Hollywood Studios has 7 rides and 6 shows to choose from. In addition to these 13 attractions, Star Wars Land is coming in the fall! In this article, we will break down the shows and rides as well as provide you with a lot of helpful information on how you can navigate this excellent theme park.

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Hollywood Studios Touring Plan - A one-day guide that will ensure that you see everything in Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios Fastpass Strategy - Which Fastpasses should you choose?

Hollywood Studios Rides and Attractions Overview - We break down all of the rides and attractions in Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios Touring Plan

Hollywood Studios is quickly becoming the 2nd best park in Walt Disney World. The addition of Toy Story World and Star Wars Land will make this a must-see park and draw many guests away from the other three parks. But how should you tour this park? For now our touring plan is independent of Star Wars Land. When that part of the park (which will be reservation-only) opens we’ll expand our touring plan to include Star Wars Land.

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Hollywood Studios Fastpass Strategy

Each Hollywood Studios guest gets 3 fastpasses that they can use each day. No matter what the current wait time is, a fastpass enables you to go to the front of the line. Hollywood Studios utilizes a Tiering system. This means that you can only choose one fastpass from Tier 1, and your other 2 fastpasses will be chosen from Tier 2.

So which fastpasses should you choose?

Find out with our free Hollywood Studios Fastpass Strategy guide!

Hollywood Studios Rides and Attractions Overview

What follows is a a quick breakdown of the 13 Hollywood Studios attractions. For the top rides, we will link you to longer articles that provide you more information and ride-specific strategy that we hope you’ll enjoy!

Alien Swirling Saucers

Height: 32 inches
Ride Type: Spinning
FP Group: Tier 1
Location: Toy Story Land

This is one of the two newest attractions at Hollywood Studios. This ride will make you sick if you don’t like to spin! Unfortunately, they’ve made this a tier 1 fastpass. It’s definitely not worth a Tier 1 fastpass, but it’s still a good ride that you should check out if the wait times aren’t too long.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Height: 48 inches
Ride Type: Indoor Fast Roller Coaster
FP Group: Tier 2

The Aerosmith ride is one of the most exciting rides in Disney World. It’s extremely fast, and extremely short. This ride also has the highest height limit in the parks. It’s a true thrill ride and has recently been dropped to a Tier 2 fastpass!

Star Tours

Height: 40 inches
Ride Type: Indoor Simulation
FP Group: Tier 2

Star Tours is an indoor simulation ride that has a number of different “simulation” events. Star Tours has been at Hollywood Studios for many years and is not technically a part of Star Wars land. This is a very fun ride and one that has a different twist each time you ride it. Did you know that there are 384 different ride experiences that you can try on this ride?

Slinky Dog Dash

Height: 38 inches
Ride Type: Outdoor Roller Coaster
FP Group: Tier 1
Area: Toy Story Land

Slinky Dog Dash is a roller coaster that kids and adults can both enjoy. Like Mine Train, this was built with a smaller-than-usual height requirement. This allows your little ones to ride what they think is an adult coaster. Despite the small height limit, it’s very fun and smooth. It’s a tier 1 fastpass and the ride is currently experiencing very high wait times.

Toy Story Mania

Height: Any height
Ride Type: Indoor Interactive 3D shooter
FP Group: Tier 1
Area: Toy Story Land

Toy Story Mania has long been one of the best rides in Hollywood Studios. Unlike the Buzz Lightyear shooter in the Magic Kingdom, this one is 3D, keeps track of your scores, and compares them to everyone else in your car. This ride used to have unbelievably long wait times. An expansion to this ride, and the arrival of Slinky Dog Dash, have combined to bring wait times way down.

Tower of Terror

Height: 40 inches
Ride Type: Big Drop Thrill Ride
FP Group: Tier 2

Tower of Terror is a phenomenal ride that takes guest through a series of quick rises and drops. This drop sequence is randomized, which gives you a slightly different experience each time. Tower of Terror is a Tier 2 fastpass and is a longtime fan favorite for guests of this park.

Hollywood Studios Shows

Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage

Height: Any height
Ride Type: Stage Show
FP Group: Tier 2

5 times a day there is a live Beauty and the Beast show that your family will love. This Broadway-style musical will replay the story of Beauty and the Beast in a 25 minute performance. You can get fastpasses for this show if you’d like to get the best seats.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Height: Any Height
Ride Type: Indoor Stage Show
FP Group: Tier 2

The Indiana Jones stage show is a 30 minute action-packed stage show led by Indiana Jones. In this show you’ll learn how stunts are done in movies. There’s also a chance you’ll get called to the stage as an extra if you raise your hand and get chosen!

A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Height: Any Height
Ride Type: Indoor Stage Show
FP Group: Tier 2

If your kids love Frozen, they’ll love this 30-minute Frozen show. This is a mix of videos and moments from the movie. The show is designed to get everyone singing their favorite Frozen songs and is a good way to get out of the Disney heat.

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

Height: Kids Only
Ride Type: Interactive Stage Show
FP Group: First Come, First Served Sign-ups

The Jedi Training academy is a way to get your kids up close and personal with Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. To get your kids signed up for the training, you’ll need to get to the park early and rush your kids over to the sign-up station. Your kids must be between the ages of 4 and 12 to participate.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Height: Any height
Ride Type: Indoor Stage Show
FP Group: Tier 2

This is a 17-minute live action and puppet show reliving moments from the Little Mermaid. While this show is a blast, it’s DEFINITELY intended for younger children. Just a word of caution before you take your teenage boys into this show…

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time you learn how to tour this great park. See our Hollywood Studios touring guide for more info!