Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster in the Magic Kingdom.  Disney World’s version of Space Mountain (there are FIVE Space Mountains throughout the world) is one of the most iconic roller coasters in the entire world.

In this article we’ll take a look at the history behind Space Mountain.  Then, we’ll give you a brief overview of the ride itself.  Finally, we’ll give you some tips on how to fit Space Mountain into your Magic Kingdom touring plan and avoid the long lines.

Space Mountain History

The original Space Mountain was built in Walt Disney World, opening in 1975.  The actual idea for Space Mountain appears to have originated from Walt Disney himself!  In 1964, Walt expressed the idea for a futuristic roller coaster that took place “in the dark”, with lighting and other sound effects.  The technology and limited space at Disneyland made that dream impossible at the time.

When Disney World opened, execs were surprised at the popularity of the park among young people, Disney began planning thrill rides in the park, and Space Mountain followed soon after.


The Ride

Space Mountain is a fast-moving indoor roller coaster that takes place in the dark.  If you haven’t ridden this ride, I would advise you to be careful and cautious.  Keep your head firmly pressed back, as you can strain your neck due to the fact that you often don’t know which way the roller coaster is going to go.  Those warnings aside, the lights being out is what makes this one of the scariest roller coasters around.  The roller coaster itself, while fast, wouldn’t be nearly as popular in the light!

But with the lights out, every turn is unexpected and the thrill factor doubles.  Space Mountain is easily the most thrilling ride in all of the Magic Kingdom, and a trip to Disney wouldn’t be complete without riding it.

Space Mountain Tips

As I’m sure you know, this ride is incredibly popular and fills up fast.  If you want to go on it with little wait, you’ll need to get there within the first hour of park open.

I would recommend getting a Fastpass for Space Mountain around mid-morning.  It probably will be your second fastpass of the day.  Try to knock out as much of Fantasyland as possible early, as that area will become unbearable by mid-day. 

If you can’t get to the park until the middle of the day, there are two options. 

First, you can wait. Yes, this option isn’t ideal. But Orlando can be unbearably hot in the summer. So if you save this ride for the heat of the day, you’ll enjoy the break.

Second, you can attempt to ride Space Mountain during the firework show.  This is often a good time to tour the magic kingdom, as the majority of guests want to see these events.  The final minutes before park closing are another good time to ride, as the guests traditionally make a mass exodus after the firework show.

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Ride Information

Park - Magic Kingdom
Park Section - Tomorrowland
Height Requirement
- 44 inches
Ride Type - Roller Coaster
FP+ - Fastpass Eligible


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