorating the day Anna saved her sister Elsa.

This ride has a plot, but it’s really just a commemoration of the incredibly popular Frozen songs, a trip around Arendelle to meet all the popular characters from the ride, and a chance for Disney to show off their new all-electric Audio Animatronics. You’ll also see this technology on display on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride in the Magic Kingdom. Facial features are much improved from previous animatronics.

This ride does have 2 drops, neither of them will get you more than a light misting of water, and they aren’t scary.

This is obviously a kids ride, but for adults that have watched their kids grow up on Frozen, it’s an excellent ride that was sorely needed at Disney. It’s great to see Disney so quickly convert a famous movie into a ride in such a fantastic way.

Frozen Ever After Touring Tips

Frozen is a Tier 1 fastpass. That means that if you get this fastpass, you won’t be able to get a fastpass for Soarin or Test Track. So is it worth it? That depends on your family. If you have a group of teenagers that think Frozen is a kids movie, you’ll probably want to use your fastpasses on one of the other top rides.

But if you plan on riding Frozen, I’d try and get a fastpass for this ride if it’s available. Guests who show up at rope drop can typically ride Test Track and Soarin in the first hour without a bad wait. But Frozen is located in the VERY back of the park, so guests arriving in the front of the park will have too long to walk and will be in a long line if they try to go straight to Frozen.

My recommendation: Fastpass Frozen, be at the front gate at Rope drop, knock out Soarin and Test Track, and then ride Frozen whenever your fastpass time opens.

If you can’t get a fastpass don’t panic. The end of the day is often a pretty good time to get on Frozen. We’ve twice been able to get in after 8pm in 30-45 minutes. That’s not ideal, but we didn’t have fastpasses on those days.

Even as I write this, it’s a Saturday night at 8:15 pm and the wait time is 45 minutes. So if you weren’t able to snag a fastpass, it’s likely that at some point during your day, you’ll be able to ride this attraction without a terrible wait.

The good thing about this ride is that the queue is a really cool experience. It’s themed excellently and at one point takes you through Sven’s shop where he will make a brief cameo.

I hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did! Next, let’s take a look at our Epcot Touring plan. This will step you through a perfect day at Epcot!


Ride Information

Park - Epcot
Park Section - Norway
Height Requirement
- None
Ride Type - Log Plume
FP+ - Tier 1 Fastpass

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