This is a 5-part section on how to use My Disney Experience. Making detailed plans for a vacation is not something that everyone likes to do, we get that. But to get the most out of your expensive Disney World vacation, it’s vital that you plan properly. This requires you to correctly setup your My Disney Experience app.

We want to make this as easy as possible. There are a number of decisions that you’ll need to make as you plan your vacation, and we want to walk you through them. There are also a few pitfalls that can cause you headaches along the way.

Listed below are the primary sections of the My Disney Experience website that we will be walking you through.  Once you’ve read these five articles, you can begin the process of setting up your profile and planning your vacation. Let’s look at the five steps that you’ll need to take to plan your vacation.

Step 1: Setup My Family and Friends

Part 1 of this series shows you how to set up the My Family and Friends section of the website.  You are going to have to build online profiles for every person in your family. If you’re travelling with a large party, you’re also going to want to link everyone together. This will make it very easy to make dining and fastpass reservations. If you’re the type of group that wants to stay together the whole time, it’s vitally important that you set this up correctly ahead of time!

Step 2: Making Online Dining Reservations

In part 2, we’ll help you make dining reservations. Many of the most popular restaurants sell out very quickly. In the busy season, you can forget about getting into the best restaurants without a reservation. We’ll help you plan and book your Disney Dining reservations.

Step 3: Fastpass Plus Reservations

Fastpass Plus is the system that will help you to stay out of lines. We’ll give you a brief overview of how Fastpass Plus works, and then we’ll show you how to use it. If you want to ride as many rides as possible, this is the most important step to master.


tep 4: My Itinerary

On a typical Disney vacation, you’re going to have to juggle dining plans, fastpass reservations, nighttime firework shows and Disney park hours. If you setup your My Itinerary correctly, you’ll have all that info in the palm of your hand. This tool can be a massive time-saver if it is setup correctly!

Step 5: Changing Your Plan While at Disney

Things don’t always go as planned. Kids get sick, weather turns bad, stuff happens. When your perfect plan gets blown up, what do you do? This section shows you how to make changes to all your reservations.