Peter Pan’s Flight is a dark kids ride in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. The nostalgia is strong with this ride, and the lines are always quite long.

How can you enjoy this ride without waiting an hour to ride it?  What is it about this ride that makes it so popular?  Let’s explore.

Peter Pan’s Flight – History

Peter Pan’s Flight first opened at Disneyland in 1955, when the park opened!  It was also an original ride at the Magic Kingdom when the park opened in 1971.  So if you’ve ever been to Disney World or Disneyland, this ride has been there. Pretty cool! 

An interesting fact is that when this ride was first built in Disneyland, the idea was that you, the rider, were Peter Pan. Because of that, you never actually saw Peter Pan in the ride!  This confused many guests, so they later changed things around and put Peter Pan into the ride.

The Ride

Peter Pan’s Flight is a suspended dark ride, meaning that the cars you sit in are hanging, giving you the illusion of flight.  You begin in the nursery, head into Neverland, see many of the adventures that take place in the story, and finish in flight above London.  The audio-animatronic figures add life to the ride and are a favorite for kids.

As with most rides in Fantasyland, this is a ride for small children to see the world of Peter Pan.  At no time is it scary or fast-moving. It’s also not a particularly frightening ride, although dark rides are sometimes always frightening for young children.  It’s a short ride, only taking about 3 minutes.

Peter Pan’s Flight Tips

This can be an incredibly frustrating ride for adults, especially those “non-Disney-fans” . Standby times are often 60 minutes or higher, the ride goes very slow, and it’s over in 3 minutes. Why is the wait so long and should you “waste” a fastpass on it?

Peter Pan’s Flight takes a long time, because the loading time is so poor.  It’s slow-moving and each car only handles a few passengers, unlike Small World or Pirates, which can load a large number of passengers at once.  Due to the slow loading times, once the line builds up, it rarely goes down until the park closes.

My key is to hit this ride EARLY!  Regardless of the time of year, if you arrive 45 minutes early, you can walk on this ride with little to no wait.  Since the wait times are low and the rides are short, you can hit 3-4 of these Fantasyland rides in the first 30 minutes.

If you can’t arrive early and you want to ride this, you may need to use a Fastpass on this ride.  The primary purpose of a Fastpass is to save you time, not just to use for the top 3-4 rides. Groups with small children, who can’t use their fastpasses on roller coasters, should always try and use a fastpass on Peter Pan.


Peter Pan’s Interactive Queue

A few years ago, they added an interactive queue to this ride. This was an incredible change. While it doesn’t change the wait time, it’s the perfect example of what sets Disney apart from other theme parks.

Now you enter into the kid’s nursery and can take part in a number of interactive activities. First of all, Tinkerbell will be flying in and out of drawers, boxes and other props. There’s also a really neat experience with butterflies that your kids will love. This queue is SO COOL…that you may want to actually stand in line so that you can see it. If wait times are 30 minutes or less, jump in line, just so you can see what they’ve done. Your kids will love it.

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Ride Information

Park - Magic Kingdom
Park Section - Fantasyland
Height Requirement
- None
Ride Type - Kids, Dark
FP+ - Fastpass Eligible


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