Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster in Hollywood Studios is the most intense ride in all of Disney World. Why? It’s fast, the acceleration is intense, and the Aerosmith music provide a world-class experience. Because of this, the ride is very popular and can have some long wait times.

This article will have 3 parts. In part one, we’ll give you a brief overview of the history of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. In part two, we’ll give you a taste of what this ride is all about, and why it’s so popular. In part 3, you’ll get a few tips on how to best ride this attraction without standing in long lines!

Rock n Roller Coaster History

In 1999, the Rock n Roller Coaster ride first opened with a party featuring Aerosmith, who play a large part in the success of the ride. The opening of this ride was a much-needed boost to a park that lacked in top-end attractions. Especially in the pre-Toy Story Mania days, this became the must-see ride in Hollywood Studios.

The Ride

You begin the ride in a large room, where you are treated to a behind the scenes look at Aerosmith in a recording studio. The show lasts a couple of minutes, and then you are herded into the final area to board the ride.

As you sit down, you’ll notice that the padding and safety precautions are more intense than you usually see at Disney. It’s important to keep your head and neck back, although you’ll have little choice once you get strapped in.

In just 2.8 seconds you go from 0 to 58 mph and hit 5 G’s right from the start. There is a loop on the ride, and you’ll hit 4.5 G’s during the loop.

If you love Aerosmith songs, you’ll love this ride, as speakers pump in a different Aerosmith song/track on each of the 5 different roller coasters, which gives each ride a slight different feel.

The ride is short and sweet, only lasting 1 minute and 22 seconds. But it's a great 82 seconds!

Rock n Roller Coaster Tips

Recently, Disney changed this to a Tier 2 fastpass. That's a great change that makes this an extremely popular fastpass, and one that we definitely recommend for you. BUT…please be aware that this ride sports the highest height restriction in Disney, at 48 inches. If you have a bunch of small kids, it may not makes sense to get a fastpass. If you're going to be going alone anyway, you can use the single rider line! This line is pretty cool because you can skip all the Aerosmith "fluff" and just go straight to the ride.

Regardless of whether you get a fastpass, you'll want to try to ride this in the first two hours of the day when lines are relatively low. It remains to be seen what Star Wars land does to the wait times in Hollywood Studios, but the overall popularity of Star Wars will probably see record crowds streaming to this park, and keeping wait times high at this fantastic roller coaster.

Now let’s take a deeper look at how to stay out of lines at Hollywood Studios. Read our free Hollywood Studios touring guide!


Ride Information

Park - Hollywood Studios
Height Requirement - 48 inches
Ride Type - Inside Roller Coaster
FP+ - Tier 2

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